Rampage Doesn’t Want to be a Part of the UFC

March 12, 2012
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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has been the talk of the town since losing to Ryan Bader at UFC 144 in Japan. He’s brought up TRT usage, a knee injury leading up to his fight with Bader, and wanting to be done with the UFC.

Rampage on Monday did an extensive phone interview with Inside MMA’s Bas Rutten.

He talked at length about TRT usage and drug abuse, the knee injury that he felt hampered him in his fight with Bader, and also flatly stated that he wished he didn’t have one more fight on his UFC contract, he wants out.

“I don’t want to be with them no more,” Rampage stated. “I think that slavery is done.”

Check out Rampage’s explosive interview with Bas Rutten…

  • bigmike19581962

    Who needs him? He refuses to grow as a fighter. He hardly trains for his fights. He blames everybody else for his problems. He blasted commentators for saying “mean things” about him. Their job is to report the truth, not idolize him. His performance in Japan was a joke.Let him go make money elsewhere. LOL Bellator? Sad to see him fall this far but he needs to look in the mirror.

    • Mario

      I completely agree!


      Pretty pretty PLEEEEASE…. release me NOW instead of after ONE MORE FIGHT on my contract, because I REALLY REALLY REALLY don’t want to get annihilated by Shogun again!!!!!!!!

  • I am a rampage fan and find it very sad that he acts like this. Has for TRT i have been put on this by my medical doctor and did not even need it extra testosterone in your body will cause havoc on your health.

    I find that rampage is a very good actor, seeing how well he did in the movie the A team, he can continue in this way and get roles in other movies. If he is tired of that whole MMA thing then he can honor is contract with UFC (don’t bite the hands that feed you) finish is last fight and just leave.

    He is not done has a fighter, he got some left in him. But if he lost the will to fight and train then he wont show up at its best.

  • Towers66

    UFC should let him loose of his contract. Guarantee Quinton will fade away as soon as he leaves. He is over the hill, disloyal, arrogant and he will never be more than a gate keeper at best. Unfortunately, people still want to watch this one dimensional poor sport compete. So I’m sure UFC heads are not letting him go that quick, he does still have PPV draw power. If he only fights one more time in the UFC before his “PRO BOXING(HAAHAHAHAHAHA)” career starts, I would like to see Matyushenko or Gustaffson (i don’t think either of those names are spelled correctly)beat the living hell out of him for a going away present.

  • adam1848

    Cut him. He is one dimensional and has nothing left to offer the sport. Later Rampage…have fun doing commercials and guest staring on B rate TV shows. And by the way, slaves didn’t get paid…Page made $250,000 for hardly showing up. If the dude is so concerned about money, making weight and winning is a good place to start.

    • tsszaltax

      When he was making weight and winning he wasnt crying at all about making money. Ive said for a while now he’s not top 10 material. What 2 finishes hes got in the UFC were against 2 past their prime people in Liddell and Wandy. Everything else has been decisions. Oh, and the Jardine and Machida fight both could have easily been losses which would put his record at an impressive 5-6……..

      • Cptmats

        Your an Idiot ! He’s just not into it anymore ! A prime motivated Rampage is still the #2 LHW in the world.

        • Lesnardo

          Umm…you mean #2 after Shogun???? But Jones is #1…hmm…so prime Rampage is at best #3???

          Anyway, you make no sense.

          Rampage was never a Knock out artist like Chuck or Cro Cop (or JDS or Overeem now).

          Yes, and Rampage’s most relevant wins are those against Chuck and Wandy.

          Prime Rampage is top 5 at best.

  • dathump

    I understand where rampage is coming from. He has never been a fan of the UFC, he’s here because the UFC bought out everyone else worth fight for. But take his PPV against Jones. 400000 PPV viewers @49.95 = 19.8 million, add 2 million gate, subtract 1.2million fighter payroll and bonuses.
    So if i were rampage and seen the UFC made 20.6 million + off me ( i am sure sponsers cover the cost of the event) and paid me $400000, I would be in the same boat, release me and let me make movies. live off the name beacuse really, 13 years and 32 pro fights its pretty easy to say I’m done

    • Lesnardo

      Obviously some people here don’t understand that.

      Is Rampage a multimillionaire athlete who can buy mansions anytime he wants like Manny and Floyd? No.

      But can he live comfortably? Probably. I am sure he has at least $1million saved up by now. Lucky for him, he can do other things to make a living. He can star in random movies or open up his own gym like Randy.

      In any case he doesn’t have to fight anymore to make a living. And yes, MMA fighters are slaves.

    • fitefan

      I don’t think those numbers are exactly correct. Doesn’t Rampage get a % of the PPV money? Didn’t Jones? that bumps up the fighter pay roll past 1.2 million. I recall reading GSP making close to 5 million with the PPV bonus added in.

