Rampage Jackson’s UFC 186 Co-Main Event Bout in Limbo Until Tuesday

April 3, 2015
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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is scheduled to return to the Octagon to face Fabio Maldonado at UFC 186 on April 25 in Montreal. Whether he’ll be allowed to fight, however, is another matter altogether.

Rampage broke his contract with Bellator in December, believing that he was within his rights to cancel his contract and re-sign with the UFC. He said that he was in a dispute with Bellator, who failed to respond within the requisite window that his contract specified, so he left.

Quinton-Jackson-Rampage-UFC-130-pre-press-450x260After re-upping with the UFC, he was put on the docket for Montreal to fight Maldonado.

Bellator, of course, disagrees with Rampage’s take on his contract and filed suit to get a preliminary injunction barring him from fighting on April 25. Bellator claims that Rampage breached his contract when he returned to the UFC.

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A decision about the injunction was expected to come from New Jersey judge Karen L. Suter on Thursday, but the judge delayed her decision until Tuesday at 10 a.m. ET, leaving the UFC 186 co-main event in limbo until then.

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    Doesn’t say much about Bellator and Croker that Rampage can outsmart them.
    I hope Bellator gets this fight stopped and force rampage back to Bellator.

    Eddie didn’t deserve the bad treatment he got at Bellator. Rampage does.

    • Seth

      No one deserves stuff like that. If that’s true, and Viacom MMA did not respond within time that was in the contract – then Rampage had all the rights to leave.

      • JJDNB

        Yes, some people do deserve it. Rampage is on top of that list lol

      • Orlando Vesey

        You sound like a Dana White ballrider we all know Viacom owns Bellator but damn give Dana is nuts back.

        • Seth

          Honor your contract – so Rampage should and Viacom doesn’t have to? I
          said, if its true that they had certain timeframe to respond to his
          call and they didnt, then they didn’t honor their end of the deal.

          has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay,
          waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more money than UFC. But that
          doesn’t mean they give it to Bellator. Go back in time and check
          interviews and articles – you will see that Bellator struggles with
          money, thats why they are so steady with their PPV attempts. Viacom
          wants Bellator to be able to survive on their own. See what they did
          during negotiations with UFC and what they did to other stuff on Spike –
          they aren’t really up for paying ANYONE. Even their own companies.

          don’t see how thats “sucking UFCs ass” (especially that UFC doesn’t
          have ass), its just following news and articles and following the case.
          Internet people should stop dividing people into “UFC lovers” and “UFC
          haters” because there is bunch of people thinking that UFC F’s stuff up,
          but Bellator isn’t better.

  • Seth

    One Q – Why would you fight like that for a fighter that doesn’t want to work for you? I mean, let’s say somehow, someway Viacom MMA buys another judge to rule in their favor, as they did with Eddie – what that gives them? It basically shows AGAIN after Alvarez case “If you sign with us, you will be taken hostage and if you try to leave, we will F you up for a looooong time”. That’s not really appealing situation for other fighters. And even if Rampage will be stuck in Viacom MMA – he can just turn fights down and not fight for them anyway, waiting for contract to expire or something.

    • sheep2012

      I guess it’s a tricky situation coz a fighter under contract can choose not to fight, while an office worker wouldn’t have any say.

      • Seth

        Yeah, that’s why Im curious why they do this…even if they get him back, it doesn’t mean he will fight for them. And deal is simple – UFC can go on without Rampage, who isn’t what he used to be and is just nice name to add to a card, not a name you can build card around. Unless its like a free tv card.

        For Viacom MMA Rampge is legit PPV main event draw and they need him same as they need oxygen. And if Rampage says “FU, Im not fighting for you…well, you lost money on legal scrap for someone who won’t help you anyway. Good job, Viacom. Keep sinking.

    • drkdisciple

      As far as I know contacts are not based on time frames but rather on a specific amount of fights. How would turning down fights help in finishing his contract? Ask Randy Couture how easy it was to end his contract!

      • Seth

        Well, but it is like “6 fights, 3 year contract” right? So sounds like it is based on time too o:

      • TheCerealKiller

        I learned a while ago that all contracts have an expiration date on them. It protects both parties.

  • TheCerealKiller

    He left the UFC on a three fight losing streak and his last stoppage was 2008 Wandy. They can keep him.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Bellator should just let Rampage go. In 6 months, he’ll be whining again about how bad the UFC is treating him and how they’re not pushing him and how their not giving him opponents that make him look good and he’ll go crawling back to Bellator.

    Whatever money the UFC is paying Rampage isn’t worth it.

    • shakejunt

      i don’t think they actually want him back, they just wanna drain him for some court/lawyer fees as a parting gift.

  • shakejunt

    would hate to see this card take another hit, but only casuals care about rampage anymore anyway. on one hand, i’d like to see him back because lhw is pretty dismal and ufc needs depth. on the other, we’d have to see his name on the top 15 again strictly out of legacy.

    • TheCerealKiller

      LWH isn’t dismal, it’s just that Jones is champ. Once he moves to HW, it’ll be just like WW is now. That belt will be a movin!