Rampage’s Tesla, Bonuses, and the Rolling Stones Not Enough to Stay with Bellator

March 7, 2015
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Details of Bellator’s recent lawsuit asking for an injunction to stop Quinton “Rampage” Jackson from fighting at UFC 186 on April 25 emerged in a Newsday report on Wednesday. It also included quite a bit of detail from Rampage’s contract with the promotion, including a number of surprising perks and stipulations.

Rampage signed a six-fight contract with Bellator in May of 2013, but only fought three of the six fights before leaving the promotion to resign with the UFC in December of 2014. He claimed that Bellator had not lived up to its end of the contract by failing to settle a contractual dispute within a requisite 45-day window.

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“Jackson exercises a clause in the agreement that allows for a 45-day window to satisfy any contract dispute,” said Rampage’s camp in December. “Bellator MMA, failing to fulfill the requests of Jackson, was put on notice, failed to respond and eventually notified that negotiations were officially terminated.”

Quinton-Jackson-Smirk-Hat-750That was when he signed with the UFC.

Bellator’s new president Scott Coker said at that time that the promotion’s legal team would address the matter. It took them until now, but earlier this week filed a lawsuit in New Jersey to try and get an injunction to stop Rampage’s UFC 186 bout with Fabio Maldonado and force him to honor his contract with Bellator.

“Today, Bellator MMA was compelled to go to court to stop Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson from fighting in an April 25th bout promoted by Bellator’s competitor, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC),” Bellator revealed in a statement released to MMAWeekly.com on Monday. “Jackson, who has completed only three fights of his exclusive six-fight contract with Bellator, is barred by contract from fighting for any promoter other than Bellator.

“Our lawsuit for an injunction and related relief – filed in the Chancery Division of the Superior Court in Burlington County, New Jersey – will compel Jackson to honor his contractual agreement.   We look forward to having one of our MMA stars fighting for Bellator again.”

Rampage’s contract promised the following, according to the Newsday report:

  • $100,000 signing bonus
  •  2013 Tesla Sport (priced at $129,603)
  • Non-PPV fight purses beginning at a minimum of $200,000 and maxing out at $300,000
  • PPV fight purses beginning at a minimum of $200,000 and maxing out at $450,000
  • $50,000 bonus if Rampage didn’t receive a specific amount in sponsorship monies
  • 30 percent of any net gate receipts over $400,000 at any Bellator event in which he fought
  • $35,000 per episode for the Spike TV reality series “Rampage 4 Real”
  • Bellator must retain a screenwriter to develop a potential feature film project specifically for Rampage
  • Bellator had to communicate with Paramount Pictures (also owned by Viacom) to develop film opportunities for Rampage
  • A red carpet appearance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards
  • $4 for every Bellator 120 pay-per-view buy over 190,000

In addition to the items stipulated in Rampage’s contract, Bellator also reportedly paid more than $250,000 for a single commercial that aired on ESPN during the NBA playoffs, paid $200,000 for the rights to a Rolling Stones song used in advertisements involving Rampage, and paid him a $200,000 bonus for his PPV fight even though the prerequisite number of buys wasn’t reached to trigger a bonus.

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  • Tha Kracken Neal

    He should honor the contract, their paying a lot for that relic.

    • TheCerealKiller

      I thought it, you said it. lol

      • Tha Kracken Neal

        I think anyone who complains about being out wrestled in this day and age is a relic.

        • Sadstrangelittleman

          I think any “fan” who trashes fighters the way you do is “a relic”

          • James Mckaskle

            “relic” no “moron” yes. the “fan” should go back to watching wwf.

          • Sadstrangelittleman

            True, I was trying to hold my tongue and not stoop to his level. But yeah he is what they would call a moron.

        • drakeXtheXsnake

          completely agree. I like Rampage too and appreciate what he has done for the sport and he is fun to watch and all that.. but dude really should train in more areas. If he had a ground defense and ability to get back up, he could throw kicks, which would really, really open up his boxing that he is so good at.
          He seems to get beat pretty easily from anybody legit these days because he has like four punches so they all either know what to look for, or just take him down.
          Mix it up man. Work on some new stuff. He’s one of those guys that could’ve been so so so much better if he would’ve put forth more effort and humbled himself to learning.

    • Groinstrike

      He said there was a contract dispute which is why he wants out. The contract could say he’s getting billions. If they aren’t honoring it, it doesn’t mean jack.

      • Tha Kracken Neal

        I can’t argue with you, not until I hear from bellator and Scott Coker. We may not have all the facts yet.

        • Sadstrangelittleman

          Then why comment that he should “honor the contract”? If your opinion is he should honor it then great but don’t go trying to agree with everyone and every point of view.

    • Sadstrangelittleman

      He should honor a contract that you know nothing about? You know nothing about what the contract says so who is to say they didn’t breach the contract? Keep doing the “cool” thing and trashing guys who have put their soul into MMA. You do realize without people like Rampage MMA would not have progressed as it has? Not saying he was a main driving force behind MMA getting big but he has done more than his part. That’s one thing the fighters will always have over the “fans” – they respect each other, to you they’re there to entertain you and that’s it.

      It is “THEY’RE” not “their”

  • MikeMcK

    It’s weird how so many are not aware of what a contract really is, especially since they are so common.
    A contract is not really a gurrentee you receive goods or services. Using the rampage thing as an example: rampage agreed to six fights for the items listed above. (If it’s accurate.) If rampage doesn’t wish to fight those six fights he has every right not to. All rampage has to do is deal with the consequences pursuant to the agreement. Which also means that as long as it’s a legal contract means bellator can sue him.
    On a side note, no real provision in the contract should be considered greater than another.
    If what rampage says is true about the 45 day dispute he has every right to do what he did. Not necessarily because of what the fight was over, but because there’s a line in the contract that says he can. If there’s a provision that says he can leave given a certain circumstance that’s every bit as valid as rampage fighting 6 more times.
    Bellator may argue that what rampage was disputing isn’t reasonable. If a judge agrees it still doesn’t mean rampage has to do anything he doesn’t want to. He’ll just have to deal with the consequences pursuant to the agreement. Whatever that is.

  • Sadstrangelittleman

    I would love to see an actual scan of the contract, not that I don’t believe this but just to see what Bellator/Cokers response would be if it showed all the stipulations that they failed to meet (supposedly)

  • Rickjames

    Why would they sign this trash talking nobody? This fossil belongs in a japanese promotion where little girls like sadstrangelittleman can worship what they did a DECADE ago. Rampage is a washed up chump. No one cares about you or the loser defending your played out a$$

  • polk14

    He should stay at Bellator, the retirement home of UFC .