Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Says Joe Silva’s Matchmaking Is Why He’s Leaving the UFC

October 25, 2012
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Quinton Rampage JacksonIt’s no secret that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson plans on testing free agency after he fulfills the final fight on his current UFC contract.

Jackson has been quite loud when speaking his displeasure with the organization in several different areas, but according to his latest interview, matchmaker Joe Silva is one of the biggest reasons why he’s looking for greener pastures.

Following an injury that kept him out of his last scheduled fight at UFC 153, Jackson expressed interest in fighting either Glover Teixeira or old foe Forrest Griffin.

Jackson lost the UFC light heavyweight title to Griffin at UFC 86 in 2008, and “Rampage” has wanted a rematch ever since. When Griffin lost his original opponent at UFC 155 later this year, Jackson immediately voiced his opinion to get the fight.

UFC matchmaker Joe Silva opted to place former NCAA champion Phil Davis in the slot instead, and Jackson was none too happy with the decision.

“This is why I’m leaving the UFC, I don’t understand what Joe Silva’s doing. Joe Silva have a complex, something’s wrong with him. The guy can’t match shoes, what kind of matchmaker is this guy? What is he thinking? Give me Forrest,” Jackson told Inside MMA.

“Everybody wants that, that would sell, everybody wants to see me and Forrest fight again.”

Jackson criticized the matchmaking of the fight between Griffin and Davis, and he believes the bout will be nothing short of a snoozer.

“That’s going to be a boring fight, no disrespect to anybody, but that’s going to be a boring fight. I’m sorry,” Jackson stated.

Jackson admits he would love the chance to avenge the loss to Griffin, but he’s not so sure the former light heavyweight champion would actually face him even if Silva did offer the fight.

“Everybody wants to see it but Forrest, because Forrest knows I beat him the first time. He knows it, everybody knows it,” said Jackson.

As of now, Jackson remains on the sidelines awaiting word from the UFC on when or who he will fight next. Unless something changes, Jackson will compete in that fight, and then enter free agency where he plans to test the waters outside the UFC.

Check out the full interview with Rampage from Inside MMA below:

  • Glassjaw11

    Much as I hate Jackson I have to admit I hate Joe Silva more. So many shitty matches and watered down cards. Top fighters fight only 2 times a year and don’t get fights scheduled for months while they are healthy for months.

  • bajafox

    Have fun managing this guy Bellator… Dana White went way out of his way to protect this guy when he went berzerk and this is the thanks he gets?

  • stevemcz11

    Rampage wants Forrest rematch because he says he won that fight and thats the fight everybody is talking about. Is he for real?? I think they should serve him up to Machida after the BS decision in the first fight

  • sdelfin

    One, I don’t want to see them fight again. Two, what kind of fight winner spends that much time mounted in a round with clearly no clue how to get out? It was a close fight and certainly debatable using the UFC judging system, but he should hardly feel like the winner.

  • Gkelly

    Haha. I have to agree with Jackson. I understand that Joe Silva has a tough job but some of the fights he puts together are just horrible.

    Wagner Prado vs Phil Davis.

    I love Phil Davis but cmon. Prado is known for whipping butt on his feet. Give him one or two fights to show off for the fans. Throwing him against an all star wrestler at UFC level right out of the gate. Way to kill that one for us.

    Wish it was:
    Prado vs Glover
    Davis vs Bader

    I understand this is mixed martial arts but it is also a business.

    What fights did you think where horrible match making?

  • adam1848

    I agree and disagree. Joe Silva has a lot to deal with and at times I think the striker v grappler or wrestler v BJJ match ups he makes are interesting and a good test of who is the more well rounded mixed martial artist. If you just want to see two guys stand or two guys grapple, watch K1 or Abu Dhabi. This is MMA.

    On the other hand, it really pisses me off that guys like Condit and Nate Diaz have been sitting around healthy with no fights. If you are healthy, you should be fighting 3-4 times a year, especially considering there have been a lot of very weak cards in 2012. Plus, I agree Davis v Forrest is a mismatch, and I think Evans v Nogueira is as well. Glover should have been given somebody better than Maldonado after Rampage got hurt, etc.

    There are certainly problems with the match making…but how much of that is directly Joe Silva’s fault, I just don’t know.

    • zulu

      They tried to give him a better fight LOTS of people turned it down including Evans

  • Rampage looking for an easier fight to go out on. At this stage Griffin is not even in the mix. He has such a massive chip on his shoulder.

    • shakejunt

      ding ding ding

  • zulu

    i think they know Jackson is on his way out and they want him to get a serious ass whipping by a lesser known name to drop his stock on his way out.

  • rampagefan

    I really want Quinton to stay!

    • Spartacus

      RAMPAGE…was great…was entertaining…but you DID NOT BEAT Forrest!!! It was a fairly close fight but no debating that Forrest one! Rampage wants to stand and trade….well Rampage I got a news flash for you!!! THIS IS MIXED MARTIAL ARTS not boxing or back alley brawling. Again hats off to his earlier career in Pride and early days when he came back to the UFC but it looks like it is time to collect a few last big paychecks as a draw in a secondary promotion and hopefully in some B movies.

      • Spartacus

        WON against Forrest…wow rough night of brewskies!

      • Kris-tyahn

        Yeah Rampage won that fight vs. Forrest, just as much as he checked Griffins leg kicks. Another 1 dimensional fool who thinks he’s still in the days of Pride.

  • Nick

    Rampage – I thought you said Forrest “kicked my ass”. Now you’re claiming you actually won? Shut up. That being said, I’d also rather see Rampage/Forrest II than Forrest/Davis.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Who is this Rampage character and why is he continually whining about everything?

    I faintly remember a fighter named Rampage who used to kick ass and take names, but this guy is just a shell of that former fighter and just isn’t relevant anymore.

    When he “leaves” the UFC, nobody will even notice that he’s gone.

    • Kris-tyahn

      I thought he was already gone?

  • dan

    really rampage?? the same bad matchmaking that gave you an undeserving title shot against jbs for a decision over hamil (whoopdeedoo) and barely winning a decision over machida. check youself

  • And everyone knows Machida beat you too, Rampage.