Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson Injured and Out of UFC 153 in Brazil

September 11, 2012

UFC 153, slated for Oct. 13 in Rio, has suffered yet another loss.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, who was scheduled to meet Glover Teixeira in the co-main event on the card, has been forced out of the bout with an injury.

UFC president Dana White confirmed the bad news via Twitter on Tuesday.

“Rampage is hurt and out of UFC 153 Rio,” wrote White. “Sucks!”

Jackson was set to compete on the UFC 153 card for what has been discussed as his last fight in the Octagon, but now it appears that plan will be delayed.

UFC officials made no indication if Teixeira would remain on the card against a new opponent or face a replacement fighter on short notice.

UFC 153 has already undergone radical changes over the last few weeks with Vitor Belfort and Alan Belcher both falling off the card, as well as Erik Koch suffering an injury forcing him out of his scheduled fight with Jose Aldo.

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  1. well if your gonna keep glover on the card, you need the likes of machida, ryan bader, or rashad evans who are currently without a scheduled fight to step in. Or move phil davis up to fight him and fill someone in to fight wagnor prado.

    • Totally agree, there’s no shortage of people who could step up. I think Machida would be perfect, but after declining the Jones fight with a month to prepare, I’m not totally confident he would accept the fight

  2. or i forgot rogerio nogueira if hes healthy enough.

  3. throw Sonnen at him, Glover would send him back to his little pizza shop where he belongs. then we don’t have to worry about him talking his way anywhere.

  4. thats true, sonnen would step up… maybe… at least he should feel obligated to by now since he tried to play the part of hero when it came to a title shot. but you would have to take him off the forrest griffin fight, so then maybe just pit nogueira against griffin in december.

  5. Phil Davis should get this fight. His only loss is a decision to Rashad.

  6. u mean ask sonnen just out of spite? sonnen has an opponent and is training for him. rampage… if i squint it seems like hes ducking texeira lol

    • yea, just being a smart a$$, Just courios if Chael would try to be the hero when he has little to gain. Is he really the company man he claims to be.

  7. Pretty sure ufc will not have sonnen go to brazil.

  8. Think its time for Machida to step up. He was offered Jones and declined. It’ll be in Brazil,and it’ll be a chance for a kind of redemption (at least in DW’s eyes and anyone else who thinks he messed up by not taking the fight).

  9. I was looking forward to watching rampage get beat down.

  10. Anderson Silva should step up and take it, after all, he said he stepped up to fight Jones just to see if he’s a company man as well.

  11. Oh yea, according to Silva he was willing to step up on 8 days notice to fight any light heavy other than jones. So now its in brazil, here is his chance to play hero and take a light heavy to save the card.

    • Ha! The comment of the week!

      Anderson will NOT “save the card” by fighting Glover.

      Anderson would “save the card” by fighting James Irvin or other 205 tomato cans.

    • Silva won’t fight Glover. HA!

      Silva would fight James Irvin or another tomato can at 205, however.