Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson Says Training Injury Led to Missing Weight

February 25, 2012
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Quinton Rampage Jackson at UFC 144 Japan
UFC 144
in Japan was supposed to be Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s coming home party, but it’s been anything but smooth thus far.

The former Pride star who fought for much of his career in Japan struggled through his training camp to get ready for opponent Ryan Bader, and after an injury occurred, he went against his doctor’s advice and decided to stick it out and take the fight anyways.

The downside of that choice however was Jackson weighing in on Friday at 211 pounds, six pounds over the light heavyweight limit.

Jackson pointed towards the injury as to why he came in so heavy for this fight and just couldn’t shed the extra weight.

“Well, I wasn’t going to say anything. I thought I was going to make the weight, but I got injured in my camp that kind of hindered me from doing a lot of running. But I didn’t want to miss this fight cause this fight’s so important to me and I fought so hard to get it. So I said forget it, I’m just going to man up and still make the fight,” Jackson told Fuel TV after the weigh-ins ended.

“I kept training in other ways, I just couldn’t get my road work in a lot. Then I healed up I got my roadwork in but then it was a little bit too late. I started cutting weight, I had a lot of weight to cut and I cut 21 pounds. I just couldn’t get the last six. I tried my best. It’s kind of difficult. You’ve got to weigh in earlier and I kind of underestimated the time. I woke up at three o’clock this morning cutting weight, but I cut everything I had.”

While Jackson insists that the injury he suffered during camp is now healed up, his weight was already at a point where it was going to be very tough to cut down to 205 pounds.

“I had to cut a lot of weight, I’m not comfortable saying how much weight I had to cut, but it’s the most weight I ever had to cut in my life and when I got off the airplane I knew I retained a lot of water, and I really didn’t eat that much on the airplane. Just a few snacks that I brought with me and I was so surprised that I gained more weight on the airplane. It kind of surprised me,” Jackson stated.

“I didn’t know I wasn’t going to make weight until a couple hours ago.”

Back in the Fuel TV studios in Los Angelest, former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin was there as an analyst. He stated that coming in that much over weight generally means a fighter didn’t take their job seriously or something happened during camp that prevented them from making weight.

Obviously, as Jackson revealed, an injury seemed to be the cause of his weight cutting problems, but the former Pride star took Franklin to task for questioning if he was really taking the fight with Bader seriously or not.

“Well, my friend already texted me what Rich Franklin said and Rich Franklin needs to watch his mouth before I smack him the next time I see him. He’s a fighter just like I’m a fighter; he should watch what he say. You don’t question whether a fighter taking a fight seriously or not. I take all my fights seriously,” Jackson insisted.

“I’m tired of people saying that. So what I get ups and downs in my fight career just like everybody else. I’m still here. I’ve been around for 11 years, but I’m still here and I take all my fights seriously. I’m tired of people questioning me. I haven’t backed out of a fight yet due to injuries. I fight, if I win I win, if I lose, I lose. I’ve won some fights injured and I’ve lost some fights injured. That’s just me. I’m the one that’s got to answer to them at the end of the day. That’s why I am the way I am, it’s my job to fight.”

Jackson says injuries have just been a part of life for him in the fight game, and this time he went against doctor’s orders to even take the fight in Japan, but being a part of this card meant too much to him to pull out.

“If I get injured, next thing I’m saying to my doctors is like, hey, can I still fight? This time my doctor was like, ‘no, you can’t fight,'” Jackson revealed.

“Through the grace of the most high I healed up and I kept training, even through my injury. I trained other things. I didn’t take no time off. I kept training, just my weight suffered. It happens.”

Jackson will forfeit 20-percent of his fight purse over to Ryan Bader for missing weight, but he will still get the chance to perform in front of the crowd in Japan on Saturday night.

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  • Not buying it. He mailed it in for this fight, that’s all there is to it.

    • XIRandomHeroIX

      Rampage stopped caring when he lost to Griffin… He never talks about how much he loves fighting, it’s always just referred to as his “job”. I don’t know about you but I’ve had “jobs” before and I’ve never been motivated to perform my best for any “job”. He has lost all passion and now only fights for the money

  • MikeMc1983

    20% of rampages purse might be more than baders show money. I wonder how “upset” he really is about it.

  • sb

    What an *ss clown. Pure disrespect for his opponent, the fans and the UFC. They should give his 20% or whatever it is to Bader.

  • sb

    My bad I guess Bader does get the 20% Hell I say 50%.

  • Bader does get the 20%. And going off Jackson’s most recent “published” earnings ($250,000 show money), Bader is owed $50,000.

  • elguapo

    Great news for Bader, he’s coining it in now and is fighting an “injured” opponent. Does anyone know if he gets 20% of rampage’s win bonus too?

