Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson To Face Shogun Rua in Final UFC Fight

March 13, 2012
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Shogun Rua and Rampage Jackson at Pride Grand Prix 2005
Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson will get his wish to leave the UFC, but not without one more fight, and it’s a big rematch.

According to UFC President Dana White via UFC Tonight, they will honor Jackson’s wishes to leave the promotion after he honors the final fight on his contract.

That fight will come later this year against old rival from Pride, Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua.

Jackson has been on the rampage ever since his loss to Ryan Bader at UFC 144 via his Twitter account and then through an interview with Bas Rutten on HDNet’s Inside MMA, where he complained about the matchmaking of Joe Silva as well as the UFC taking away his love of fighting.

He made a lot of noise about exiting the UFC, and after one more fight, his wish will be granted.

Facing Rampage in his final UFC fight will be Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua, who looks to get back on track after his UFC 139 loss to Dan Henderson.

Rua holds a win over Rampage from a fight in 2005 in Pride Fighting Championships when the Brazilian finished the fight with a series of soccer kicks after a punishing performance.

There’s been no date set for Rua vs. Rampage 2, but it’s expected to take place this summer.

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  • rogerdoger


    • Lesnardo

      Before the Hendo fight I would have picked Shogun in a heart beat. The way Shogun clowned Forrest in the rematch was just incredible.

      That is not the case anymore.

      My understanding is that Shogun has taken ALOT of punishment over the years mainly due to his brawler fighting style.

      Let’s just say the rematch will not be a one-sided beat down like the first fight.

  • fitefan

    I’d rather see him fight a new opponent.
    And to hurt his ego a great deal more.
    Put him in with the free pre lims on the undercard and pay him as little as possible.
    And don’t interview him in the octagon post fight, even if he wins.
    Have him escorted out by security after the bout. Just like getting fired from an office job.

  • Towers66

    I agree with fitefan all the way. A new wrestling champ with a few mma fights under his belt coming in to whoop Quinton would be a great way to send him out the door. On the other hand, this fight should be pretty damn good. I’m going to go with Shogun and I’m going to hope for a standing KO finish. Head kick would be so sweet. I think Rampage blowing up on the UFC is just ridiculous. Good luck boxing or going to a small promotion. At least a smaller promotion will give him fights with strikers who are unable to compete at Quintons level. In other words at least he will be able to win some fights for once.

  • Not sure how to feel about this one. Kind of seems like he’s being rewarded with a big fight for his drama queen antics.

    • TKD

      That’s exactly the way I see it too. Of course, if Rampage wins this fight he might ask to stay. If he loses…Well, we all know to expect the cry baby show that will follow!

  • omcclave

    Why don’t they give him James toney? Both could use the money. Can’t wait to read two years from now about rampage filing for bankruptcy. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you especially when you have an IQ of 6. That goes for you to Nick Diaz.

    • MrAdidas


  • Mario

    Diaz may be strange and moody, but no way is he dumb like Rampage. Nick is actually a very smart guy. Rampage on the other hand, is just ignorant and ghetto.

    I hope Shogun kicks his ass!

    • omcclave

      What exactly do you mean by smart? I have not personally sat with nick so I can not 100% diagnose him but in my opinion of seeing videos with him, former teachers, friends,family, training partners ect. it seems that nick suffers from high functioning autism spectrum disorder called Asperger syndrome. His ASD is probably what allows him to have tactile/physical Savantism and be brilliant at MMA. So Mario you are correct he is not stupid, Nick Diaz just appears to have developmental disabilities. So a more proper slang term to call Nick Diaz would be a retard but I hate the contextual baggage that word carries so stupid will have to do.

      • adam1848

        People with autism or aspergers are not stupid. In fact, many are brilliant and simply socially awkward. My wife is a psychiatrist and has more than one colleague with aspergers, and they are far from stupid. I agree, like my son, Nick probably has an ASD, but bringing the guy down for having a psychological abnormality just makes you look like a douche bag. If you have nothing better to do with your time than vent your jealousy online, do a wiki search first, then go for a jog.