      And your assumption that Rampage was a 20.6 million dollar draw is severely flawed. You give Jones no credit for being a draw?
      And the other part of that argument is that the PPV would have been 0, zilch, nada if it was just one fight. Rampage vs Jones. There is some value to the rest of the main card fighters.
      I don’t think anyone is going to cough up 50 bucks to see 1 fight. And no, you can’t stack the card with any bunch of nobodys to fill it up either. Main card fighters are not a dime a dozen. They may not be the main event, but they are part of the draw, Just like the Japan show where Rampage helped contribute to the draw of Frankie vs Henderson.

  • browill70

    The question is if Rampage had won his last fight, would he still be having this conversation?

    • Lesnardo

      I don’t know.

      I mean, he is almost done right? He only has rematches left. Rampage vs Shogun/Machida/Rashad IIs.

      Of course, he knows that he can’t beat Jones.
      Rampage has enough money to live comfortably.

  • TKD

    What a douche bag this guy has become. I am a fan of Rampage, but how does he have the balls to complain after not making weight, and still losing the last fight? Let’s put aside the notion that he may be right about not being paid enough. You still have to follow thru on your contract and make weight. He was not only overweight, he lost the fight.

    Anyone that defends this guy is out of their mind too. He should be a tad bit grateful that he has the opportunities that he has in his life. Nothing is perfect, and of course the UFC has it’s issues, but get serious. Try to make weight and win a few fights before bitching and moaning all the time. It makes your argument a lot more credible when you are arguing and winning. He comes off as such a b*tch!

    By the way, he may still be in the UFC, but he hasn’t truly fought for quite some time now!

    Cut that p*ssy and let’s get on with guys that want a real chance at winning!

    • Lesnardo

      Oh please. If if Rampage had made weight and won, some people here will still criticize him for “running away” from the UFC.

      • TKD

        I can only speak for myself, and not every other fan. All I am saying is this… When Rampage wins he doesn’t seem to bitch and moan. There’s always something new to moan about right after his losses. Either stay and fight, or quit and don’t. Choices…We all have them.

        • Lesnardo

          But the guy is in his mid 30’s and has been fighting all over the world for 30+ years. He has made enough money to live comfortably so long as he manages the money well.

          We keyboard warriors think of fighers as video game characters. They are human beings and fighting in a steel cage is not the most humane thing a person could do.

          All fighters fight because of money and the love of fighting. While some in it more for the money (the young up and comers and old journeymen that need to support their family), some are in it more for the fighting.

          Try putting yourself in Rampage’s shoes. 13+ years of fighting in front of other people. The physical damage! The fact that the organization you work for pockets 90% of the revenue!

  • FlowWithTheGo

    I’ll tell you why you make less money now. Its because you’re 2-3 in your last 5 fights. You haven’t finished anyone since 2008 & that was a past it Wanderlei. You were a complete joke against Bader, not engaging & throwing 30 strikes to his 109. You were a joke against Jones, not engaging & throwing 24 strikes to his 74. Since 2009 you’ve beaten Matt Hamill & had a controversial win against Machida which even you admit you lost. Add to this the fact that you were arrested for a hit & run, sucked unbelievably as a coach on TUF….twice, blame everyone but yourself, cant take criticism from commentators, you were 11lbs overweight in your last fight & just seem completely uninterested in fighting. I used to be a fan of his but his cry baby attitude & boring fights have changed my opinion.

    • TKD

      I see where you are going with this. I agree with parts of your statement.

  • If they cut him he’ll piss and moan that they abandoned him. Victim mentality…

  • Mars

    Yes Rampage, Boxers make a ton of money per fight. However, as a sport, boxing is a gigantic mess that needs to be completely reset and modeled after the UFC. If it took you this long to realize that the money was in boxing, then perhaps the dumb Rampage you pretend to be on camera isn’t so pretend as Rashad said it was. Nobody wants to fight each other, multiple champions per division, and corrupt promoters. Have fun. Just shut up, fight Tito in a retirement match and move on. Oh by the way, your recent cribs style tour on inside UFC makes me think you aint strapped for cash homey. Nice sexual harassment with cameras rolling on the ring girl host too. Brilliant.

    • Lesnardo

      Money is NOT in boxing. Top dollar is in boxing but there are more millionaire UFC fighers than boxers.

      Rampage is out of his mind if he thinks he will be the next Roy Jones. And yes, in boxing you have to be #1 to make Manny/Floyd money.

  • markronin

    Rampage is full of it. He can’t take responsibility for his faults, he can’t improve, he talks a lot and never backs it up. The problem is his ego is hurt, he’s going downhill, he can’t even make weight, so this is his way of scapegoating and trying to get out before they cut him.