  • worldrecordbench

    Ok. Already he’s contradicted himself. He said he couldn’t make weight because he couldn’t run. Then he got mad at Rich Franklin because he made an observation and made it correctly. He said fighters usually miss weight because they don’t take the fight serious or and maybe he doesn’t know what or stands for or can’t read and according to all the double negatives he made in his statement he pretty much confirms he’s just stupid. After the or Rich says AN INJURY!!!!!! Someone feeling guilty? I believe what most have already said on here. It’s very disrespectful. I’m a professional power lifter and because I have 2 herniated disc I haven’t ran in 17 years. Obviously you can walk. Put on a heat suit and walk. Ride the bike. Running isn’t the only form of cardio you know. I love when they tell on theirselves. Bader is no pushover and now we know Rampages cardio is down and he’s a lazy ass and probably wasn’t injured. I couldnt run? Or it only affected my weights? Which one is it? I agree. Very disrespectful and I think more than 20 % ought to be given. I think it ought to half at least. 25 for missing weight 25 for lying.

  • worldrecordbench

    Sorry. I think I misinterpreted some of that cause I think I was pissed and ready to comment. He said his weight suffererd. I still think he didn’t put in the effort. If you can walk you can do cardio. You do what you have to do to make sure you make weight. If you have to be rolled up on stage in a wheelchair take laxatives or whatever find a way. If it effects your fighting ability and you has quickly well your the one at fault. By the way. Rich Franklin has never missed weight and knocked out Chuck with a broken arm. You might wanna watch your mouth here too. All bark and no bite anymore. Bader wins cause Rampage gasses in the second round. But I’m usually wrong in picking fights. Maybe I need to shut it!! Lol. Just hate disrespectful fools with excuses.

  • MrAdidas

    “I’m tired of people questioning me. I haven’t backed out of a fight yet due to injuries” – People question you b/c you’re a lil Hollywood bitch. He claims to have never backed out of a fight due to injury, too bad most fighters would say I’ve never backed out of any fight, period.

    Rampage had a title fight Vs R.Evans his “nemeses” & it was in Rampage’s hometown/backyard, BUT … Rampage BACKED OUT b/c he wanted to act instead?! A “fighter” who picks a movie role over a title shot is NOT a fighter. A “fighter” who chooses to do a movie, rather than fight for a title, Vs. a guy he HATED with a passion, & not to mention the fight was in his hometown … not only is he NOT a fighter, but he’s such a STUPID one.

    Sick & tired of Rampage complaining about this & that, and how people question him etc. Well Quinton, if you werent such a lil cry baby bitch after Forrest Griffin chopped your leg down to take your title, and had you not backed out of a once in a lifetime fight for the title, and in your hometown, people may not have disliked you so much or even question you. BUT you did & people DO!

    Take responsibility for your actions, oh wait … Rampage doesnt do that, he makes up excuses for his excuses. Hopefully Bader retires this ass clown. So sick & tired of this guy & all of his BS/excuses.

  • donaldpoe

    Why is it that people jump on and accuse the guy of lying people get hurt all the time in this sport. Bader will be physical bigger than Rampage when they fight anyway and he got 50 grand and honestly I think this is Quintons last fight. we did not lose any thing as fans & like Myself I doubt most of us are pro fighters so name calling and whining is for class A girlie men no one was disrespected because this whole thing is made up you don’t hit or hurt people you really respect this is two guys making money. & I dont care about anyone else’s money.

  • Anthony

    Rampage hasnt been the crazed bitch he used to be in Pride days since he ko’d Liddel in the UFC–He used to fight to destroy anyone in his path now it seems he fights not to lose instead of to kill–before he was a shark in a minow pond hunting with bad intentions, now adays the guy fights conservative –ex- Rashaad,Machita, Forrest– hes not lookin to take a guys head off but to make sure he doesnt get caught so he can eek out a decision–I say put him out to pasture. Another thing, making weight does not require running or rocket science for that matter–Garbage bags in the sauna is an old trick, some diuretics are undetectable, laxatives, hot body wraps,anemias–this is common knowledge to any wrestler, powerlifter or bodybuilder struggling to make weight–its obvious his hearts not in this anymore-time to move on .

  • Dave

    I read an article that he said he would have to cut 27 pounds to make weight and could only cut 21. The question I have is how much will he weigh when the bell rings? 230-235. Bader is a long time wrestler and probably cut reasonably over a couple weeks. I hope Bader gets back up to 220 by fight time. I think Ramapage is afraid of the takedown ability of Bader and hoping to be heavy and not as tired from the cut. I don’t know but if he is lazy, but maybe he is making a weight advantage to try and help come fight time.

  • Anthony

    Dave, thats an interesting take on this. I didnt think of that– its possible–question is if he doesnt stick him early how much does the extra wt hurt his cardio–even if the extra wt is muscle and not water or fat–muscle eats oxygen like a bitch–watch Marious Puganoski fight(the x-strongman) guy has 0 body fat but still has horrible cardio–he actually turns blue when he starts to gas–by product of anaerobic resperation–then you get the latic acidiosis like what happened to Carwin after the 1st round with Brock–after that the partys over–extra muscle may not be the answer for Rampage