Rampage Jackson May Follow Kimbo Slice into Boxing, “Let the UFC Be My Past”

January 16, 2013
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Quinton 'Rampage' JacksonThe days of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson being a UFC fighter have almost come to an end.

The former light heavyweight champion has spoken out several times in the last year about leaving the promotion following the last fight on his contract, which takes place at UFC on Fox 6 against Brazilian Glover Teixeira.

Jackson had been fairly quiet about the subject over the last couple of months while he’s been in England training and preparing for the fight, but on Tuesday during a media conference call old wounds opened up.

“I just want to get this last UFC fight out the way and then enjoy myself as a free agent and see who’s interested in me,” Jackson stated.

The reasons behind Jackson’s displeasure with the UFC go deeper than money or matchmaking, although he’s not seemingly happy with either of those items when it comes to dealing with the UFC.

To Jackson it comes down to respect and the treatment of the fighters, and he’s not a fan of how the UFC handles either one.

“I feel like they’re getting rich off of all of us. We all have surgeries and injuries and stuff like that. Some of these guys can’t even afford to pay sparring partners and stuff like that. Some guys fight for $10,000 or $20,000; that ain’t right. I don’t want to be a part of this sport. I want to go somewhere where they take care of their fighters and they treat us like human beings. I’ve been fighting for a long time and I’m standing up for myself,” said Jackson.

Recently Jackson also found a new reason to find fault with the UFC when he signed a lucrative sponsorship deal with Reebok and found out that he would not be allowed to wear their gear in the Octagon for his fight on Jan 26. The UFC holds a sponsorship and licensing agreement with all fighters and potential sponsors, and whether Reebok or Jackson conformed or attempted to conform to those rules is unknown.

No matter the reason, however, Jackson isn’t happy with the decision.

“I can say I have a new reason – I’m sponsored by Reebok now and the UFC says I’m not allowed to wear Reebok in the cage, when I see other fighters sponsored by Nike and stuff. Why can’t I have Reebok? It’s just stupid stuff like that,” Jackson said.

“It’s not just about money, it’s about respect. I step in the Octagon and I put my life on the line, and I try to be an exciting fighter, and I just don’t feel appreciated by it. I’d rather take a money cut to go to another show and feel appreciated. It has nothing to do with money. Reebok’s still taking care of me, they’re still sponsoring me, but the UFC said I can’t wear Reebok while I’m fighting, which I think is illegal as well.”

With the fight against Teixeira fulfilling the current contract that Jackson has with the promotion, it appears no matter what happens next Saturday he will test free agency and won’t be returning to the UFC unless something dramatic happens.

“They offered a re-negotiated contract, but I didn’t like it, I didn’t want it. I don’t want to renegotiate with them. I think that the UFC don’t know how to treat their athletes in my opinion. The fighters, I feel like we do a lot for this sport; I just feel like we’re not taken care of well enough,” said Jackson.

“No matter what the outcome is on Jan. 26, I’m going to be happy with everything. I trained very hard. I trained to destroy Glover. I trained every aspect on the ground, wrestling, stand-up, everything. I trained to destroy him and then leave the UFC on a positive note and I’m going to go on with my life and let the UFC be my past.”

As far as what could be next for the former Pride fighter, Jackson isn’t sure if it will be MMA, acting or something else that peaks his interest. He hopes to remain in the fight game after recent improvements in his health and training have left him feeling somewhat reinvigorated.

“I’ve got a few more years in me, my training camp is going really well, and my knee is really strong now. I had some of the best doctors taking care of me, and I did everything right this camp, and I’m feeling really, really strong,” said Jackson

“My next challenge if I go somewhere, I just want to be very exciting. Maybe I want to try some boxing, see if I can do some boxing, or do some kickboxing. My heart is in MMA, I like slamming people and stuff like that. I’ve done jiu-jitsu tournaments, wrestling tournaments, kickboxing fights, but I have never done boxing, and I think that’s probably my biggest challenge to see if I can go and be a pro boxer. Hell, Kimbo Slice he’s doing pretty good, why can’t I?”

Jackson is very familiar with the former UFC heavyweight having coached him during the 10th season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show.

Whether he follows him into boxing remains to be seen, but Jackson seems resolute in his decision to leave the UFC, and he believes it’s going to be a mutual parting of the ways.

“Honestly, I’m over it. I gave them time and time again to try and keep me happy, and honestly I think the UFC is happy with me leaving as well,” said Jackson.

“I think it’s a mutual thing. I don’t think there’s nothing they can do to keep me.”

