Rampage Gets Wish, Faces Ryan Bader in Japan

November 24, 2011
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Ryan Bader vs Quinton Rampage Jackson

Ryan Bader and Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson gets his wish after all.

The former light heavyweight champion will travel to Japan for UFC 144 and face former “Ultimate Fighter” winner Ryan Bader.

Sources confirmed the fight to MMAWeekly.com and UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta later confirmed the fight to ESPN.com.

For months, former light heavyweight champion Rampage has been lobbying to fight in Japan, a country he spent several years competing in while under the Pride Fighting Championships banner.

Jackson shot to stardom during his time with Pride, having some of his best performances there with wins over fighters like Chuck Liddell and Ricardo Arona.

Now, Jackson returns to Japan for the first time since 2006 when he defeated Dong Sik Yoon by unanimous decision at Pride 31.

Facing Jackson at UFC 144 will be former “Ultimate Fighter” winner Ryan Bader, who got back on the winning track in his last fight after suffering a two fight skid.

Bader made quick work of Jason Brilz at UFC 139, knocking out the Nebraska native early in the first round. He has a new head coach in New Mexico based trainer Tom Vaughn, and has stated that he will continue to evolve as he progresses in his UFC career.

Now he gets another major test against a former light heavyweight champion.

Jackson vs. Bader is expected to be a marquee fight on the UFC 144 fight card in Japan, but no formal announcement from the UFC has come about the placement for the bout on the show.

Currently the lightweight title fight between Frankie Edgar and Benson Henderson headlines the card taking place on Feb. 26 at Saitama Super Arena in Japan.

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  • Wow really didn’t see this coming, bader needs this win

    • MrAdidas

      Yeah – too bad he aint going to get it! Bader does’nt need the win, he’s figthing a former Champ. Bader lost to Tito, not sure how he expects to beat Rampage! Considering Rampage has not been KO’d in forever & no way Bader is the next one to do it (unless he does what everyone else is doing lately…. catch Rampage behind the ear). Rampage will not getting taken down by Bader, nor will he KO or submit Rampage, so how in the hell is he going to win this fight?!? The only way Bader can win is by decision & aint NO WAY Rampage is going to lose a decision in Japan.

      • adunners

        you dont think bader can take down rampage… ok. Its not like Bader isnt one of the best wrestlers in the 205lb division. But hey to each their own.

        Rampage will have to win this on the feet. Because Bader will take him down and wear him out. I agree that he wont get the decision in Japan since Rampage has only lost their by tkos and subs. So unless ramp takes him out on the feet. I see this as Bader by submission.

        • phrankthetank

          You seem to forget that rampage also has a strong wrestling pedigree. Also, he has had as much success as he has in his career for the same reason chuck Liddell did, he uses his wrestling to stuff takedowns and keep the fight standing. Bader is not going to be able to impose his will as easily as you think.

          • MrAdidas

            TY – nicely said! Adunners – I know Bader has good wrestling but not to the extent of Rampages TDD. I honestly cannot see Bader winning this fight, unless he gets a “lucky” punch behind Rampages ear. (IMHO) But like you said Adunners: “To each their own”

      • ppaes

        Hey.. Rampage got ko’d some times already. shogun, wand.. pride times. japan! I really miss that time when soccer kicks and stomps were allowed. now the fighter has to ground&pound.. the only thing that I dont like in UFC.

        • Cptmats

          Shogun did not KO Rampage, He barely hurt him. Rampage had a bad knee got his rib broke by Shogun and was just coming off his second loss to Wandy. He was never into the fight in the first place and just gave up. In his first loss to Silva he took 17 knees and still didn’t go down untill the ref pried them apart when it was stopped. Rampage has a cinder block for a head, I can’t see bader hurting him, As for Bader, we all saw how easily Tito rocked him, he better hope Rampage doesn’t touch him. Alot of People seem to forget how easily Rampage out Wrestled Hendo as well.
          Don’t think Bader has much of a chance here. I think Rampage is the #2 LHW in the world.

          • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

            Very few fighters are ever 100% when they fight. Bringing up an injury after you lose is just making excuses. If you bring up injury after you win, then it’s just evidence that you’re a badass. Everyone comes into the fight injured to some degree. You can bet that Shogun wasn’t 100% either. You can make excuses for Quinton till doomsday, but Shogun kicked the crap out of him and yes he KO’d him.

