Rampage vs. Roy Jones Jr.? Dana White Warns, “Get Ready to Lose Some Money!”

July 30, 2013
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DanaWhitePrePresser_001Bellator has been rumored to be joining the pay-per-view fray, possibly with a Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Roy Jones Jr. in a boxing match… and possibly putting that boxing match up against the UFC’s big year-end pay-per-view, which features the Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva and Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate rematches.

That hasn’t been made official yet, but if Bellator and parent company Viacom do enter the pay-per-view realm, UFC president Dana White welcomes them, with a warning.

“If they want to get into the pay-per-view business, get ready to lose some money boys… real money.”

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  • Werdoomb

    okay…so..James Toney vs Randy Couture was a good idea but Roy Jones vs Rampage is not?

    Dana has a tendency to talk big when he is insecure about something. I am not saying that he is bitter about Jones vs Rampage since if that were the case, he would have been really really vocal about how stupid the match up is. So I am guessing that while he is not bitter, he doesn’t appreciate smaller promotions trying to climb up the ladder.

    • lavekyl

      Bellator has never done a PPV. UFC had done many when they put on that fight between Toney and Couture. Bellator is using a fighter that has lost 3 straight to fight an aged boxer (he’s 44 years old) whose last match was in June of last year. If they think they can compete with Rousey and Anderson on the same card, they must be smoking some good s***.

    • Lawdog1521

      Because it was known Couture would beat Toney in his sleep in MMA. Quinton can’t win this boxing match if Jones breaks both arms before the fight.

      This fight helps nobody except boxing fans who think MMA sucks.

      • #1mmafan.

        Dana is just feeling threatened. Usually against other organizations he has been the predator. Now he’s the hunted! Oh yeah and ppv is such a money losing venture. That’s why the Ufc has 1 or 2 a month because they’re in it to lose money. Quit crying Dana competition is good for the business and great for the fans. As the saying goes,”Variety is the spice of life!”

        • bajafox

          He’s feeling threatened by saying “bring it but you’re going to lose some money” lol, sounds like confidence to me…

          • #1mmafan.

            Stop being a Dana white nuthugger Fallon Fox! 🙂

          • bajafox

            It’s called “reading comprehension”

        • kat wintrss

          I think that was the stupidest comment I’ve read do far.Lol
          And the only thing funnier is you calling yourself #1mmafan.
          More like #1ufc hater. Which makes you a non mma fan. Ghats like saying you hate the NFL but your the #1 football fan. Stupid kids lol

    • TheCerealKiller

      Toney vs Couture was to get boxing fans to take a look at MMA. We all knew Toney was going to lose as soon and Randy wanted it. Jones vs Rampage in a boxing match is a joke! Some boxing fans might watch it just to say, “See, boxing is better!”

      • kat eintrss

        Exactly! Viacom is desperate to make bellator a bigger show , bellator / bjorn is desperate to not get ousted by Viacom and make their investment profitable sooner than later, Roy Jones Jr is desperate for a check, rampage is desperate for a check and positive attention since hr gets all negative ( which he brought on himself).
        Desperate is the key word here. In the end only boxing has something to gain. All this equals a bad show for a dumb consumer.


    Dana sounds a little jealous, it was just a few weeks back he was thinking about that Anderson v Roy Jones talk??

    • Gregg

      Rampage is far below Anderson & Roy…. he’s 0-3 in his last 3

      • Jay Mcgarrity

        rampage is maybe far below anderson in MMA but in a straight boxing match I bet rampage could go toe to toe with anderson. rampage has always been good with slipping and rolling as well as decent movement. even in a straight kickboxing match rampage would pose a threat to anyone but his boxing has always been his strong suit. with some time to prepare for the match and focus solely on boxing and without having to worry about guys shooting in on him and trying to hold him down he will fair much better. Also lets look at the chin of rampage. Who has even put him away since wanderlei in pride? If anyone has I don’t remember it. Even with that stoppage in pride rampage was still standing if I recall correctly when the ref jumped in. Is rampage a better fighter than Anderson silva? probably not. Will rampage fair better in a boxing match with roy jones jr? I’d say at least as well and probably better.

        • Gregg

          There is little left of the Rampage we saw in Pride. Silva is the most deadly striker MMA has ever seen. Stopping nearly all opponents with only a few shots, or less, while being virtually untouched. I’m no Anderson fan, but it’s very unlikely he could last even a single round in a striking match with Silva.

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            I disagree and still think you are too focused on the MMA side of things. If what you say about rampage is true then I would think glover would’ve put him away and jones would’ve made much quicker work of him. Look what jones did to chael? Why did he not do something similar to rampage. Glover is also a beast, Glover should’ve been able to put rampage down if rampage is really falling off like some people here are saying.

            Maybe the outcome of the fights aren’t the same as they were in pride but I believe that’s mostly due to rise in the level of talent/experience and the way fighters are trained now. A lot of these UFC fighters nowadays are less likely to engage in a pride type fight and more likely to come in with a greg fagson style game plan with the goal of neutralizing and point scoring. Sometimes it’s not enough to just be a killer like rampage used to be when a guy has laser like focus set on grabbing the s*** out of your legs and hugging you like he’s drowning and you’re the life raft. Look at the rory/ellenberger fight that just happened. If this were pride they wouldn’t have even been able to fight past the the second because the octagon would’ve been overflowing with yellow cards. But it’s not pride, those days are over, at least for now.

