Rampage Jackson Resolute in Leaving the UFC, but Promotion Holds Matching Rights

January 30, 2013
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Rampage Jackson UFC on Fox 6Quinton “Rampage” Jackson made no bones about it leading up to his UFC on Fox 6 bout with Glover Teixeira. The last fight on his UFC contract would be his last fight in the Octagon.

Citing his unhappiness and what he perceived as a lack of respect from his employers, Rampage decided, win or lose, it was time to go.

His tune didn’t change much after losing to Teixeira either.

In fact, he sounded resigned to becoming a gun for higher to the top bidder.

“I been fighting for 13 years and the game has changed a lot. Maybe I’ll just be one of those fighters that come and incite the crowd and be like Gary Goodridge, one of the guys that just come on and put on a great show,” he said in his post-fight interview on Fuel TV.

“I’ll be one of those middle range fighters. If I’m a free agent, if a show wants to pick me up, want to put on exciting fights for their fans, I’m their guy.”

Rampage would, however, have to spend some time on the sidelines if he is headed to another promotion.

Although the Teixeira bout was the final one of his contract, the UFC still has time to match other offers if he signs elsewhere in the near term.

“I treated Rampage the exact same that I always have,” said UFC president Dana White on Tuesday’s episode of UFC Tonight. “And yes, we do have the right to match. I think we have a three-month right to match.”

Despite Rampage’s desire to fight elsewhere, White doesn’t sound fazed by the former light heavyweight champion’s puzzling attitude about fighting for the UFC.

He holds no grudge.

He even sounded like he hasn’t given up the idea that Rampage may change his mind and return to the fold.

“I talked to his manager yesterday,” White continued. “I don’t hate Rampage. I’m not out to hurt Rampage. We’ll see how this thing plays out.”

Rampage, however, sounded resolute in his decision to leave the Octagon behind. He sounded like this would play out with him finding out if the grass is any greener on the other side.

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  • Not a Dingus

    “FOR HIRE” not “HIGHER”. (and that’s saying something because I’m hire than a kite right now)

    • stevemcz11

      I can’t imagine the person who disliked that comment. Either an idiot, Doesn’t get it…. or wrote the article

      • floppy

        I did, as a kite’s image representative, I thought it was hurtful comment to our kids friendly reputation. Kites fly high and give peoples smiles in a healthy fashion

  • The “journalists” here are not writers, they were the people that were interested enough and knew the right people to get the job.I know some mma writers and let’s just say that they are less than journalists.

  • These past few losses put Rampage in a tough spot, title contention wise, but it’s always a pleasure watching the guy fight.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    People are tired of Rampage’s whining about how bad he’s got it in the UFC. Nobody will even notice when he’s gone.

  • Sir_Roy

    He came in impressive shape for the Teixeira fight. Good for him. Sure, he’s accumulated some losses. A few he should never have had on his resumé due to lack luster training and performance on his part, and by his own admittance (Griffin & Bader come to mind).

    But for the most part, Rampage has fought the very best while they were at their very best. He’s fought a who’s who of top tier competition in a very stacked and talent rife division. In fact, I’d say the 205 division is second only to the 170lbs division in terms of raw talent and how deep it runs.

    He just fought a very hungry Glover at the pinnacle of his ever rising career, and held his own. Fact is, Rampage remains a very strong name for any promotion and will be a plus anywhere he fights. His personality is aces, he’s colorful, adds to every card and above all is still a contender to each and every 205er I can think of (if he comes prepared and in shape which is unfortunately the omnipresent question with Page). The same cannot be said for many other fighters.

    • Trevor

      You had me at 170 being the best division…but Rampage is a boring slug to watch and if he ever watched his fight she may see that….long gone are the days when a one dimensional fighter could win without a lucky punch. I for one don’t want to sit through 15 boring minutes of Rampage waiting for his lucky punch

      • Sir_Roy

        Personally, I feel that’s a little harsh. As much as you can claim gone are the days a one dimensional fighter gets off that lucky punch, so too could one claim if Rampage were really so one dimensional, he himself would be getting finished far more often and in far more spectacular fashion, than he has been, and could never hope to last one round, let alone three, four or five, against the top level competition he has. Losing to submission via rear naked choke to Bones in the 4th round, is nothing to be ashamed of really. And that’s his only ‘stoppage’ in the UFC thus far.

        If you dislike his fights, remember, it takes two to tango. His dancing partners know of his strengths and avoid them like the plague. What makes for boring fights when this happens, and what we can, perhaps, criticize Rampage for to a degree, is his inability to impose his will on said fighters. I agree, he’s not well rounded, a well rounded fighter as powerful and strong as Page would impose said will. But one dimensional? A little too harsh IMHO.

  • Cereal Killer

    Dana, please let him go! I don’t want him taking up a good slot on a card anymore. He hasn’t been a joy to watch in years.

  • To the author of this article. It’s “Gun for hire”, not “Gun for higher”. And you should put it in quotations.