Is Rampage Tired of Fighting? (UFC 144 Video)

February 22, 2012
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Quinton Rampage JacksonQuinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson seems to be tired of mma as he told the press in Tokyo, Japan at the UFC 144 open workouts. He wants to fight strikers and try his hand at boxing.

Check out what Rampage Jackson had to say at the UFC 144 open workouts in Japan…

  • Quinton Jackson as a Quarterback: “I’m tired of having to avoid tackles, and blocking, and handing off the ball, and occasionally running a small distance. I wish there was a sport where I could stand still and just throw it to someone. Maybe I will try playing catch at the park instead of football.”

  • BlackDog2009

    You make a point. Rampage is just cashing in. His hunger is gone and he’s not evolving. Too bad, he’s entertaining but his lazyness is annoying. Lazyness and MMA don’t mix.

  • dgs

    I don’t blame Rampage one bit. I am sick of wrestlers stinking up the joint with their pathetic striking ability, and their fear of getting hit. Most of the time their take-downs lead to nothing except positional dominance, and I’m sick of the major MMA orgs scoring points for these do-nothing take-downs.

    Fighters are learning to fight not to lose, rather than fighting to win. Give me a Rampage Jackson, Vanderlei Silva, Shogun Rua, Chuck Liddel, Anderson Silva, or all the other fighters who put it on the line and fight to win, anyday over these suck ass wrestlers stinking up the sport.

    Good luck with boxing Rampage, I think you will do well in the sport of the sweet science.

    • Enfo

      But don’t you thing that once and for all it’s about time we end the “I’m sick of wrestlers”- talk when we discuss MMA? It’s Mixed Martial Arts man!
      Although I agree 100% that only wrestling is as bad, or perhaps worse, than only striking in your arsenal, it’s really very simple: In order to be successful in todays MMA you must be able to mix it up.
      It’s quite obvious what happens to the fighters who only wants to keep it one-dimensional. Although they were sweet times, I’m sorry to tell you that the days when fighters like Chuck Liddell, Wanderlei Silva and Quinton Jackson ruled the cage are gone baby gone.

  • If people wrestle you, then you learn to counter it. Thats what MMA is all about.

    I dont remember Chuck Liddell during his prime whining about how everyone wants to wrestle him. And he had feuds with Ortiz and Couture, arguably the two most famous wrestlers! He just learned how to impose his will anyways.