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  • Sir_Roy

    I think it’s criminal to pay a fighter 8 – 10 grand in today’s MMA market. I also agree that the UFC doesn’t take well enough care of its fighters – unless you happen to be GSP or Silva.

    But hey, if that 10g fight is your foot in the door to a potential shot at six zeros … then I guess it’s your damn job to wow the hell out of them and make the most of the opportunity granted.

    • bajafox

      The UFC supplies medical benefits and they don’t take well enough care of their fighters? WTF are you serious?

      You think corporate CEO’s started out making millions? Some of them probably started out making minimum wage as waiters. This whole pay scale for the UFC debate is getting old. OBVIOUSLY the pay scale is just fine or we would hear more whining from the fighters than from the fans.

      • Muay Thai

        A UFC star makes 400k max. Meanwhile, ppv revenue is in the MILLIONS for UFC. You have to be a complete IDIOT not to see that there is something wrong with this picture.

        • Bob

          400k max?u r trolling obviously.St pierre was making like 5 million a fight.They dont make what is stated on here

          • PJ Brennan

            He said he would want like 5 million for a fight with A. Silva. That does not mean he’s made that much, or anywhere near it.

          • PJ Brennan

            Cain Velesquez made $200,000 plus a motorcycle for his last fight, when he took the HW title.

          • Muay Thai

            Yep, you’re right PJ. Bob obviously has no clue what he’s talking about.

          • urdooomb

            That’s not cool at all.

            That was the fight to determine the baddest man on the planet. If Floyd gayweather and Pacsheman are making $20million+ per fight, Cain and JDS should be making $50m+ per fight.

          • Muay Thai

            5 million for GSP? Are you kidding me? You’re a funny guy. You must work for UFC or have been hiding under a rock. Tell me where you got that figure from kid.

          • urdooomb

            Yeah, GSP in an unofficial interview claimed to have made $4million a year or per fight or something like that but it was so vaguely phrased that I just don’t buy that.

            I could see GSP making a million per fight. But $5million per fight?????? Not sure. If GSP is making $5million, I have a feeling Dana would have disclosed those figures.

            Reluctance on UFC’s part to disclose fighter pay most likely means that the UFC sees no benefit to itself by disclosing.

            Look, top MMA fighters are well off. Anderson, Tito, Chuck, Fedor, Cro Cop, Randy, Nog, Wanderlei, GSP, BJ Penn…I mean…they are all well off and can live comfortably for the rest of their lives. But these guys are Alis, Sugar Rays, and Tysons of MMA. Compare what 120lbs Pac man made with what 240 lbs Cain made. Cain vs JDS was the bout for determining the baddest man on the planet!!!

            It’s really guys like Jon Fitch or Rich Franklin or Forrest Griffin who may need more support from the company.

  • Joey

    Rampage is acting like a diva, plain and simple.

    He acts like fighting for 10-20 thousand is such an awful idea. Well guess what Rampage, if you go fight in a smaller promotion where the fighters are “appreciated”, well those fighters will be making a lot less than that. Not only that but they wouldn’t have the opportunity to fight their hearts out and potentially get the 60 thousand dollar submission/knockout/fight of the night bonus and continue climbing up the UFC ladder.

    Also as many people have expressed, the amount released and the amount a fighter usually makes is quite different. Most of the time they end up making around double what their disclosed pay is.

    I hope he gets smashed by Glover and leaves on a low note because all he does is bitch and complain nowadays.

    • urdooomb

      It def does make him look bad saying this at the tail end of his career. Had he said this when he was on TUF making money there would have been more credibility….but even then…Dana nuthuggers (90% of UFC fans) would have said Rampage is delusional.

  • Muay Thai

    Rampage’s got a point. UFC is a total monopoly. They are buying out their competition (i.e., Strikeforce, WEC, Pride, etc.) so that they can control how much or how less they pay their fighters. There have been a number of fighters that spoke out against the UFC, Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, and BJ Penn…..But the UFC managed to shut them up by giving them more money. Bottom line, unless you speak up, UFC will screw fighters. Sad story…..

    • bajafox

      Yea but those few that you mentioned deserved every penny. WTF has Rampage done to deserve the same respect? Even after he lost his marbles the UFC was still backing him up. He can gtfo of the UFC for all I care, I lost all respect for him

      • Muay Thai

        You’re missing the point. The fact of the matter is, fighters need to stand up for themselves. UFC is raping ALL of the fighters. I really don’t care for Rampage, i’m just saying its a TOTAL monopoly. By buying out all of the competition, UFC controls every aspect of the MMA game, including sponsorship, pay, etc.