            Outwrestling Dan Henderson might have been a big deal 12 years ago, but today even Shogun is doing it. Hendo won that fight standing and striking, Shogun stuffed all but 1 takedown attempt, and scored 4 successful takedowns of his own. Dan Henderson is a punch first, wrestle second fighter these days. That said, rounds 1 to 3, Hendo unquestionably out-wrestled Rampage. End tally, Hendo had 3 takedowns to Rampage’s 2. I’m sayin if Hendo can do it, why not Bader? Bader is more wrestling-focused, as well as bigger and stronger than Henderson. Sure Rampage is more likely to win, but counting Bader out is ridiculous.

          • Cptmats

            Shogun didn’t come any where near KOing Rampage and to say he did is just silly. Rampage even stated After the fight he had no desire to fight SHogun in the first place and wasn’t sure if he wanted to fight at all anymore. He was only there because he had a contract to fufill . A prime motivated Rampage is a far better fighter than Shogun !

  • NdTclockWerk

    adidas i had to make an account just to tell you, your a god damn looney toon if you think “rampage will not get takin down by bader” :/

    • MrAdidas

      BAHAHAHAHAHA – yeah we’ll see! I’ll keep you in mind for when they fight & then comeback & let me know how you feel! I think your a Bader nut hugger if you think Bader will be able to take Rampage down easily – Rampage has been fighting FOREVER & he has been barely on his back or taken down, Rampage is ALOT like Chuck – Grest wrestling especially take down defense, but never used it b/c they LOVE to strike! We’ll see Clock JERK!

      • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

        Chuck Liddell threw a lot of kicks. Rampage almost never throws kicks. Two very different fighters IMHO.

        • Cptmats

          wow have you ever watch a MMA fight before ? Chuck and Rampage are like the same fighter except Rampage has a ton more skill !

  • MikeMc1983

    Wow, on the topic of rampage fighting Bonnar there were people talking about rampage getting crushed.
    Now he’s fighting Bader and the arguements I made for rampage kinda go out the window. I would think that Bader should have the strength and ability to take rampage down. I’m not saying he will, but he has a much better shot than Bonnar. Rampage has a pretty good chin, but Bader does have enough power to catch anyone. I still pick rampage, but Bader has the ability to get a knockout or, takedown and grind. Much more dangerous fight for rampage though. Could be fun to watch.
    (I do understand that it’s not the same people commenting on the possiable Bonnar fight, and the Bader fight. I’m not implying it is the same people commenting.)

  • bdono554

    If Tito a guy who cant box his way out of a wet paper bag can wobble Bader What do you think Jackson is going to do?

    • phrankthetank

      Anyone can get caught. It’s not as though Tito boxed Nader into oblivion and then knocked him out, he crushed him with one shot.

      • phrankthetank

        Bader…. Don’t know how autocorrect got me on that one

      • RubeKegal

        Listen damnit!! Rampage is fighting Ryan Bader, Not Ralph Nader!!

  • KBEsq

    I really think it’s crazy to think Bader cannot win this fight. Both fighters have had some highly questionable losses (actually, Rampage has had many more questionable losses, as Bader has only had one, and it could be attributed to just “getting caught”) Keep in mind, Tito is still no joke. He points this out himself, and I think it’s legitimate, that in his string of losses, he was facing all top competition, AND they were close fights, AND he never got finished. That counts for something.

    I actually think Bader WILL win this fight, but the point I am making is based upon both fighters’ pasts, this is not a fight I would be SO confident about insulting people for having an opinion one way or the other. The only thing worth of insult is the unwarranted confidence in one fighter over another.

    • MrAdidas

      The only reason Rampage gas more “questionable” losses than Bader is b/c Rampage gas been fighting for years & how many fights does Bader have under his belt? Bader has 15 fights (13W-2L) & only 7 of which are in the UFC – Compare that to Rampages resume…. Rampage has 41 fights 32W-9L. With almost triple the amount of fights Rampage has over Bader, IMHO your comment about Rampage losing more “questionable” fights is like comparing apples & oranges. I’m not saying anything -ve to you or about you, I just think it’s really hard to compare a “new….er” fighter & a guy who’s been figthing since 1999, in regards to who lost more questionable fights.

