Rampage Says He’s Fought Better than Jon Jones, Tells Him ‘Bring a Pillow’

August 1, 2011
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Jon Jones is the phenom. The next big thing. The UFC light heavyweight champion of the world.

So what.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has been around the block a few times, and Jones’ reputation doesn’t mean a whole lot to him. He doesn’t intend to let it effect his performance when the two square off at UFC 135 on Sept. 24 in Denver.

“I know I’m gonna land something. Even if he takes me down, I’m gonna get back up. I’m not scared of him,” Rampage told MMAWeekly.com recently. “I’ve fought better fighters than him.”

Jones has been so effective in his fights, that he has rarely been tested. In fact, the only loss on his 13-1 record was a disqualification in his bludgeoning of Matt Hamill. Still, Rampage believes he’s got the tools to put Jones into an area he’s never been before… on the defensive.

“He’s gonna be surprised his stuff don’t work. He’s gonna be flabbergasted and get knocked the hell out,” said Rampage. “His cornermen, you need to bring a pillow for him.”

  • wonggfan

    Rampage has fought pretty much everyone, Wandy, Shogun, Arona, Forrest, Evans, Chuck, Machida. But he has never fought anyone like Jon Jones.

    I see a one-sided beating here.

    • Joshyb

      You mean Jon jones has never thought anyone like Rampage,

      get of this guys dik……..fed up of hearing how people are in love with the guy

      If he takes him down he wins, if he trades he looses! Take down defense is what makes the difference in this fight.

      • Duxan1

        I’m not in love with anyone. As a matter of fact, I like Rampage better. But let’s face the truth: superior wrestling, speed and tremendous reach advantage give Jones advantage everywhere – ground and stand-up.

        • Joshyb

          Superior wrestling granted, is the probably the biggest factor.
          As for saying that speed and a longer reach give him an advantage in the stand up is ludacris, e.g. Stefan Struve had speed and superior reach against Roy Nelson, and tht guy go KO’d, you can’t judge stand up on that, otherwise bandy skinny kids would rule stand up…

          • Bob

            Struve stands in the pocket and fights at his opponents reach- Jones fights at length, the same way Anderson Silva does. He stays on the outside, uses foot work and only comes in when he is throwing something. Struve needs a good boxing coach to teach him how to fight at length and to show him what foot work is.

            Edgar uses some of the best foot work in MMA and the combination of his speed and foot work means he beats most guys to the punch- like he did against BJ. Even though he does not usually have the reach advantage.

          • Joshyb

            All valid points Bob, but missed the intial point. Are you saying Jones’s reach and speed gives him superior stand up to Jackson?

        • Cptmats

          you would have to be sniffing glue to think that skin and bones Jones has an advantage standing !

  • Unador

    Jackson is a tool. In that I mean, you can train him to perform, and he will set out to complete the task before him with the instruction given to him. He’s athletic, but not a natural fighter.
    Silva knocked him out twice in Pride, because Jackson was training against amatuers. With some better training, Jackson had the instruction necessarty to finally beat Wanerlie Silva. Skills vs Talent.

    Jones is a weapon. He already has what it takes to be victorous, natural talent. Further instruction only makes him more deadly. He lacks experience, but is a whole level ( or two ) above Jackson.

    Jones will out strike Jackson because of range, and because of a better ‘eye’ for strikes. Not just punches and kicks, but at odd ranges he realizes he’s in spinning elbow range, or back hand range. Where other fighters bounce back and forth into the range they need for the strikes they plan on landing, Jones bounces in and out and recognizes different ranges for different strikes. He doesn’t try to fit the fight into the box he trained for, he follows the flow of the fight and presses against the natually vulnerable places.
    Jones will also out wrestle Jackson, because of his increased length, provides him with superior leverage. Plus I think Rampage is underestimating Jones a bit.

    Rampage’s best option is to try and achieve the hand speed of Evans and catch Jones with his hands down as he hunches over in his stand up position. Jones has an odd stance because he is so tall, I think it exposes him to a fast ‘cross’ punch with him half crouched like is, trying to defend the take down I guess.

  • rodogg78

    Wow it just amazes me how ignorant some of you people are! Remember this past weekend when Henderson was gonna lose to Fedor? Most people thought he had no chance but I told everybody that Dan was gonna win! Those stats and reach advantage all go out the window when the fight starts. Rampage is one hell of a fighter! He has fought some really good fighters. I can only say that his conditioning sometimes isn’t what it should be. He looked good against Hamil stuffing every one of his takedowns the whole fight and not gassing out! We will finally see if Jones has a chin because Rampage will hit it and then the truth will come out! Rampage gonna be the new champ wait and see!

    • Unador

      The difference between Fedor and Hendo is not proportianal to the difference between Jones and Jackson regarding size and reach.

