Rampage Jackson Eyes Heavyweight Fights for Bellator, Movies for Paramount

June 5, 2013
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Quinton 'Rampage' JacksonThe news broke on Tuesday that Bellator MMA, in combination with TNA Wrestling and Spike TV, had signed UFC and Pride veteran Quinton “Rampage” Jackson to a multi-faceted, multi-year contract.

The deal encompasses mixed martial arts competition for Bellator, professional wrestling for TNA, and various movie and media opportunities via Spike and parent company Viacom.

Rampage fielded questions from the media on Wednesday, saying that the deal has renewed his passion for fighting, and added that he is considering fighting for Bellator at heavyweight.

He had been competing at 205 pounds in his final days with Pride FC and during his UFC tenure.

“I’m not gonna lie. I lost a lot of love for MMA when I was back in the UFC,” Rampage declared. “This new deal, it’s got me so excited. It brought the love back.

“I finally got the love back and I’m thinking about going to heavyweight because I’m older now.”

He’ll turn 35 years of age on June 20.

“I think heavyweight would be a good move because I like the big guys. I think I’d be faster than them. I don’t mind trying to knock out some big guys.”

The details about when, who, and where he will begin his Bellator tenure remain on the table. Rampage is still rehabilitating a knee injury, adding that Bellator isn’t pressing him to get in the cage before he is healthy.

He will, however, start taking immediate advantage of other facets of the deal.

Spike TV president Kevin Kay said that Rampage will appear on the Guys Choice Awards on June 12 on the network, and that they’ve already started pursuing movie options.

“Another big benefit of being with Spike in the Viacom family is we have a great relationship with Paramount Pictures and we took Rampage over there to meet with those guys,” said Key. “They’re excited to work with him and we’re developing a script with Rampage on some movie ideas.”

Rampage will also make an appearance on Thursday night’s edition of Impact Wrestling, TNA’s weekly program on Spike TV.

After going through a developmental program, Rampage will eventually perform as a pro wrestler for TNA, aside from guest appearances to promote his MMA bouts and other roles.

Expect to hear much more from Rampage as the various facets of his new deal come to fruition in the weeks and months ahead.

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  • solo

    Good for Quinton!

  • adice89

    Yeah seriously. This guy is a money making machine!! Cant knock a mans hustle. Too be honest I think he will do ok. Id still like to see him and king mo go at it. Thats a huge draw in itself. The people who say he sucks and hes always unmotivated, why dont you try getting in the cage? These are the same couch potatoes who eat chips all day and wont do any pushups because “they dont have time”! These are the same people on here who say fighters shouldve done this and that. Get punched in the face a few times than talk some s*** about a former champ.

    • bajafox

      People who say that also didn’t choose fighting as a profession. We will see how motivated the “new” Rampage is.

      • adice89

        Just a few questions for you. What makes you think a fighter is unmotivated? Because they are slow and tired in fights? Hve you ever been in a actual fight on the street from a confrontation you had? I bet the first minute you were out of breath, more like 30 seconds.

        Now picture this these fighters have an 8 week training camp and have to fight for 15-25 mins. GOODNESS SAKE DO YOU THINK THEY ARE UNHUMAN? Reality man, reality!

        • Baller31

          If a fighter is slow and tired in a fight, then he did not train properly. They train year round, not just 8 weeks. They train for a specific opponent for 8 wks, and train to peak at the time of the fight. Losing a fight is nothing against a fighter, but there is no reason a professional athlete should show up for a match out of shape. Not speaking about Rampage specifically, just to the comment about tired fighters.

          • adice89

            True. BUT at the same time alot of people tend to forget that these fighters still live and breath air and think these fighters are not superhuman. Just because you train year around does not mean you can take an unexpected shot to the ribs or get your eye socket punched in and not slow down a bit. Its foolish to think that.

        • bajafox

          Uhm, because he said so? Lol

          He lost the love for MMA aka lost motivation.

    • melody jones

      Cmon, your probably the biggest couch potato here. Rampage became boring , predictable and continued to lose. Only an idiot would py money to see an unmotivated ex champ lose and lose boringly. Oh or maybe a WWE fan like yourself might also. No one wants to deny rampage a job but only a fool would pay to watch a fighter fight who has no desire to beat and be the best. Your comments show your a child either in age or mind or both.

