Rampage Jackson vs. Glover Teixeira UFC Bout Back on Track? Thanks Twitter

October 15, 2012
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Quinton Rampage JacksonMove over Joe Silva, Twitter isn’t just for micro-blogging anymore. The popular social networking platform is now cutting out the UFC matchmaker en route to putting fights in the Octagon.

Fighters have taken to Twitter ever since the platform gained popularity to call each other out and connect with fans.

Case in point, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson on Sunday responded to Glover Teixeira’s UFC 153 post-fight comments that he still wanted to fight Rampage “if he comes in, in top shape. I don’t want to fight him if he’s not motivated to fight.”

Rampage appears motivated. He tweeted directly to UFC president Dana White, practically begging for the fight.

“Yo @danawhite set up that fight with Glover please! Lets give him what he wants..fans I won’t let u down. #fightofthenight”

The two were originally slated to square off at UFC 153, but Rampage was forced to withdraw due to injury.

Despite a rocky history with Rampage, White seems happy to put the fight back together following the former UFC champion’s message to him on Twitter.

“Sounds good bro,” White responded.

Now, that doesn’t constitute a contractual obligation, but it does appear that if both Teixeira and Rampage want the fight and it was already on course to happen, it’s likely that we’ll soon see the two squaring off.

Thanks Twitter, but we still love ya Joe.

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  • stak


  • bajafox

    What are the odds Glover ends up like his trainer and mentor Chuck? Regardless, should be entertaining and a good farewell fight for Quinton

  • drkdisciple

    Quinton gets destroyed no doubt about it. I am sure he already has a list of excuses. Would not even be surprised if he finds a way to fake an injury last minute.

  • woaaahhh

    I won’t be surprise if glover get k.o.. he sure messed up maldonado face but hey! he wasn’t going down easily.. I was more impressed by a TIRED Maldonado how he rocked glover.. making him see stars for a few seconds.

    Rampage has better power in his hand but lacks speed.

    • PhranktheTank

      So you were more impressed by Maldonado than glover in that fight? Maldonado is a f*#^ing terminator, but we wouldn’t know that if it weren’t for glover ruining him.

  • Richurd Cheese

    Rampage does not have Maldonado’s chin. He better land that lead hook fast… I’m still rooting for Rampage.

    • squinty

      Man, what are you talking about? Rampage has an iron chin. the only fighters to ever knock him out were shogun and wanderlei, and even those were no easy tasks. shogun had to use soccer kicks and wanderlei was by insane amount of knees to the head.

      • Richurd Cheese

        I agree that Rampage can take a punch, but not like Maldonado.

        • jimmychong

          you’re tripping richurd. Rampage can take a punch, a knee, a kick to the face. pretty sure Maldonado would get finished by Rampage.

          • Richurd Cheese

            We’ll never know unless they fight, and I never said anything about Rampage vs. Maldonado. All I said was Maldonado has a better chin, and there is evidence. I’ve seen Rampage go flying head first through the ropes with a broken face. He was out cold. Maldonado has never been knocked out. Those are facts, not speculation. You being “pretty sure” about something doesn’t mean jack.

      • Cptmats

        shogun never KO’d rampage !

  • Timothy Malone

    Rampage is just happy to be in there with someone who will slug it out with him. How hilarious would it be if the first thing Glover does is take him down? lol

  • Gigi

    glover wants to revenge chuck in this thats what obv he has been trying to do askin for this fight 🙂

  • we all know Tex will take the fight down rather quick he wont be able to handle Quintons power i got my money on Jackson