Rampage Jackson Says There’s Always Been a Secret Rivalry with Tito Ortiz

August 6, 2013
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Quinton Rampage JacksonFormer UFC light heavyweight champions Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Tito Ortiz have been friends for over a decade.  They’ve been training partners, and at one time, they said they would never fight each other.

Times have changed.  Their friendship is intact, but the two no longer train together and are going to fight.

Ortiz and Jackson will headline Bellator MMA’s first ever pay-per-view on Nov. 2, and Jackson says there’s always been a bit of a secret rivalry between the two.

When Jackson was making his way up the ranks in Japan with the Pride organization, Ortiz was the reigning UFC 205-pound champion.  The two began training together at Ortiz’ gym in California under the direction of Colin Oyama.

“I trained with Tito for years and I can tell secretly there’s been a little competition between me and Tito. I remember when I first started training with him and Ricco Rodriguez, they used to kick my ass all the time and stuff like that. They used to enjoy it,” said Jackson during a press conference on Monday.

“And then I started getting a little bit better and me and Tito started going at it a little bit harder and stuff like that. And there’s always been little times when me and Tito went at it in training. We went at it before a couple of times in training,” explained Jackson.

The two have fought countless times behind closed doors, in private, but when they face off on Nov. 2, it will not be a sparring or workout session.  This time, it will be for real.

“There’s been a couple times at Big Bear and me and Tito had some battles that people would never see. And now it’s going to come out in the cage and in front of everybody,” said Jackson. “And so‎, yes, it’s going to be tough fighting a good friend like Tito, but at the end of the day, I trust that Tito wants to put on a good show for the fans because that’s what he is, he’s a showman and I’m a showman.”

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  • Bizotchs

    I predict both Rampage and Tito will come in out of shape, relatively speaking, and the fight will be extremely uneventful.

    • Truth

      Rampage is going to try to blast that huge head of Tito’s…. Tito will be trying shooting for doubles and singles the whole time.

      If Tito hangs on past 2 rds though, Rampage will gas.

  • DamianCross

    oh god they’re gonna do a work….

    • Mark McDowall

      I bet Lidell comes in half way through the second and gives Rampage a groin shot when the ref has his back turned!

      • Werdoomb


  • Bendo’s Abs

    This is gonna be a lot like Ken Shamrock versus Don Frye in the Pride days. Both fighters are over the hill and it seems like a work to me. Bellator needs a good matchmaker because they have no clue as far as mkatchups are concerned.

  • grashopper

    Hmm wonder why the ufc never did this fight. They Are selling you wolf tickets. Its one thing to make two old fighters fight as the co main but to have two old fighters headline your first ppv that never has fought in bellator what a slap in the face for your champions and people give the ufc hell. Tito has won what 2 fights in 6 or 7 years, Rampage has lost last 3 fights, and they will be people to pay for this fight. Bellator are selling you names not a fight

  • Neoconnected

    It was so secret no one ever knew or cared then…or now. Who is going to pay to see this?

  • james j

    I will always like Rampage

  • Sensei_jr

    I heard from a very reliable source that my hero Sensei Seagal has been signed by bellator to fight Judo Gene Labelle on this same card. This is the best card ever. Now I need to collect as many cans as i can in order to afford this amazing pay per view…Both Judo Gene and Tito are in the best shape ever..injury free training camps…they even feel better then when they were in their 20’s…very promising!!!

  • james j

    The ppv can’t be more than $19.99. People would buy it at that price.

    • Mark McDowall

      They said it’ll be between $35-45!!

      Pick your jaw up I just heard it hit the desk…I said the same thing!! $20 would be mine and probably most peoples threshold for this card

      • bajafox

        That’s what I saw on Twitter also… I was actually going to think twice about it for $20, why not? But anything more and I’ll read about it on Sunday

        • Mark McDowall

          Worth it for $20…but not 35-45 unless the rest of the fights on the card are title fights.

    • dgs

      Even $19.99 is too much to pay for two fighters past their prime (in Tito’s case, way past his prime). I would watch Rampage Vs Tito for free, but that’s it. This fight is completely irrelevant, and now it seems both fighters are going to make up a fake rivalry (as Rampage is now doing) to drum up interest.

  • klypzo

    I dunno if they are completely over the hill…..they were both still competitively fighting top 10 fighters till their last in the ufc.

    • TheCerealKiller

      And losing.

      • Werdoomb

        Lol @ your TUF noob nuthhuggery.

        Had this fight been announced for a UFC card, you would have said you are interested in watching it. Heck, you would watch Seagal vs Van Damme if its is a UFC fight.

        I would say Tito is still top 20. Rampage might be top 15 still.

        It’s still a good fight.

        • DT33

          I’d honestly much rather watch Seagal vs. Van Damme. Now THAT would be non-elite entertainment.

    • Mark McDowall

      Tito-2-7-1 in his last 10 UFC fights
      Rampage 5-5 in his last 10 UFC fights(also missed weight twice)

      Not really what I would call competitive my friend!