        • urdooomb

          Fighters are sheeps.

          Honestly, every fighter has an incentive not to speak up and let others do the talking. If others are successful then that fighter gets a free ride.

          Let’s look at Randy and Tito, two guys that had disputes with the UFC. Randy is still not too vocal about the pay. That’s his personality. He carries himself that way. For example, even after he came back to the UFC he claimed that Fedor was the best fighter in the world. But he didn’t go as far as saying that the UFC is an evil blood sucker.

          Tito is a different beast. He is extremely vocal. He is also not the gentleman Randy is. My theory is that Tito BEGGED the UFC to accept him back.

          In any case, UFC is currently making banks off of fighters.

        • Q

          Fighters are scared to stand up for themselves. Look at Todd Duffee. He wanted a pay raise and confronted the UFC. What happened to him? They released him from the promotion. Now he is back in the UFC after taking fights in other places.

  • rsr5001

    I wonder if Rampage would be willing to take the inevitable pay cut that would result if UFC fighters unionized, leading to higher pay for undercard fighters.

    • urdooomb

      What he wants is promoter based organization like in boxing.

  • marco giove

    you know why he’s leaving don’t ya! he knows for a fact hes not got many more wins left in him at all,and the new school our too good now.

  • Jesse Malloy

    I like Rampage, and I wish him the best, but I hope he gets convinced to stay in MMA, if not the UFC in general.

  • Junior

    rampage needs caring, thing he dont realise is too much of ufc is just a business, nothing more nothing less. And if he thinks he can go to lower promotions and win fights and have that same ‘love’ he has for mma, he is defo gonna be tested on that once it happens.

  • The Dave

    Kickboxing? I can’t remember the last time Rampage threw a kick. I was never a fan of Rampage but i wish Quentin Jackson all the luck in the world.

    • urdooomb

      I believe he won two fights in K-1.

  • I can understand some of his points but when I hear him bitch a bout little thing and respect I work a a multi milltion dollar company and make $10 and hour busting my ass and risking my like I dont bictch about how unfair it is get a clue not everything in life is ******* fare if ti was we would not be complaining about making only 200,000 a fight when you can fight 3 to 5 times a year must be nice so all i have to say is **** * *** *** ****

  • Wes

    I used to be a huge Rampage fan, back when he was exciting! The only exciting thing he does these days is talk. I’m over the talking…and the bitching and whining and complaining about anything the UFC does or doesn’t do for him. He needs to understand that it’s a business and that he’s an employee……if he can’t deal with that…..beat feet.

    • urdooomb

      problem is….Rampage is saying this at the tail end of his career…which makes him look bitter.

      I agree with Rampage about poor fighter treatment by the UFC. It is an example of an authoritarian regime over there. No fighter can make comments against the UFC for fear of getting punished.

      The thing is, 90% of the fighters reserve their opinion on fighter pay. And 90% of fans (MMA is essentially a bluecollar sport) couldn’t care less.

      So what you see out there are disputes over pay. Fedor wants a cut of the profits, Dana tells him no. Randy leaves, Dana disses him. Tito leaves, comes back, and confesses his new love for Dana Timmay and Arlovski are pushed out and never invited back. The list goes on and on.

      If you truly want to see MMA develop, you gotta raise fighter pay.

  • Jmoney

    This is how it works.. We will take Cain Valasquez last fight as example..

    SHOW MONEY – $100,000
    WIN BONUS – $100,000
    SPONSORS – $125,000 + Harley Motorcycle ($20,000)
    PPV BONUS** – $400,000

    **($1 for every PPV buy) 400,000 buys

    So Cain made around $750,000 from his fight with Dos Santos. Plus he now has a kicker in his contract that will increase his show/win money for his next fight as champion.
    He will also see an increase in sponsorship money for the next his next as it will be a title defence.

    If you are on the main card of the UFC PPV you get between 0.25c and $2 per PPV sold.. Plus a set amount for FOX, FX and fuel fights..

    Start doing the sums and you will see exactly why there aren’t many of the 500 fighters employed by the UFC complaining about salary..

    • urdooomb

      Where did you get $1 for PPV from??

      You are either a young kid or a sad grown up for you have no concept of finance.

      $750,000 is no where enough for HEAVY WEIGHT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOUTS. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Yes, the bout that determined the baddest man on the planet.

      Even assuming $750k is true, you need to take $200k off the bat to pay training costs. So that’s $550k, post-tax about $350k. Yeah……get paid $350k for being the baddest man on the planet fighting second baddest man on the planet….yeah….

