Rampage Jackson Hopes for UFC Release After Latest Fallout

March 11, 2012

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson’s rage after his last loss in the UFC has continued via Twitter, with his latest rant asking for his release from the promotion.

Last week, Jackson stated that he had one fight left with the UFC and then he was moving onto another fight promotion.

Now, Jackson’s rant has moved onto the UFC’s pay scale and saying they took away his love of fighting after his 2008 fight against Forrest Griffin.

“Well I’m hoping the UFC just let me go so I can do my thang,” Jackson wrote on his Twitter page. “They took my love of fighting after the Forrest fight.”

Jackson also attacked the UFC’s pay scale when comparing it to boxing, stating that they are making billions and the fighters aren’t getting the right percentage of the returns.

“The UFC makes billions off of us all over the world, and pay us chump change,” Jackson said. “Boxers are boring but make buckets of money. Think!”

In previous interviews, UFC President Dana White has said that he knows Jackson gets angry and upset after his fights and sometimes says things that he doesn’t necessarily mean.

The UFC’s head honcho did say he spoke to Jackson at length last week, but didn’t reveal the nature of the conversation if the former Pride star was actually on his way out of the promotion, or if this was just post fight anger.

Jackson has never been one to hold his tongue before or after a fight, but this latest statement has continued even weeks after his loss to Ryan Bader at UFC 144 so there’s no telling how this ongoing saga will end.

Will the UFC listen to Rampage and actually consider releasing him?

It’s doubtful due to Rampage’s drawing power and tendencies to be angry or upset after a tough loss, but time will tell if Jackson will continue to be a UFC fighter or pursue interests in another fight promotion when it’s all said and done.

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  1. Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out.

    • +1 It has become apparent that he lost his desire a long time ago. Get him out and bring in more young talent who want to be there.

    • + 2

      Rampage is a very poor loser. It’s also very obvious that he isn’t hungry to fight anymore, he didn’t even come close to making weight or put up much of a fight against Bader.

      Loss to Forrest- psychotic episode, wreckless driving, etc

      Loss to Bader- twitter tantrums, public whining….

      He has the talent to hang with the best, the mental game to lose to B-level fighters and the personality to make money doing other things.

      Please mnove on Rampage, it would be better than alienating fans, which is what has been happening for a long time. Go fight James Toney, I won’t buy it, but I’m sure some idiots will.

  2. lol lost his love for fighting after losing and then getting less money, it would be funny though to see him getting paid about $2000 if he tried boxing like all the other low level boxers out there. only FOOLS don’t know that in boxing all the money goes to the main fight and if you look at the pay on the rest of and big boxing card you will see they get paid less than ufc fighter on the prelim’s. or he can try acting………oh yeah that didn’t pay either

  3. How would you know what offers he’s received in boxing? For all anyone knows he’s been given a large $$$ offer from a boxing promoter to box in the HW division. This particular division in boxing has been rather lackluster since Tyson ruled it and I think Rampage’s power and fan base would be a welcome addition to it. Don’t really like it when keyboard warriors with little fight knowledge talk shit about any fighter, in any sport. Any man willing to get in a cage or a ring and risk health and reputation in front of millions is a stud and deserves better than I see written above this. I’m a former boxer and know a thing or two about the sport and the people that involve themselves in it.

    • Rampage’s training woes are going to persist into the boxing world if he goes there.

    • you new to the internet?

    • Your totally right.This new generation of MMA”Fans”have no respect for the fighter.All they wanna see is fighters getting knocked out unconscious,get their Arms and legs broken or just get hurt and bloody.Sick of these ppl.Rampage is right the majority of fighters get payd less then 5o grand/fight Rampage is one of the top drawing fighters and gets payed 100000 for a fight?That’s a Joke a boxer of his calibre makes millions even tens of million and fights once a year.Of course fighters like Anderson Silva and GSP get the majority of their money from Advertisements and their own companies but even they are still underpayed coz a Boxing Champ will make 15-30 million for a titlefight,So i Totally get what Rampage saying!Plus Rampage was one of the guys who helped make MMA what it is today and he seen guys like Dana White gettin filthy rich on his sweat and Blood Sure he’ll be pissed off!!!CHEERS MY FRIEND

  4. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya !!!!

  5. I like Rampage less with every comment and that sucks. He complains about money, but we all know that his real problem is he knows he cant be champion again. If he was winning he wouldnt be whining.

  6. i bet you hes upset because the ufc probably wanted to cut his pay..the ufc usually try to cut your pay when you lose..they wanted to cut werdum pay in half after the lost to jds..so be bounced.. contract says rampage cant talk bout negotiation but i bet that would probably be it..

  7. Rampage is not even a top 20 fighter at 205! Dana should let him go before he can talk anymore shit! He is way past his prime. Bye bye rampage go try boring ass boxing you can only punch anyways.

    • Not top 20? Really? Name 20 LHWs that would beat rampage

      • Ryan Bader
        Jon Jones
        Rashad Evans
        Forrest Griffin
        Luiz Cane
        Phil Davis
        Alexander Gustafsson
        Dan Henderson
        Lyoto Machida
        Anthony Perosh
        Thiago Silva
        James Te Huna
        Gegard Mousasi
        Muhammed Lawal
        Rafael Cavalcante
        Christian M’Pumbu
        Vinny Magalhaes
        Mike Kyle
        Stephan Bonnar

        • I suggest if you ever expect to be taken seriously you not post such blatantly biased garbage. Your list reaks of a sad, pathetic hater.