  • This is interesting. Not at all what I would have done. I would have put an up-and-comer against Jackson so that he could provide some use by padding a resume if he loses. Rua obviously has nothing to prove in beating Jackson, and if Jackson wins it makes a top fighter look bad as Quinton walks out the door. I guess they just wanted to maximize Rampage’s ppv draw in his final fight instead.


    I use to really like Rampage in PRIDE. When he came to the UFC I was really excited. But as time went on I liked him less and less because of how he acted. Now I can’t stand the friggen guy. All he has done over his time here is hone his whining skills and his being a prick skills. Hopefully someday he will learn you reap what you sow and thats why his fan base has diminished to the point people can’t wait for him to GTFO. Problem is, he is almost in his mid 30s and if hasn’t learned that fundamental fact of life its doubtful he ever will.

  • phrankthetank

    I called that one. Both of them want the rematch, and it has a huge draw. I’m hard pressed to think of another fight with both fighters coming off a loss with as much drawing power as this. Even though rampage is whining right now, the guy deserves the opportunity to go out on a high note. Personally I hope that both of these guys actually train for this fight and just go for it. That being said, I doubt it.

  • dathump

    Ok people, Think about it He’s in his 30’s been fighting professionally for 13 years, has a net worth of over 8 million, he never tried to get into the UFC. The UFC bought pride, Rampage moved to WFA, UFC bought WFA just to get Rampage. So 5 years 11 fights later he he wants to quit his job and try something else and everyone hates on him. How quickly all you morons forget that his last fight before Bader was a title fight and the 4th largest PPV buy making the UFC 20 million and he gave Jones a better fight then Shogun did. I think he is smart for wanting to go out on his terms. If he wasn’t making the UFC money, they wouldn’t hesitate to let him go.

    • Lesnardo

      I don’t think Rampage has a net worth of over 8 million. I think he has about $2 million saved up.

      With the lawsuits, paying trainers, and being a father of more than 5 kids, I doubt Rampage has enough to bling bling until he dies.

      But I agree that after 10+ years of fighting for vultures that take 90% of the revenue, Ramapge wants to quit and do soemthing else like pursuing his acting career, occassionally fighting for smaller orgs against easy opponents on the main card that pays $$$$, and running gyms across the country.

      Vast majority of people would rather be a PGA golfer than an MMA fighter even though the pay is the same.

      • dathump

        Yea, just read that somewhere that his net worth was 8 million, but either way, the UFC isn’t directly responsable for very much of it.

  • KingSlaughter

    LOL the UFC really want rampage to suffer…they should have gave him…griffin or franklin then he would have a chance at winning but they threw shogun at him and now hes gonna retire with a loss

    • Lesnardo

      With Shogun it is always a hit or miss. I doubt the rematch will be as one-sided as their first match.

    • XIRandomHeroIX

      They should have gave him Franklin instead of Shogun

  • This is so smart by the UFC. I can’t think of any other fight for Rampage that will get him more motivated. You guys need to remember the UFC still wants the old Rampage back. They know how big of a draw he can be. If this fight motivates Rampage then maybe just maybe he will change his mind.

  • KBEsq

    I like how the story says that the UFC has decided to honor his wishes to leave to UFC after he honors the final fight on his contract.

    After he fights the final fight on his contract, he has no more obligation to the UFC. It’s not the 1850s.

    • TKD

      LOL! I was thinking the same thing. They are kind enough to let him go AFTER his contract is up? Dana is all heart!

  • wiiliamstanley

    All you fools that talk shit on Diaz and Jackson must be some bad ass fighters from the underground.Do all you seriously think you could do a better job? If so then where are you at? Then calling them dumb asses. Both of these dumb asses have made it further in life being dumb than all brainiacs together! I would be pist too if my boss made billions off my name and i got just a little piece of it. both these fighters have done some dope things for the sport.

    • obuchons

      Let me check and make sure Rampage signed his contract! Im so tired of this these guys get ripped off bullshit! Rampage usually gets between 250and 400k to fight for 15 minutes or at least to look like he is fighting. The guys who invented Apple and Facebook are BILLIONAIRES as well but every employee doesnt get to be a billionaire just because they work for the company!