      • Werdoomb

        okay noob.

        • TheCerealKiller

          How does it feel to only get thumbs down to your every comment?

      • Troll Killer

        it’s ridiculous when people just spout of recent records.

        While both are past their prime, neither are title contenders (for UFC anyway) and will almost certainly never again reach that level, to simply just point out recent records is stupid.

        First of all, Tito only fought the best of the division… all of those fighters are former champions or top contenders like Bader & Lil Nog. Not to mention, the 2 decision losses to Forrest were very iffy and that draw to Rashad SHOULD’VE been a win but he got ROBBED a point. At that time, Rashad was still undefeated and near his prime.

        I’m sure both will still come in shape, and Rampage will still have his power, while Tito will still have a huge cardio advantage.

        • Mark McDowall

          I can agree with most of what you say here…but that last paragraph…I’m sorry man but that’s just wrong. Rampage hasn’t shown up in shape for a fight since he fought Rashad…he gasses early to mid second round in every fight. He said he wants to fight heavyweight now because he “wants a challenge” in reality he “wants to not try as hard”. Listen to Mike Dolce’s podcast when he talks about training with Rampage. The guy was sneaking food in to his room at night because he couldn’t stick to his diets. Thats not someone that really care’s about the sport they are competing in.

          Tito will have a cardio advantage…but thats like saying you have a cardio advantage over someone who smokes a pack a day. Tito’s big issue is if his body will hold up. He has had ALOT of surgeries, and you better believe if he looses this fight that will be the reason why.

          I think IF…and its a HUGE if…they come in and are in shape it can be a decent fight. Honestly I wish it would have happened about 10 years ago…but oh well.

        • james j

          The idea that Tito is a cardio monster is Joe Rogan’s fake pitch to hype a fighter. Tito was gassed after the first round against Forrest in their original fight, and I have never noticed him to be in such better shape than others.

          Bellator here is a novel idea, instead of insulting everybody by saying it is a grudge match, try to sell it as 2 experienced warriors who have been way overdue to meet. Tryust me, just ask Rory if the grudge angle works.

  • TheCerealKiller

    They are both a part of fake wrestling now. I can’t take any part of this “fight” serious. Is Sting going to be the guest ref?

    • Mark McDowall

      lol didn’t think of it like that…but your totally right. Takes the real MMA fight and turns it in to part of a sports entertainment story line which takes the edge that MMA has and makes a bit of a mockery of it.

      • Werdoomb

        Why can’t you be a pro wrestler that also competes in MMA or visa versa?

        Pretty much anything that is not UFC or contrary to what Dana has said in the past is stupid, huh?

        • Mark McDowall

          Of course you can. But don’t use FAKE wrestling story lines to promote REAL MMA fights. 2 different worlds.

  • james j

    I actually respect Bellator for spending money and putting out a product. I partially liked fighmaster, but this ppv has disaster written all over it.

    • Truth

      yes. esp. if they’re going to price it as much as a UFC card. if they priced it MAX: $20.

  • Darin

    Nobody buys it, Rampage…..and no one will buy the ppv either.

  • Werdoomb

    Dear TUF noobs:

    A fight between two big name MMA stars makes sense, although it might have no bearing on top 10 status of each fighter.

    I would rather watch this fight than Jones vs Chael, Anderson vs Bonnar, or Jones vs Vitor. At the end of the day, a fight does not have to be in the UFC for it to be worth watching. Would I pay to watch this fight? Probably not. But who cares? Some people might actually pay to watch this fight and I see no problem with that.

    This isn’t exactly Tank Abbott vs Paul Velaran II. I would say Tito is still in top 20 and Rampage is still in top 15.

    • Truth

      want to watch? sure. but for $35-40??? No way.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Here you go with that “N” word again. These guys are both washed up former stars. It has nothing to do with it being outside of the UFC. When’s the last time Rampage won a fight? Tito is 1-7-1 in his last 9 fights. You’re the “noob” if you think Tito is top 20.

      Give it up dude, Pride is long gone.

  • JRod

    I like both fighters, always have. That being said, I’ll probably watch if someone else pays for it lol.

    Say what you want about them sucking, they still helped lay the groundwork for mainstream mma. They were some of the the first real “characters” and they gave us some goods fights over the years.

    Lay off all the hate! It’s not like they’re calling for UFC title shots! They’re just getting paid.

  • fsunoles10

    i wonder if dana has welcomed bellator to the losing money business.

  • Fo sho

    Good fight but too bad they couldn’t fight a long time ago…

  • The Best Eva

    Page gets the easy fights he wants, he’s going to demolish Tito and if he doesn’t he should retire.

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    There sure are a lot of comments on this topic for so many people saying they don’t care about this fight and aren’t going to watch it. All joking aside, I’m not going to pay for this fight but I’ll watch it. I guess some people will take the time to post/comment about it every time a new news feed goes up but they sure aren’t going to waste the 10-20 minutes to watch it. Clowns