      • adice89

        wow seriously man? Do i really need to show my credentials to a poster on the internet? Get a life idiot. You know nothing about fighting. Your just an expert at combat sports though, correct? You can solve and know every game plan for a fighter. Matt serra said it best ” expert swimmer who never got in a pool”. Now im not saying im a mma fighter but im the furthest thing from a couch potato. Oh btw i really dislike wwe and fake wrestling, why would you say im a wwe fan? OH YEAH YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT ME TOO! I FORGOT! lMAO

        • fsunoles10

          by that same token somebody could come back at you with that do i need to show my credentials stuff cuz i mean you did question everyones ability to stay active. i agree with you on rampage but dont be getting all high and mighty on the comment sections of a mma site.

        • ned sto

          Time to get off of your high horse bro.

      • Baller31

        Why are you hating on WWE fans? Yes, WWE is fake, but those dudes are some serious stuntmen.

      • haaah

        Seriously fighters are human also. Your comment is just sad.. an attempt to belittle someone.. Tell me melody jones what have you done with your life? Are you famous in real life? No just like me you will be forgotten. Were both losers commenting on forums. Lol

        It like this rampage, isn’t doing great as he used to. Hes older.. he turning 35. I’m the biggest rampage fan ever since pride. But lately he just well sucks. Due to old age he lost his speed, explosiveness, Lack heart and determination.. Still as a fighter have a granite chin. Personality wise outside and inside the cage has the charisma that make people hate or like him.. Which may be perfect for wrestling. But still no one can deny he was a legend whom as his peak beat up chuck liddel when he was on a role in the UFC. He doesn’t have to beat the best of the best anymore. MMA is evolving it up to the young fighters now.

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      I agree, I love when people say they don’t work out because they don’t have time. Classic line.

  • debo

    hell yea fight at hw that would be awesome haha

  • Bellator has talented fighters but honestly if Rampage is training hard and is actually motivated to do well and not just make money fighting he will steam roll guys over there, even the HW’s. IMO.

    • Joe

      I completely agree, Rampage is probably the best fighter on the roster if he wants it again

      • For sure. Talk about experience. He’s fought all over the world and against big names.

    • Baller31

      That’s probably why he’s going to heavyweight…the division is light on talent…plus no more dieting and cutting weight. Sounds like a great plan for him.

      • That was my first though exactly. No weight cutting, just train and have a huge advantage in experience.

    • Timothy Malone

      He actually stands a better chance at heavyweight. The light heavyweight division has talented grapplers.

      • Let’s see how motivated and excited he is since he won’t have to cut weight. He can just train and fight. No diet, no weight cut.

    • Cptmats

      I Think Rampage is the biggest under achiever in the History of MMA ! If he could have stayed motivated and dedicated he could have been champ for a long time.

      • When he first came over I was so pumped. He beat Liddell and he did defend his title against Henderson. He blames the UFC but I think he may have put in enough time in the sport. He’s been fighting a long time.

  • BobGyro

    GOOD for you Quinton hope there will be another A team aswell

  • Truth

    Rampage doesn’t have the acting chops to be a lead in any movie. He can succeed as a minor or side character such as in The A Team.

    • Baller31

      Agree. And I wasn’t too impressed with him as B.A….definitely nowhere near as good as Mr. T

  • aj

    lol, adice89 is an idiot.

  • ned sto

    Rampage vs Kongo

  • Sir_Roy

    Had Quintin had a GSP work ethic, he could have held onto the title till Jones came around the block IMHO – and even then, who knows. There. I said it. I think he had those kinds of tools and that kind of “latent” talent. Rashad, Machida, Shogun, and certainly Forrest … I think he could have staved all of them off.

    Certainly the physical genetics to be great were there (one of the physically strongest at 205lbs with a granite chin). So yeah, as we all know and are saying herein, he lacked the drive, and this by his own admission. Heck, even unmotivated he gave the top guns, all of them, a run for their money.

    I don’t think he ever had the egoic need to be recognized as “the best” which, in part, explains his lack of “heart”. I think he’s the type of fighter that worked to live (and play) and didn’t live to work. He wanted the big paycheck and then to go out and play. And money can only motivate one so much in the fight game …

  • BobLemons

    As much as I think Rampage can be a real idiot, this is a great move for himself and for fans. The best Bellator talent is in the lighter divisions, Rampage should have fun there. He should get to finish his career with some highlight wins and possibly beat Volkov for the belt. He’ll retire with a better record than he would at the UFC and the fans get some fun fights.


    Rampage.. you ar enot going to HW because you are older, but because you are lazy and lack discipline of an elite athlete !!!