Randy Couture Can’t Buy a Ticket to an Event, but UFC is Son Ryan’s House – Dana White (video)

February 4, 2013
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Dana White vs Randy CoutureRandy Couture has signed a partnership with Bellator and Spike TV, and that, or perhaps more particularly how the deal went down, leaves sour taste in UFC president Dana White‘s mouth.

“Randy Couture can’t buy a ticket (to the UFC).”

But Randy’s son Ryan Couture, who is one of the Strikeforce fighters making the move over to the Octagon, and White puts his full support behind him, telling Ryan “this is your house.”

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  • Milosc

    Controlling. Petty

    • shakejunt

      would you let someone who doesn’t have good things to say about you come to a party at your house?

      • J-Mac

        Which bad things did Randy have to say about Dana? Or are you saying that Randy should invite Dana to a party at his place? yes, yes, and maybe kick the **** out of Dana there. Good idea.

      • Lawdog1521

        Since when is the UFC a party? Does Sam Walton say Target employees can’t shop at Walmart? Dana is being completely childish and unprofessional.

  • insane187288

    very notable of dana to say if you want to leave then leave. I do believe he would have let rampage out of his last fight too just rampage did put on a good show. I dont know all the logistics of things but Dana’s life is always out in the open so i dont think he is too wrong in his doings

    • From what I recall, Dana would not let Randy leave the UFC to fight Fedor.
      He did not want the UFC hw champion going to another promotion to lose to a legend, he himself spoke off as a bum.

      • kennybro

        i wouldn’t let my champion go to another organization either. wtf? that’s different than letting the current rampage or couture out of their last fight.

  • dd

    hes just mad that randy is with the competitor..i dont see how randy signed with bellator is wrong

    • bajafox

      Did you even listen to the video??? He said if Randy would have told him to his face about the Spike deal he would have been fine with it. It’s the principle.

      You don’t break up with somebody using text messages, that’s not professional in business and it’s not moral in relationships.

  • J-Mac

    What an absolute dickhead. Of course he has no respect for Couture because Couture’s one of the few fighters who had the nerve to stand up to him. What a classless fool. No wonder he likes Rondo so much, they both come from the same trailer park.

    • Maddawgmar

      What does Ronda have to do with this? What has she done to piss ppl off, finishing all her fights, winning a championship? That bitch how dare she.

    • kbroesq

      You know, I don’t really like the way White acts a lot, but I believe every word he says about these fighters. If you actually listened to what White said, you would realize he was talking about the Randy you don’t know. You’re talking about the persona that Randy makes public. Randy made plenty of money fighting, and the guys that actually played ball with the UFC, like Chuck, are set for life. Look at Chuck’s house; look at his cars. Stop looking at lame boxing and the .0001% of fighters that make tens of millions of dollars (and by the way, that structure ruined the sport), and start looking at what these guys are doing. The top guys are multimillionaires.

      It was only a few years ago that the UFC was bleeding money and White/Zuffa and company picked it up and made it what it is. It’s like White says about guys like Tito and Randy; they step over dollars to pick up dimes.

      • Sir_Roy

        Not bad points. Some worthy of consideration to be sure. There are indeed two sides to every tale. But taken at face value, Dana really does come off as unreasonable here.

      • J-Mac

        Are you suggesting you listened better than I did because you THINK I am talking about some persona of Randy’s and that I don’t know the true Randy like you do?? Maybe I don’t know the true Randy but maybe its you who is falling for some Dana White persona and maybe its you who has no idea what the true Dana White is like.

        You seem fairly intelligent, but like most Dana nuthuggers you believe every word he says. Too bad you can’t think for yourself.

        Like I said Dana White is a dickhead. In fact any person in a postion of power like he is, who spouts off the way he does, is a complete a**hole. And if your not sure what I mean think about this: – Dana knows he can say anything he wants about Randy Couture and not worry about Randy responding. That’s because Randy knows that if he fires back, Dana’s the kind of vengeful coward who will eventually take it out on Ryan Couture.

        • kbroesq

          I had old school Batman sound effects going in my head when I was reading this; ZAM!!! WHOMP!!! ZOMP!!! PAZOWW!!!