      Hamil is deaf, it may be the least kind of handicap but a handicap none the less. Jackson may ignore his corner ( don’t know if he does) but Hamil will never recieve corner help. Let’s not get into hand signals.
      Hamil fights flat, the fact that Jackson didn’t finish him in the first round is testament to how Jackson isn’t the fighter he and lots of other people thinks he is.
      Hamil’s good enough, but to say that Jackson is the uncrowned champion of 205 would lead me to the expectation that he would have run through Hamil.
      And Jackson’s performance against Evans was again, not on par with the expections one would have believing the hype of how good Jackson is professed by himself, and his blind followers.
      He’s just a brawler, his cardio tends to be in question, and he doesn’t mix it up enough. He’s not a smart fighter.
      When Jackson fought Hendo all he tried to do was knock Hendo out. The size and shape of Hendo’s head is out there for all to see, why would you try and knock that guy out? Why would you continue to try after failing for two rounds?
      Because he’s not a smart fighter with well rounded skills.
      He’s a brawler, that has managed to get far off of his superior strength and aggression. Much like Fedor.
      And I expect him to suffer the same fate.

      • Cptmats

        stupidest comment ever !
        Rampage is as natural a fighter as they come !

        • Unador

          not even remotely bro

          If rampage was a natural fighter, or let me be specific….” as natural a fighter as they come”.
          Then he wouldn’t have been knocked out twice by Wanderlie SIlva, who not only is a brawler like Jackson, but has a bad wide swinging brawler style.
          Jackson had to change camps and get improved training to beat Silva in his 3rd attempt. If he was ANY kind of natural talent at all he would beat Silva atleast 1 out of the first two. But he COULD NOT. He’s got decent stand up composure, not so wild with his punches, but he’s a TRAINED athelete, nothing more.

    • Joshyb

      Rodogg i couldn’t agree more, Unador you chat some shit mate……I’m trying to bring myself not to even comment on your opininons as they dissapoint me so much, Maybe if Matt Hamil’sl corner had a pen and paper he could of beat Rampage? clutching at straws bruv, as for him not being smart (alot like yourself) some people like to entertain, and in doing so he has a bigger pay check than most smart fighters(Jones included), some would say that makes Rampage the smart one!?!?! Osssss

      • rodogg78

        Now don’t get me wrong people! I am not saying that Jones can’t win! He has shown that for sure! I just think that Rampage’s experience will carry him through in this one. Of course these are my opinions and I respect everyone’s on here. All I am saying is that it doesn’t matter who beat who because styles make fights! That is the beauty of MMA! It is anyone’s game. I just hope it is a great fight! I can’t go against my fellow Tennessean Rampage!

      • Unador

        I wasn’t really opinionating that I thought Hamil could or should have beat Jackson. I think Jackson would beat hamil 9/10 regardless of impaired hearing.
        Hamil fights flat, not quite the lackluster approach Mousasi exhibits, but flat none the less.
        Hamil is strong physically and mentally, but I don’t think he has enough energetic aggression to beat many of the top tier in 205, certainly not Jackson.
        But Jackson should have performed muchh better against Hamil if he was the Natural uncrowned champ some claim him to be.
        Jackson is strong, with heavy hands, and good training.
        But regardless of his paycheck, or the ‘show’ he puts on.
        his execution of his MMA skills are one dimensional. That’s makes him a sub champion fighter.
        You don’t have to be flashy to get paid, you have to win.
        Just win. When you win, you eventually get the belt, the belt brings money.
        I mean Jackson got beat by Forrest griffon for crying OUTLOUD. Kicked him down. You telling me a professional mid 30’s mma fighter who was the flaming CHAMPION couldn’t overcome some leg kicks? please….
        Jackson got beat by a guy who got knocked out by a 185lber that was back peddling with his hands down with a short jab.
        You telling me heavy handed jackson couldn’t knock out glass jaw griffon but you still say Jackson is the champ of champs?
        that makes you chumps.

        …Ok griffon doenst have a glass jaw, he was tired of being beat and gave up when Anderson hit him. Anderson took his will.

  • Bob

    “Joshyb All valid points Bob, but missed the intial point. Are you saying Jones’s reach and speed gives him superior stand up to Jackson?”

    What I am saying is that his use of his reach and speed give superior stand up. And I do agree that He has way better wrestling.

  • mma24069

    Rampage is the best fight for jones eitherway i can see how people would say rampage will win the stand up and knock him out. But i can see jones winning the stand up to with his reach and dynamic style, hes a smart kid which makes him more dangerous cause hes eager to learn. i wouldnt be totally shocked if rampage caught him early in the fight but im leaning more on jones. say im kissing his ass like anybody else but im not gonna hate i like jackson hes a bad ass but jones is way to new and crazy big at 205. we will see though

  • lonniebatt

    Rampage is going to have problems With Jones,, Jones will be the same for him as he was on all the others,,, this guy just has too much reach he is too long for his opponents nobody has been able to punch with this kid because they are not able to close enough distance to hit him without getting hit or taken down,, Rampage will suffer these same problems…..