      I’m not a Rampage fan, I honestly think Bader has a very very small chance of winnig, after seing Rampage Vs Jones, I was impressed by Rampage’s performance. Considering I thought Rampage was done in two Rounds, though I would have like to have seen Jones take Rampage down earlier in the fight to see if he could have submitted Rampage sooner.

      BTW: I’m not sure if Bader would have the “strength” advantage over Rampage like many people seem to think he will, I think it’s alot closer than people seem to think it is.

      • KBEsq

        I don’t think you read my entire comment on this, or understood it. I actually came to the same conclusion you did. I only mentioned Rampage’s questionable losses to show that this fight is not predictable, NOT to compare them to Bader’s questionable loss. I thought it was unwarranted that someone mentioned Bader’s loss to Tito as evidence that Bader could absolutely not win this fight. My only point was to say that Rampage has lost to some pretty questionable opponents too, so to be so confident is unwarranted.

        Please read the entire comment before you comment.

  • Prodigy815

    For anyone who thinks Bader can beat Rampage i want what you’re smoking

    • MrAdidas

      LOL – LMAO

    • KBEsq

      That’s such a freaking crazy comment. Rampage has had some VERY unimpressive losses, and victories for that matter.

      To say someone is “smoking” something because they think Bader can win the fight? You’re smoking something.

    • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

      A lot of people said the same thing about Rampage vs Forrest Griffin, Rampage vs Rashad Evans and Rampage vs Jon Jones. How did those turn out for Quinton?

      Anyone saying that Rampage is unbeatable is crazy. Anyone saying that a revitalized Ryan Bader can’t possibly beat him is likewise delusional.

  • adunners

    I hear you guys on Ramps TDD. Which is excellent. But I dont know if this Ramp at this age, with declining cardio and skillset will be able to fend off a 3x PAC-10 champion wrestler who is young and needs a win.

    But you gotta give respect to people where it is due. I agree completely that Ramp has the power in his fists to end it quickly. I just have a feeling with how slow and lethargic he has been looking in his last 4 fights that he is going to get taken down and sub’ed.

    Eitherway I am now more excited for the Japan card. This fight and the Ben Henderson v. Edgar fight have got me amped.

  • Rampage is a way better wrestler than bader. You guys have to know anything about wrestling before you talk. Plus, Rampage is accustomed to fighting in Japan, which Bader is not. No way Rampage is losing in Japan. I say this is the fight where Rampage should retire and go out as a winner, with lots of cash!!!!!!!!!!

    • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

      You come to the conclusion that Quinton Jackson is “a way better wrestler” than Ryan Bader … how exactly?

  • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

    Well it’s an interesting match up. Anyone’s guess who the better wrestler is. Bader has better credentials and Rampage has neglected that part of his game until very recently. I’d have to give a slight edge to Ryan Bader in this area.

    In his last 8 fights, Bader has won 6 and lost 2. He’s knocked out 3 fighters in that stretch: Jason Brilz, Keith Jardine and Vinny Magalhães.

    In Rampage’s last 8 fighters, he’s won 5 and lost 3. He’s been in with a bit higher level of competition than Bader on average, but Rampage the legendary KO artist has only KO’d the post-Pride version of Wanderlei Silva that tends to get knocked out a lot. Sorry but it’s hard to be impressed by that KO.

    Rampage has the better chin without question. Anyone’s guess who hits harder, but that’s not really the issue. Ryan Bader has been putting his power shots on guys and Quinton hasn’t because he’s too predictable. Quinton has better boxing but Bader has a more diverse striking game that Rampage including such things as kicks.

    Don’t be too surprised if this is the most boring fight of the night. Slight edge to Rampage. If you can hurt your opponent and not be hurt yourself, then all else being equal, you win. But don’t count Bader out. He’s a lot better than people give him credit for.

  • Mike Perryman

    You can’t count anyone out at this level of the UFC. I hope Rampage can pull an impressive win out of this trip to Japan.

  • NdTclockWerk

    i dont have time for you adidas lol if your mad cause i called you out on your retarded remark thats ok 🙂
    maybe you should think b4 you say things but its just your idiotic opinion.
    i never once said bader would take rampage down easily, or did i even say i liked bader to win in this fight, so who is the nut hugger now? get off rampages ****….
    ill ttyl when rampage is on his back 🙂