  • Dontbescaredhomie

    Dana looking to get custody over the split? haha

    • Sir_Roy


  • Darin

    What a hypocrite. Dana has said again and again he has no problem with other organizations putting on mma shows, but as soon as those organizations start to have a little success suddenly they’re all a$$holes.

  • Advance*

    It’s not like he hasn’t had problems with Randy before so it’s not like this is coming out of left field. When you end up battling someone in court I’m sure they’re not your favorite person, whatever side you’re on

  • #1mmafan.

    Dana White is the Osama Obama of The UFC!!! Nuff said

  • ses81

    It sounded to me, on top of him signing with the competitor, he was mad because Randy walked out on his last contracted gig to commentate for the UFC. Imagine if Troy Aikman walked out on Fox and the NFL while contracted to go commentate for the CFL. If Roger Goodell had any balls, I’m sure he’d be mad too. Also, I don’t know if it’s just mmaweekly, but when Dana calls out all these people for disrespecting him, or being dirtbags or whatever, do any of them ever have their own side of the story? Or does this site just not post those interviews? I just can’t recall ever seeing one of these guys fire back after Dana says stuff like this. And don’t tell me all of them are just classier then Dana!

  • Sir_Roy

    Randy’s a grown man who can market himself howsoever he pleases. Dana wants ‘exclusive’ rights to Randy, if he wants a say as to what he can and cannot do in the ever growing MMA market, then he better be prepared to match contracts and pay out. If not, he has no right to treat Couture with such flagrant antagonism and disrespect. It’s unprofessional and as others have noted, quite petty.

    The only reason he’s so welcoming to Randy’s son is he probably gets off on denying Randy the rights to watch his son compete – while contemplating all the mismatch potential he can subject Ryan to before he can truly grow into his own potential.

    Regardless, I wonder what the law states … can Dana legally deny Randy access to an event he has every right under the consumer agreement to buy tickets for? Smells like illegal tomfoolery to me.

  • TDogg

    If you ever met Dana you would know he’s cool as F! Far from a prick… Several people can confirm this. Hell shoot the sh1t with a fan for a few minutes! He’s jus pissed cuz randy lied and never gave him a chance to counter the offer… Dana hates to lose.

  • Dr V

    Dana’s a ******* moron. He needs to shut his trap.

  • Wolfger

    This just proves one thing: Dana White is nobody’s friend.

    He will throw anybody under the bus, even a legend.

  • kennybro

    i wanted to hear him compare the situation to the one with rampage leaving the ufc.

  • Steve Quirke

    Have you ever noticed the similarities between simon cowell and dana white. Both we’re cast in the same bitch mould. White does himself no favours slagging off Randy Couture.

  • Simon “Tiger” Singh

    After all he’s done in and for MMA Dana really should have just wished him well and left it alone.

  • guy

    Dana is a ****. I wouldn’t give him the courtesy of a face to face either.

  • uncle

    Randy retired UFC is not death till us part he owes Dana
    nothing he is trying to make Randy look like a Judas im
    not buying it

  • Heath_Hindman

    Dana: “Couture? I don’t respect him at all. Not even a little.”

    Oh come the heck on, Dana. Really? =/


    Couture lost 11 fricking times-11 times. Just an average MMA fighter not great merely okay


    couture was an average mma fighter nothing special. why the hype?? nothing great in Couture who got the hell beat out of him 11 times.

  • Jason Spangler

    Don’t get me wrong – Dana gets the job done, but man, from time to time he can get bent out of shape…

  • bioryhymes

    Lol yea he probably didn’t bother telling Dana to his face, because he probably thinks Dana’s a twit, and he didn’t want to put himself in a position where he might bitch slap Dana.

  • aries

    every since bellators move to spike dana has been b*tching and moaning about everything , rampage i dont care about but randy ??? hes helped to make what ufc is today dana needs to but personal bussiness aside because couture is always the fan fav

  • aries

    every since bellators move to spike dana has been b*tching and moaning about everything , rampage i dont care about but randy ??? hes helped to make what ufc is today dana needs to but personal bussiness aside because couture is always the fan fav