Rampage Jackson Makes Impact Wrestling Debut Opposite Kurt Angle

Quinton 'Rampage' JacksonQuinton “Rampage” Jackson this week signed a multi-faceted, multi-year deal with Bellator MMA, TNA’s Impact Wrestling, and Spike TV. The deal encompasses competing in mixed martial arts, pro wrestling, movies, and other media opportunities.

Rampage, who is still recovering from a knee injury, won’t likely set foot in the Bellator cage until this fall, but wasted no time making hi sway to Impact.

He debuted on Thursday night’s edition of Impact Wrestling on Spike TV.

Rampage took part in a brief interview before former Olympic wrestler and current TNA superstar Kurt Angle took to the ring to get in Rampage’s face. Both men mean-mugged it in an effort reminiscent of his classic Pride FC staredowns with Wanderlei Silva.

The learning curve for pro wrestling isn’t a small one, so it’s likely that Rampage will spend a considerable amount of time in a developmental program before actually competing in a match. But when he does finally make it to the ring on Impact, it looks like Kurt Angle may be waiting to welcome him.

Rampage is also currently in talks with Paramount Pictures – a company that is owned by Viacom, the owner of Bellator and Spike TV – to develop a script and movie role. That was another key selling point in his decision to sign the new deal after having spent the majority of his MMA career in Pride and the UFC.

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  1. Above: The closest Kurt Angle will ever get to MMA

    • I’m sure some people would rank Kurt’s Gold Medal above any MMA Championship to date. And thanks to good ole’ Pro Wrasslin he’s probably got more money than any MMA Champion too. I’m sure Kurt just cries himself to sleep at night.

  2. Ah the irony. Tired of people who just try to wrestle him rather than actually fight him, Rampage forgoes actual fighting to become a wrestler.

    I know he’s going to keep fighting as well but it’s still pretty funny.

    • the frustrating thing is he made his name in MMA back when he was good at all of it, including wrestling. He just got too lazy to bother with anything other than throwing punches.

      • what a crock, you say “back when he was good at all of it?” , thats so wrong, back in pride all they used to do is start the clock and let the two guys stand and punch, you’d never get the BJJ or the Wrestling that you get in the UFC, hence why Rampage couldnt succeed, he was used to guys running forward and getting punched in the face, ( wanderlei silva and Chuck Liddell for examples) guys who now cannot succeed because of the all around skills of the younger fighters …rampage is washed up, wrestling is where he needs to go because its all rehearsed, every move, antic, etc etc, and he’s such an animated character that he’ll probably do well.

        • Rampage made his name in King Of The Cage, leading to Pride, because of his wrestling & heavy duty slams.

          I suggest you not only go back and look at some of Rampages earlier fights in Pride (in fact most of them), and then watch a bunch of Pride in general, if you think there was no BJJ or wrestling in Pride you’re hugely mistaken and don’t really know what you’re talking about.

        • what????PRIDE spawned BJJ, boxing, wrestling and everything in MMA. Dana White brought fighters over to Pride, but PRIDE never did the same. If PRIDE is so bad why does Dana White still where a PRIDE shirt the majority of the time and there is the Best of Pride show? Geese man wake the f up 🙂

  3. Rampage’s eye twitch is hilarious. Not sure whether he’s trying to be mean, or trying not to crack up.

    • it really was though, he should just have done his normal mean mug and he would of been aite. hah its so bad its almost embarrassing to watch.

  4. wow, that was sooo real you guys,,,, must take years of practice and training !!! (to ALL the F@gs thinks wrestling is real)

    • I don’t think anyone above the age of 12 thinks its real dude. It is what it is, just a episodic circus. And whilst its scripted, there’s a huge physical toll taken on these dudes, why do think half of them are dead before they’re 50?

  5. this is a joke! career going downhill is what this shows!

    • yeah – a movie deal in the works plus pro wrestling money and spike tv deals besides the bellator stuff – that’s downhill alright: a downhill sprint to the bank

    • I’d say they do it for the kids/ fans. Notice how Rampage touched the hands of 3 little kids on his way to the ring. They’re like big santa clauses to the kids.

  6. Why do people attend these events or even watch this stuff?

    • I’m a pro wresting fan since I was a kid. I’m an adult now and still love it. It’s a soap opera for men and a tough career to have. I always find that naysayers say “why do people watch this it’s not real” , well my answer is that it’s real alright, it’s just that it’s staged, it’s a show. You know, like a movie, if you believe James Bond can do all he does and you suspend your disbelief then you can certainly do it watching p. w. Now if I want to watch un fixed fighting where the concussions are real and the outcomes are not planned then I watch mma, boxing or kick boxing, sports I love. I’m smart enough to know and enjoy the differences by no means does it mean that p. w. fans are ignorant. Now why is this news here? Because its Rampage, one of the most recognized mma stars in the sport and fans of his want to know about him. It’s an mma website and he’s still an mma fighter.

      • Very well said my man.

  7. Fail at the real thing, try something less challenging. It makes sense, and it pays. Jon Jones would eat Kurt Angle alive.

    • In a real wrestling match, Angle would destroy Jones.

    • hah yea bro i think you have no idea what you’re talking about if you meant in a wrestling match, it would be a good ol classic mauling.

    • You’re an idiot if you think Jon Jones is a better wrestler than Angle.. Kurt would dominate.

  8. Why are you posting pro wrestling news?

    Thumbs up if you don’t want wrestling news on our MMA site.

    • Don’t read it then bellend. It’s about Rampage and it’s interesting/amusing.

  9. I really hate fake wrestling. When will Bellator be back on Spike?

    • Fake wrestling? Says a lot about you.

  10. It is ashamed that one of the greatest real wrestlers in history will never compete in MMA.

    • Angle?

      • Look it up. He is a wrestling legend, with far greater accomplishments than any wrestler to ever set foot in the Octagon, including Henderson, Couture, or even Cormier. Cormier was only bronze in the world championships, never competed in the Olympics…Angle was gold medal in both world championships and Olympics.

        • Why the f*** would you say to look up Angle? I know who he is.

          • Ryan GODling Baller31 • a day ago


          • I wasn’t sure if it was Angle you were talking about. That’s why I asked. I thought it seemed pretty obvious. Apparently it wasn’t.

  11. i’m really starting to give up on watching wrestling. I use to rush to watch impact wrestling on thursdays, Even though this about tna i would rush to watch wwe wrestling the supershow or nxt not interesting enough to stop doing what i’m doing to watch it., I always find myself turning off the computer for roh, can’t find a lucha libre full match online, and i almost always fall asleep watching ovw online. I think i’m going to stop messing with wrestling the programs for good.

    • Really? TNA has been very good this two weeks and Slammiversary an amazing PPV

  12. Wait, there’s still people who think pro wrestling is fake?
    Must be the same people who don’t believe in Santa clause and the tooth fairy. Next thing you know people will claim the Simpsons are not a real family.

    No one is saying that its real. Hell, the people in it don’t. It’s just another television genre. The ppv’s are along the same line as a movie. I’m curious as to whether or not these wrestling haters go to the hospital and expect to be examined by Gregory House?
    When you call the cops after you get beat up on your way home from school, are you expecting a visit from the criminal minds cast?
    Pro wrestling is a performance art. Nothing more, nothing less.