Randy Couture: My Deal is with Spike TV, Not Bellator; That’s Maybe Lost on Dana White

February 8, 2013
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Randy Couture

Randy Couture’s deal is with Spike TV, not Bellator MMA.

Many people share the misconception that Randy Couture has cut a deal with Bellator MMA. He has not.

The UFC Hall of Famer’s contract is with Spike TV, and just happens to include being a coach on the “Fight Master: Bellator MMA” reality show.  In fact, all of the coaches’ deals are with Spike TV.

“I have to clarify that because my deal is with Spike.  It’s for TV shows, both scripted and unscripted potential shows.  I’ve never been to Bellator.  That was the first time I’ve ever met Bjorn (Rebney), was at the press conference, so I’m not involved in any way, shape, or form with Bellator, just to clarify that,” Couture told Knockout Radio, an MMAWeekly.com official content partner.

“My deal is to train athletes for this reality show that will get the opportunity to fight in the tournament for Bellator, and that’s about the extent of my commitment, at least at this stage of things, with the organization and the promotion of Bellator,” Couture added.

“I think that is a distinction that is largely misunderstood and maybe lost on Dana (White).  He’s not one for details.  But at the end of the day, that’s the reality of it.”

For Couture, the Spike TV deal is an opportunity to pursue his acting career and expand the reach of his brand, as well as mentoring young fighters.

“I think there are some opportunities for some scripted series.  Spike wants to develop some new stuff that’s their own, their own cable-type shows.  You’ve seen FX and a lot of other places that are developing those types of things: The Walking Dead, Justified.  There’s a ton of shows like that out there that are scripted television that are fun.  I enjoy a lot of those shows, so if I get the opportunity to continue to refine and hone my acting skills in that type of setting, it would be crazy for me not to get on board and be part of it,” he said.

UFC president Dana White was not happy with the way Couture handled his transition from the UFC to Spike TV, but Couture and Spike TV knew it would be this way going into the deal.

“I think they understood when they came to me and asked me to get involved in this what it meant to me and what kind of trouble we were in for and what I was in for with regards to Zuffa and Dana.  They had a longstanding, six-and-a-half year relationship with Dana.  They know Dana as well as anybody.

“I think they’ve respected that.  They’ve stepped up with the offer they made me and the commitment they made to me is genuine and very solid,” said Couture. “So I’m happy to be involved.”

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  • dan

    Bellator’s deal is with Spike too and you see how thats going. Plugging King Mo for TNA is bad enough but to have the TNA president plugging the return of Jeff freakin Hardy is making Bellator look like they took the deal and said we’ll bend over for you Spike. Mark my words: Bellator fighters will end up on an episode of TNA….and not just in the audience. King Mo and Couture vs Kurt Angle and Sting in a cage match

    • Michael

      Bellator would be thrilled to keep more of TNA’s audience. If you recall, Bjorn and (then Champ) Joe Warren made appearances on TNA while the UFC was still airing new shows on the network.

  • buttHurtDana

    Nothing wrong with someone following something they love or want to be involved with. Nothing to be butt-hurt over (Dana).

    • JimmyPettishardo

      When will Dana be content enough with himself or his company to stop talking crap on others.

      We all know what bellator is and we know that Spike has a deal with them and Bellator and/or Spike is/are trying hard to get talents and known faces so that they can at the end of the day make some money.

      Bellator is a minor league compared to the UFC and Spike bellator reality is a minor show compared to TUFs.

      Why is Dana always so vocal about anyone that tries to compete with the UFC????

    • Dontbescaredhomie

      You just made complete sense on the internet, you’ve broke it.

  • Guest

    Randy would be coaching high school wrestling if it wasn’t for Dana and the Ferittas. The guy has never had any loyalty to the company that made him and handed him title shot after title shot.

    • JimmyPettishardo

      And Dana would be a boxerobics instructure if it wasn’t for fighters like Randy.

      Randy is too much of a gentleman to blinded follow Dana and company. He knows what is going on. He is not Tito.

      • I know what you are saying….but I just dont see the point of randy fighting dana, because if he isnt doing this thing….he can get one of those nice little fake jobs that is rolling in 6 figures paychecks with Chuck and Matt Huges

      • Chris M

        ok lets be real fighters need dana more then he needs them! he has money and fighters dont!

    • macgrubber

      WORST TROLL EVER. you trying to hard bro

    • Sam Eames

      Randy Couture was already an MMA legend when Zuffa bought the UFC, not to mention an Olympic alternate. I think he would have been fine without Dana White.

    • Perry

      Most people would agree that Randy Couture earned his title shots. Most would also agree that the UFC made a lot money when Randy stepped into the Octagon. Although I like Dana and his “blunt style”, sometimes he should perhaps tone down the venomous rhetoric. Sometimes he comes off looking like a clown. Perhaps a little professionalism?

  • Ed Mister

    Randy, give Dana a break. How many 12 year olds do you know that have any attention to detail at all?

  • horace

    Couture should got beat up a lot to ever be considered great.

  • bobcoy

    Of course bellator took the deal and has to bend over for spike and tna dan. What did u think????

  • uncle

    Dana should be more wise about picking his battles just
    like Brock left WWE to fight in the UFC there was no bad
    blood between Vince Mcmahon and Brock now they are
    making money again Randy could do the same but Dana’s
    ego is way too big to look at the big picture