      And how much did GAYNA make as 10% owner and president of the UFC????? For doing what????

      • Joey

        First off, when Alistair Overeem was signing his contract with UFC, he was supposed to get 2-3 dollars per ppv sold. Not to mention Eddie Alvarez was going to have a 1 per ppv buy with his contract so yeah I guarantee Cain has that somewhere on his contract.

        Second off, 200k for a 3 month training camp? Are you high?

        Third off, Dana worked his ass off to build the UFC from the brink of being non existent to help it become to what it is today. He hadnt missed a PPV until he was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease which is saying something. Not mention HE IS PART OWNER.

        And you call the poster above you a young kid? Why because he offered a very intelligent answer to what Cain made for his last fight? Maybe you should get off your high horse and post a comment that doesn’t include a gay slur. It really diminishes your intelligence or lack there of.

        • urdooomb

          First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever flat out denied the PPV cut.

          Please post me a legitimate link and we will go from there. Until someone posts a credible source, I don’t know what to make of ppv cuts.

          Second, $200k was a figure I used for ALL COSTS associated with camp/trainer/legal & management fees. You thought Ed Soarse works for free? If you are not happy with $200k then say $100k. $20k is clearly waaay off the mark.

          Third, I never doubted that Dana worked his butt off. So did Cain. So did JDS. So did every one of the fighters on that card and all staff involved. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dana made x3 the money Cain did. Does this make sense? I think that was my point.

          MMA is extremely extremely human service industry, as pro sports in general. UFC gets a bigger cut of the revenues than any other major sports organization. Don’t you see the problem here?

          I have a feeling you are also a naive young kid. Do you have a college degree?

          • Joey

            Did I ever state anywhere that you denied the dollars/per ppv? Nope. But you are now contradicting your self by asking for a specific link for one which in and of it self is denying it.

            I was simply stating that if other big name stars and/or potential UFC fighters are getting it in their contract then a former/current champion would have it in his contract clause two.

            IN your original argument you stated 200k for training costs. Which is what I refuted. So now your stating the 200k is for more than just training? Maybe you should have specified that. Even then, I would love to see your source as to how you got to that figure?

            Plus please point out where in my posts I ever associated any cost to training. Because I didn’t. So no idea where you pulled 20k out of.

            Dana devoted his life to building, developing and establishing this sport as legitimate in this country. He took a chance when he went in on the purchasing a company that wasn’t exactly at the peak of its popularity and was rapidly losing fan base. So do I feel bad that he makes that much more money than the fighters? No. That’s like me bitching about only making 70k when the owner of the company is damn near a billionaire. Why don’t I bitch about that? Because he took the chance when he started the company and made it as successful as it is.

            UFC is just like any company. You want to make more? Do your best and prove you deserve to earn more. If Cain keeps winning and he gets more PPV buys, then his contract and in turn his income will increase.

            Yes I have a BA in kinesiology and I minored in Business admin but wtf does that have to do with having a discussion on an internet forum about MMA?

      • JMoney

        Kid?? I’m 35 years old. I just gave you facts that i don’t need to back up and you respond with that garbage. Someone tries to teach you something and you just lash out at them.. I don’t need to tell you who i am, but i will say i have been watching this sport a lot longer than yourself..

        Try out Cain’s numbers on Anderson Silva or GSP and you will see that the top of the tree are making 2-2.5 million per fight.. Cains next contract will be a lot better than the one he is on. It’s called experience pay level..


  • The_Champ

    Every one of you that say the UFC doesn’t pay the fighters enough might have a point… If you made one. Seriously, if fighters aren’t making enough, can’t they just leave? Nobody is holding a gun to their head to sign a contract. Worry about your own pay check.

    Then we get comments like “UFC is making bank off of the fighters”. What a bunch of useless dribble. You can’t just make **** up and then spew it out as credible information. How about providing your sources? How much does the UFC make off of a fighter? How about some numbers?

    Bunch of morons.

  • mik007

    Let him go he has not done anything in MMA except whine,ever since his big move debut,and we all know what happened there,Oscar not.

  • He’s done. Best days are past him…He was exciting in PRIDE…Ride off into sunset Rampage. I hope you invested well!

  • knighthawk

    st pierre has a net worth of 7 mill and silva at 10

  • Yeah he will follow Kimbo Slice … being irrelevant and out of the spotlight. Bye Rampage, I hope you invested well.

