Rafael Feijao’s Appeal Denied; One-Year Suspension Upheld by California Commission

October 8, 2012
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Former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante‘s appeal to the California State Athletic Commission was denied on Monday.

Following a lengthy meeting between the fighter and his representatives, who were heard before the commission, the commissioners ultimately decided to uphold the one-year suspension first handed down earlier this year.

Cavalcante and his lawyer, along with manager and agent Ed Soares, appeared before the commission to argue their belief that the chain of custody of the sample taken from the fighter was handled incorrectly.

While they did state during the meeting that Cavalcante denies ever taking steroids, their argument with this particular case stemmed from a mishandling of the sample taken from the fighter prior to his bout against Mike Kyle in May 2012.

After a question and answer period and testimonies and rebuttals from all parties involved, the commission ultimately voted unanimously to deny the appeal and uphold the suspension.

Cavalcante’s manager Ed Soares continued to speak after the commission made it’s ruling, but they stated the matter had been heard and they were moving on to other business.

The former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion will now be forced to sit out until May 18, 2013, due to the one-year suspension.

The fighter is also responsible for a $2,500 fine levied against him by the commission from the suspension.

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  • I like Feijao but c’mon at some point the excuses get old. They take an unknown supplement or something. Just man up and take it. Even things sold at general health stores state on the label that it may cause a positive drug test result. Supplements aren’t even FDA regulated. I’m also sick of seeing these legal steroid adds in magazines. With a picture of freaking horse on the label! Are you kidding me? Just eat right, train smart and deal with it. Some machines are built better than others but thats life. No disrespect to him or anyone specific. I’m just saying this is getting out of hand. If I had a fight coming up, I’d test myself to make sure my systems clean. How much garbage are you taking anyway that you can’t keep count or tell the difference? C”mon now.

  • Nobama

    yep usually stuff like that says on the label whether it has a banned substance in it. or atleast alot of the stuff in the health stores and stuff here in jacksonville. f the bears and f nc state