Rampage vs. Shogun Pride Full Fight Video

March 17, 2012
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Shogun and Rampage at Pride 2005Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has railed on the UFC lately, asking to be released from his contract. That’s not going to happen until he completes the final fight of his contract, according to the UFC, and that fight is already set. He’ll get a rematch with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

The two first met in 2005 while fighting for Pride Fighting Championships.

Knee surgery is expected to delay the Rampage vs. Shogun rematch, but for now, you can check out their full first fight video below…

  • Anthony

    Shogun went though Rampage like a warm knife through butter–boy he was tuff.

  • This was one of the sickest beating i had seen in Pride, i miss Pride so much.

    Still i can’t wait to see the rematch between the 2.

  • bryanadams

    Definitely one of shogun’s best performances.

  • garyfredericks

    I look forward to the rematch, but I won’t expect it to be this good. There are some years and miles on both now, but still….a fun fight.

    I wonder if Shogun’s use of knees has degraded or if fighters have a better answer for his clinch? He’s shown moments in the UFC of his old self, but for some reason, they seemed more effective for him during his run in Pride…not saying he has had no good run in the UFC, just haven’t seen him use his knees like he used to aside a few UFC fights. He seemingly relies more on leg kicks these days.

  • zap

    I hate Shogun but he will destroy Rampage again. Rampage has given up a long time ago. This will be one painful last paycheck.

  • T Spoon

    Rampage will win this fight. Shogun hasn’t been the same since Pride. Rampage does have much more power and will win with boxing alone.

  • Towers66

    Shogun will win this fight. I will pray that he knocks Quinton out with something awesome. Either way I’m happy Quinton is leaving the UFC. He has not performed since Wandy and he is a boring, once dimensional fighter. He wants to know why he doesnt get paid as much anymore…hmmmm…..he doesn’t win, get fight of the night, knockout of the night or submission of the night and his pre-fight hype is WWE’ish and not real. I don’t understand why people line up to see this guy fight…his main event status was over long ago. I hope this is not a main event fight.

  • Towers66

    one dimensional*
    Funny : Quintons fighting style : Wrestling
    Not his style anymore I guess