        • You need to kill yourself if you think Mike Kyle would ever beat Rampage in an MMA fight. Hoooooly christ. You oughta be trollin this article.

          • Kyle would train for the fight. Same can’t be said for Quinton.

  8. Does anyone care whether Jackson leaves the UFC, I think he would be doing them a favour! I think he has been lacklustre in his last few fights and his heart can’t be in it – just look how much he missed weight by last time. Yes he has been great for the sport, but this dog has had his day. There are plenty of fighters to now fill his place, the sport has evolved and he hasn’t that is why he has looked so ordinary since he has been in the UFC.

  9. You guys are quick to suck Dana’s dick.
    From the safety of your desktops, you worship people you don’t even know. Rampage sure has, been there and done that, who better to complain, someone with actual experience.
    He is not alone, complaining of low wages.

  10. Rampage is a spoiled, ungrateful little ghetto bitch. What would he have done with his life without MMA and the UFC, been a punk criminal that’s what. How much was he making in Pride? Not nearly as much as he’s made in the UFC. He showed off his house and all of his cars in a video interview, he looks like he’s doing okay, no doubt he’s a multimillionaire, unless he wasted it all and didn’t invest.

    Dana has been very forgiving with crybaby Rampage. Rampage was involved in a high-speed, hit-and-run car chase with police, like something you see on Cops. He should have gone to prison and lost his UFC employment, but no doubt Dana had something to do with the case being dismissed and bringing him back to fight. Rampage is lucky he has what he has.

    • He’s got a lot of kids all over the world to pay child support to though.

  11. Blah

    Good riddance, Quinton!

    I sure hope they do release your ass. You ain’t nothing but an ignorant bully anyways. So get lost!

    Bring in some fresh talent now. Somebody who HAS DESIRE.

  12. If rampage only has one fight left then he needs to train his ass off and fight like his moniker suggests he would. Leave the sport on a high note.

  13. Ummm, Rampage isn’t UFC quality anyways. Good bye and good riddance. Go back to roidland Japan where they won’t care if you weigh in heavy and don’t train.

    • well i would rather watch fights they put on in japan than in the us. Pride was way better and more entertaining than the ufc and mma here in the states.

  14. I was a Rampage fan ,until I saw the ultimate fighter he coached against Rashad in. All he did was tease and goof on the kids trying to win the show. A joke here, and there is fine, but he didnt quit and came off like nothing but a bully–I got sick of him fast. He sure loved sucking Kimbo’s d@#k though. Looked like he fell in love–That series along with Rampages fighting not to lose instead trying to kill somebody like he did in his Pride days was enough for me to write him off after TUF—this guy is a waste–good luck with your boxing career–in two years expect pulling up to the Mc Donalds drive through to the tune of “Welcome to McDonalds, my name is Quinton, may I take your order please?”

  15. Quinton Jackson might have been born in United States but “Rampage” was conceived in Japan.

    He must return to the island nation and re-invent himself there, live there, win there, and be happy.
    Thanks for all the great fight memories, bro.

  16. I agree with Rampage he should leave the UFC and sign to do “The B Team part 2” No doubt that they will pay him the millions that he is worth!

  17. i think that they should release Rampage, for the sole fact that he is asking for it.i also disagree with the fact that he is on a tirade about the pay scale. Not many people can go to work and make 6 figures in a 8 week time frame with training time. i know that I have to work for years to make that kinda scratch. All things aside.. he’s a fighter. It’s what he wanted at some point in his life. It was his choice to fight for a living.So pay is a negoation that he should work on with his boss in private. I have always enjoyed watching Rampage,i’m not his biggest fan, but for the most part he was fun to watch.(excluding his fight with Rashad)lol. So on that note if he turns to boxing…IF I don’t think he will enjoy that too much either..

  18. People need to understand that only the top 1-5 percen tof boxers make the kind of money rampage is talking about. In mma the wealth is spread around to all of the fighters not just the top scale guys. It’s great that journeyman fighters can make 20,000 – 40,000 dollars per fight as opposed to the 5,000-10,000 they would make boxing. No one makes mayweather money, but nearly all of the UFC’s fighters can provide for their families. In my opinion if rampage goes into boxing, he might get one or two decent paydays before he’s exposed, he couldn’t hang with the upper echelon of pro boxers. It’s probably a safer bet that he’ll fight fedor and then end up in India’s new Super Fight League.

  19. Jackson is a fighter who knows he is done! I’m convinced half of his weight class could work him out and beat him. MMA is a lot more than boxing and slamming now, it has moved on so much in the past 5 years that he hasn’t got anywhere to go in the UFC. He has stood still and been left behind, he couldn’t even be arsed to make weight on the event in Japan he begged to go to – this says it all. He is crying poverty when he has sponsors and a good UFC contract that other fighters would dream of. Cut him now before he does anymore damage to MMA and UFC. I don’t just sit on my computer I have also been to 10 UFC live events, but we are all entitled to our opinions!

  20. What would happen if Quinton Jackson threw a tantrum and nobody cared?

    • MMAweekly would shut down

  21. IM a huge Rampage fan. Sorry things r not working out for u. Hopefully they let u out of your contract and u will get into something better. Stay postive and big things will happen!!!!