    • XIRandomHeroIX

      The word is spelled “pissed” you ignorant fucking moron and do you think the head of McDonald’s isn’t making billions and paying you minimum wage… These fighters are well compensated in most cases. Their job is to train, excercise and fight, two of those things we pay to do for recreation. Most of these guys have the luxury of only having to do those things for a living, something that can’t be said for those of us that work 50+ hours at dead end jobs and have families to take care of. So please excuse us for not feeling bad for a millionaire who is sad that he cant evlove as a fighter wants to quit

    • fitefan

      oh go get bent.
      None of us have to have superior fighting skills to comment on the fighting skills of another. Fact is Fact regardless of the fighting prowess of the source. And opinions are a right we all share without the need of qualifications.

      Really? Diaz and Jackson have made it further in life than all the brainiacs together? Further than Steve Jobs? Steven King? George Lucas? Albert Einstien? all rolled into one?

      You are an idiot. And saying that both these fighters have done ‘dope’ things for the sport is supporting evidence of your idiocy.

      If you are not self employed, then your boss is makeing money off your labor, your skill, and your reputation. More money than you, perhaps not millions or billions, but an equal ratio. Since you are most likely making 10’s of thousands a year, your employer is making 100’s of thousands or more.

      I doubt you will ever be pist, I can’t imagine ‘wiiliamstanley’ as ever possesing the marketable skills necessary to generate billions.

      Ignorance is bliss, you will live a happy life. Enjoy.

    • TKD

      “I would be pist too if my boss made billions off my name and i got just a little piece of it. both these fighters have done some dope things for the sport.”

      Yeah, I’ll bet you are not very educated or wealthy by that ignorant statement alone. Enough said!

  • obuchons

    He will come in fat and out of shape! And if Shogun agrres to fight at the catchweight he will kill him! No chance Rampage comes ready to fight!

  • Jackson’s comments remind me of when Tito Ortiz left and was like “Screw the UFC! There are other shows to fight for out there! I’m done!”

    Weeks later…

    “Yeah, I’m going to finish my career in the UFC…”

    • Lesnardo

      There are crucial differences.

      1. Rampage is not quitting because of dispute over money. Tito asked the UFC for more money and the UFC didn’t budge. He went out and seeked money else where but no one was crazy enough to meet his demands. SF and Affliction rejected the idea of paying Tito millions.

      2. Tito is a shady character. Fight fans have seen the type of person Tito is by the way he acts. Tito is shady. Rampage has generally not be that bad.

      3. Rampage does not have an open beef of Dana White. In Tito’s case, a part of his reason for departure was that he didn’t get along with Dana white. That is not the case with Rampage.

  • mmachoman

    It takes two to cancel a two-party contract. If Rampage & the UFC had both agreed to release him, that’d be one thing, but the UFC is going to cash in one last time on Rampage’s declining “star power”.

    I think Rampage should just throw the fight & just lay down in the ring as a final “screw you” to the UFC. That’d be hilarious.

  • adam1848

    If official…we now have the formula for how to get yourself a main event fight in the UFC.

    A) Don’t ever improve your game and certainly don’t even think about learning how to check a leg kick.

    B) Come in for a fight that you begged for 6 lbs overweight.

    C) Lose that fight in lackluster fashion.

    D) Bitch and complain that as the highest paid fighter on the card, you are an underpaid “slave.”

    E) Sit back and wait for the call from Joe Silva.

    Sounds so easy. Why doesn’t everybody just start phoning in their fights?

  • dathump

    It all comes down to Rampage wanting to leave the door open to fight or compete somewhere else,he knows taking to twitter and the media and bashing the UFC is the best way to pressure Dana into releasing him for that reason. Or to speed up his fight as Dana wants to take advantage of the free press as well. Do you really think he would have been offered another fight this soon if he haden’t bitched? If he didn’t want to to leave that door open he would have just retired, There are plenty of UFC fighters that are retired but still under contract (lesnar for example) But Rampage is smart enough that he still sees a big paycheque in exibition fighting, or for smaller promotions in Japan.

  • I’m almost more afraid for Rampage in this fight then I was when A-Team premiered. Hopefully his performance will be better.

    Check out Rampage smack-talking Sonnen! HAHA