Rampage Jackson Issues Official Statement on UFC Signing

December 22, 2014
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship on Saturday night surprised nearly everyone by re-signing former light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

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Quinton-Jackson-Smirk-Hat-750It’s been difficult to nail down what the most surprising aspect of the UFC being willing to bring Jackson back: that he left under much-less-than-friendly circumstances when he bolted for Bellator in 2013, that he lost his last three UFC fights before leaving, or that usually reserved Bellator president Scott Coker tweeted about Bellator’s intent to defend it’s contractual position with him.

Coker notably tweeted, “Let us be clear that Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson is under an exclusive contract with #BellatorMMA. We will protect our contractual rights.”

The UFC thus far has said little to defend the signing, although the UFC’s chief content officer, Marshall Zelaznik, said on Saturday night, “I can assure you that if the UFC signed him, the UFC feels optimistic and confident that he’s in a position to be signed. If there’s any issues, I’m sure that we’ll figure that out as the days go on.”

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For his part, Jackson believes that he was within his rights to cancel his Bellator contract and re-sign with the UFC. He says that he was in a dispute with Bellator, who failed to respond within the window that his contract with them specified.

Jackson’s camp posted the following statement to his website on Monday:

“After five months of grueling negotiations and gray-area contract talks with Bellator MMA and parent-company Viacom, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson officially terminates his contract with the up-and-coming promotion citing multiple breaches since the removal of President and Founder Bjorn Rebney. Jackson exercises a clause in the agreement that allows for a 45-day window to satisfy any contract dispute. Bellator MMA, failing to fulfill the requests of Jackson, was put on notice, failed to respond and eventually notified that negotiations were officially terminated.

“Jackson’s U.K.-based fight manager and Wolfslair Academy founder Anthony McGann confirms, late Saturday night, that ‘Rampage has indeed signed with the UFC.’ Details of the deal have not been made public. Jackson was available for comment late Saturday night from his Laguna Hills, CA training center Rampage Family Fitness and provided the following: ‘I went to the UFC and we put a deal together that worked out for both of us. I’m excited to be here. The UFC had nothing to do with me leaving Bellator. I was done with Bellator when I made the final call and they still didn’t do what they had to do contractually. I wish those guys the best but I’m where I belong.’”

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  • Christina

    Rampage should be at Titan FC. Yeah, he’s that good.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Rampage isnt worth the liability and has proven he is too immature to maintain a relationship with any company he goes to. Addition through subtraction for Bellator. Plus Rampage sucks now btw

  • So, all of a sudden the UFC is not so bad after all.
    Reality has a way of biting a deluded person in the butt at just the right time.

    • yurdad

      He´s doing it for the money, little boy. the UFC does not want Rampage to join Fitch and co in court so paid Rampage a bundle.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Everyone on the UFC roster could join the lawsuit, it doesn’t make a difference. It’s based on facts, not how many people get involved. I pretty much stopped replying to guest comments because they are a bunch of cowards, but this may be “The Most Stupidest Comment of the Week” award.

      • You think Rampage in that suit would make that much of a difference?
        It’s a bunch of washouts sniveling over getting what they could not earn. It will be tossed out like the trash. The whole debate is summed up here: failure hates success…

      • MikeMcK83

        I don’t believe you understand how a class action works. Everyone in the “ufc” is part of the case unless they want to do their own separate lawsuit. That is as long as they find a judge that will qualify them as a class.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Loses three in a row on his way out of the UFC, then beats three in a row over at Bellator, now comes back to lose three in a row and retire(just my guess). It really does make Bellator look like an inferior product full of inferior fighters.

    • SeriusMom

      Again! Talking trash on a former champ.


  • Seth

    UFC is only bad if you look on it from outside…and don’t collect paychecks from them. That’s how it works now-days, with people like Wandarlei, Tito or anyone else. And those guys call themselves “brave” and “not afraid of UFC”. Wandarlei and Tito went full circle though. First from zero to hero, then from hero to zero. Sucks to see them go so low…

  • Austin, TX

    Hilarious. After all that back and forth about the UFC. I guess anything goes. There’s no such thing as anything. Money heals all I guess.

  • klypz

    UFC is all about that paper folks, the signing of Punk should have proven that much if nothing else did. Rampage is $$$ no matter how much some may beg to differ, and like it or not, hes not completely washed up yet, the guy can still fight and hes one of the few actual bankable stars out there so its a no brainer for the UFC. You guys act as if this was never a possibility…ha!

  • dgs

    “I wish those guys the best but I’m where I belong.”

    He means he’s where he belongs until he feels he’s been wronged in some way by the UFC, and then he’ll start bad-mouthing Dana, the fighters, and the rest of the organization. This guy is more hypocritical than Dana, something I didn’t think was possible. I give it a year before he starts demanding to be released from his contract so he can join another organization, and then claim the new org is where he belonged all along and where he’ll be treated with respect.

  • Shamlam Doobly

    This has-been will be crying about bad treatment from the UFC in no time. What a hypocrite. F him.

  • Rob Smith

    Rampage is where he belongs in terms of competition. Intelligent mindsC recognize the abuse these MMA promotions inflict in athletes, UFC is the worst with regards to equal investment. Though in his final chapter, Quinton Jackson needs to close the book in the octagon.

  • mmalive

    I always liked Rampage. Your are going to get smashed with current UFC contenders: Guss, Johnson, Davis, DC, plus a few others. Rampage should have joined Fitch, Le, Quarry in class action lawsuit if he wanted some dollar bills. Jackson should have kept his mouth SHUT. Retire with UFC and maybe get another gig. Dana is NOT the best boss. But if you know how to work him it benefits you. Look at Liddell, Griffin, Hughes, Hardy, Florian. Look at the gigs these guys have now.

  • Gary Fredericks

    2014 Rampage back to the UFC is very UN-exciting news.

  • BobGyro

    should have gone with one fc dude