            I think rampage has done a decent job at keeping himself relevant in the sport for as long as he did and keeping up with the rise in talent and the Rampage now would still destroy those same type of guys that he destroyed in pride if those types of guys even exist anymore. If he comes into this match in shape he will put up a fight. No reason to talk about him like hes Tito or something.

        • Marc Livingood

          One of the losses there were 2 he fell out of the ring unconscious and shogun knocked him cold as well. But Roy Jones has been beaten up a bunch of times so one good punch from rampage and he could win as well


        Okay 1st of all if this freak show ever comes to fruition it may be a bigger PPV than any UFC event ever! And Dana knows it. That’s why he is talking crap. I am telling you, people will buy this shiznic! In our crazy world people will eat this up. You will have the boxing & mma community come out to watch. Not to mention Japan! Rampage is bigger than Godzilla over there! I have close friends who work for Golden boy & they say Oscar is even interested in this Freak Show. I’m pretty sure Oscar & Golden Boy have more $ than ufc peeps. So yes this could be a big PPV & DW knows this! On another note IF Rampage could of worked out a deal with the ufc we possibly could of had Anderson v Quinton @ 205 lbs… Oh and since were talking about Bellator. UFC go get Eddie Alverez, Chandler, Askern & some of those bad ass Russians & f it King Mo as well!

        • kat wintrss

          Yes, Lol because there are so many roy Jones fans left in boxing Lol and do many rampage fans in mma now. Oh yeah, rsmoage has gotten so many more fans going to a lower tier mma promotion and the a-team re hash made him so popular amongst non mma fans.
          Grow up kid.

          • AXE MURDERER

            KID, F U KAT

        • Deadz28

          I’d watch this freak show over a stalemate ufc fight any day.

    • Deadz28


  • Marvin Holloman

    Didnt they do something likethis a whileback? It was so memorable i cant rememberthe participants!

  • Some of you guys make it like Quintons a nobody or a bum. He’s coming off 3 losses but that Glover Tex fight was a tough fight and Bader just out wrestled him. We’re talking about straight boxing; Quinton has a chance to put on a good fight here if he comes in shape. I’m so sick of guys thinking every boxer can destroy an mma fighter in a boxing match. And Couture vs Toney was a complete joke of a fight. They should have matched up Toney with a kickboxer or someone willing to strike with him, not an olympic caliber wrestler. Randy was all proud after the fight like he just out struck a high level boxer, that was a horrible fight.

    • Collideoverme

      Funny that his now buddy Mo Lawal said there were no good boxers from Memphis. Very much not true and I hope Lawal gets his mouth smashed in by our local boy Jacob Noe. As for the Couture/Toney fight. I think Couture was just happy to shut him up. Not because he thought he outboxed him.

      • I’m not even going to pick a winner on the fight. I just don’t think it will be a one sided beat down. Not at all. And yea that Jacob Noe fight will be interesting. Mo is talking very highly of himself it seems. Tough guy, but he better continue to back it up. Kind of a sore loser maybe to.

    • james

      R u a retard? Do you know how slow Rampage Jackson.

  • Dan

    Stop acting like such a sore loser, DW. Everyone knows this is gonna pull a huge draw, as stupid as it is.

    • kat wintrr

      A sore loser!??? What exactly is Dana a sore loser in? Lol . The big loss of an over the hill mma guy vs over the hill boxer?? Ya, real big loser genius.

      • Dan

        Funny you bring up the ‘they’re both over the hill’ argument… I seem to remember an over-the-hill Randy Couture going up against an over-the-hill James Toney and selling more PPVs than most champion fights. Strange that someone would call DW out for denying the basic psychology regarding ‘what sells’, when he himself has followed that the same metric in the past, with fantastic results.

        He feels the need to run his mouth – “Nobody wants to watch them on freetv”. He’s pessimistic about Bellator doing PPV only because they aren’t the UFC.
        “They’re grabbing for whatever they can get. They don’t have anything original over there.”
        I’m not disagreeing that it’s stupid and appealing to the ‘freak show’ mentality – but regardless, the fight is going to sell big because it’s MMA vs Boxing in a Boxing ring. There’s so much rivalry between the two sports that ‘some people just wanna see a boxer beat a UFC fighter up’ and vise versa.

        His assertion that Bellator can’t make any real money off of ‘name power’, let alone that these guys were both world champions in their respective sports, is childish ranting at best.


    WOW I just saw the Rampage Reebok commercial, where they run around a earthquake or volcano or something. Its well done and will give Jackson more pub going into this freak show if it ever happens? Are there any UFC fighters in a commercial these days???

  • fsunoles10

    i wouldnt buy it but id damn sure watch it.


      Ya man free is good!


    a lot

  • mmaohio33

    Doesn’t matter who bell store puts in..you think rampage is going to draw the audience that Silva Weidman 2..not even close hahaha that’s a joke..rampages last fights have been boring..he has to try to get his name in the mma world again…hes done..