  • Matt

    They all have a choice to leave if they think the money isn’t good enough. If it wasn’t for the UFC none of them would be fighting for decent money anywhere. I think the UFC is using the correct model to build MMA into a major global sport that makes it possible for other organisations to exist too. That requires big $$$$$$.

  • VegasSun

    Rampage you go to BOXING where they appreciate and respect their athletes… I pity the foo that believes that true.
    Jackson can’t box!

  • Dallas

    The UFC do under pay their fighters, There is a interview with nate diaz taking about it. These guys life’s, homes, family’s hinge on making it in the UFC and if they lose that they lose it all. The UFC has them by the balls. Rampage is not the best with words but he’s one of the original’s that put MMA on the map. Love him or hate him is a former ufc champion and the man that unified the Pride and UFC tittles making him at the time the undisputed Light Heavyweight champ and getting it off dan henderson who say’s he’s best at light heavyweight. Anderson silvia vs Chael Sonnen 1 anderson took home 250,000 and chael 50,000 with pay per view numbers exceeding that of the manny pacman fight’s were he was taking home a 7 figure pay checks. i don’t believe the UFC is anything like Don King and the 50 cent promoters in boxing as far as being scum but gone are the king of the cage days. They now have the P.P.V’s and the crowds.. These fighters are who we want to watch, Not dana and joe.

  • uncle

    Rampage needs to win this last fight on his contract
    if he wants any organization to pick him up lets be honest
    about UFC and the fighters the top fighters don’t even get
    paid more then boxers on a undercard UFC have PPV
    every month sold out tickets and these fighters still get
    paid peanuts they deserve more so if Rampage wants to
    start boxing career I don’t blame him

  • Big Daddy

    good for you Rampage..I agree with you about the UFC not treating their fighters very well. And while you areat it tell Dana to F— off for me
    cheers BD

  • Big Daddy

    good for you Rampage..I agree with you about the UFC not treating their fighters very well. And while you are at it,
    tell Dana to F— off for me
    cheers BD

  • Dana White make tons of money on each head of the fighter so why they can not get more and it`s true that the fighter put their life on the line they take big risk everytime they step in the octagone and they gave up their privacy to be in front of the camera all the time in the t.v. show prime time they have to talk about their life childhood family kids and etc.. and you have internet always keep in touch with the fan so is just normal that they must have more money and the best treatment when they have a lot of dammage after the fight

  • Darnell Woodard

    I’ll fight for 10k right now

  • alex redwood

    how does this differ from the actions of any other organisation. for all you business majors out there: its called competitive behaviour. you grow or you die. you grow either organically by increasing customer base, and then expand by using the generated cash and taking on debt to buy out your competitors and/or suppliers (i.e. vertical vs. horizontal integration). then you consolidate.

    in terms of fighter pay, how does that differ from any job at any organisation? people that have the same age and same experience, background, education can have huge deviations on salary and bonus structures, working at the same company.

    it all depends on their ability to negotiate pay and incentives/rewards at the beginning of their contracts. later, this becomes more difficult. this is also the reason why some musicians get rich and some are famous but broke. those that have a keen sense of business acumen negotiate deals that are more favourable to themselves and opt for higher cuts of bottom line revenue generation rather than a larger up front bonus that they will spend on a nice car, a downpayment on a house, and once their album flops, they are out on their asses (just an example).

    in the “real” world, you can think of it as a guy who wisely settles for a lower base salary (knowing his excellent sales skills, for ex) and in return asks for a bonus structure which allows him to get a larger cut of total sales figures. if he performs, he will have a very large check that year (easily a multiple of his annual pay perhaps), as opposed to his colleague who wanted to get paid a better monthly salary, but settled for a capped bonus of 40% of annual pay.

    even entrepreneurs have to speak up or they get screwed out of their money by clients, partners, suppliers, etc (speaking of dana white. he doesn’t get paid to sit on his ass, even if it may look this way, its not trust me).

    hell, once you’ve clawed and bled your way to your money, everyone’s already at the other side trying to screw you out of it all over again like a pack of scavenging coyote wolves.

    to bring it to the point, i really don’t get the arguments on board. and rampage just sounds like any disgruntled employee who couldn’t negotiate a contract for himself that he sees as being “fair”. you have those guys at any company,

    dana is just like any business head who takes a loin’s share of profits. is it “fair”? are we in kindergarden? no. is it a business? yes. are we a capitalist or communist society? whats with the socialist mind-frame. everyone needs to grow up and grow a pair or go home. and p.s. stop counting other people’s salaries, it’s embarrassing…..