Quick Hit: Jon Fitch Fell Down, Now it’s Time to Get Back Up

January 13, 2012
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Jon Fitch
Through 15 fights in the UFC, Jon Fitch had only tasted one defeat and that was at the hands of welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

So it came as a shock to just about everyone that Fitch suffered a 16-second knockout loss to former NCAA champion wrestler Johny Hendricks back at UFC 141. Not because Hendricks wasn’t capable, but winning is just something everyone got used to with Jon Fitch.

Never one to sulk and wallow in his own misery however, Fitch is committed to getting back on the horse and turning things around in 2012 after a downtrodden 2011.

“What are you going to do? You fall down, you get back up,” Fitch’s coach Dave Camarillo told MMAWeekly Radio. “He’d fight today if he could. He’s got the suspension, but I mean he was in training on Monday.”

From the sound of his coach, Fitch is ready to get back on the horse and erase the memory of his last fight sooner rather than later.

Check out Dave Camarillo’s entire interview from MMAWeekly Radio here .

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  • AmericanSpetsnaz

    I dont want to take anything away from Hendricks on his KO win, but I think if they were to fight 10 times Fitch would win 8 out of 10. This just goes to show that anything can happened in this sport.

    • Mario

      That would apply to anybody really.

      Well, except when it’s Chuck vs Tito

      Chuck would win them all.. 🙂

  • Everyone can disagree but I think it was stopped early and i’d rather see him completely KO before the ref stopped it buuuuut jonny H is a great fighter so ? it’s whatever. Fitch vs hardy hell yeah !!!!!

    • pooby

      Early Stoppage?! Fitch was as knocked out as a person can be. He wrestled Mazzagatti for 5 seconds before he questioned why his opponent was wearing shoes.

      • Santz

        Lol…that’s funny and true! Fitch was out…he went limp so it was a KO finish and not really a stoppage.

  • kneedleskane

    Fitch is so boring…

  • omcclave

    Ring rust had a lot to do with that loss as well. but it was also a terrible match up for him, Hendricks is NCAA Champ with heavy hands. Im happy to see fitch lose though, That style of lay and dry hump is getting overtaken by the evolution of the sport. What they really need to do is allow knees, soccer kicks and stomps like pride. They are safe even though they dont look like it and it would stop guy **** like jon jones coming out like golem from lord of the rings. I hate that three point down BS. Wrestling is boring so allow an even playing field for strikers. This is the sport of fighting so let people fight and let the refs and doctors worry about safety.

    • fitefan

      I don’t know about stomping a grounded opponent. It’s not easy, but you could really injure someone in the mid section.

      Knees to the body are allowed, it’s just rarely done. I can see where knees to the head wouldn’t be much worse than the knees in the ‘plumb’ from a standing position. But from the North/South, you could paralyze a guy.

      They need to redifine grounded opponent to being on one knee. I agree, the three point stance is annoying as a guy reaches to barely touch the ground with his fingers to keep from getting kneed to the head. I can’t see how the aggressor could clearly notice that every time. It’s like baiting for an illegal strike. Take the knee to the face, get loose, or drop to one knee yourself imo.

  • notasSmartasIthink

    Fitch can be boring, but he is one of the best when it comes to game plans, but like life nothing can go as planned all the time, and that is what we saw, before he could work his game plan, Hendricks laid him out with a quick, sweat knockout, and that is why i love this sport, anything can happen.

    Picks for UFC Rio
    Chad & Belfort for the wins

    • bbtakayama

      Mendes’s boyfriend had no chance, neither does he.

  • bbtakayama

    I was so glad to see Fitch get KO, I was prepared to watch 15 minutes of a Sean Sherk style, lay and pray snooze fest. Thank you Johnny Hendricks!!! Now if someone will knock out GSP so I can stay awake during WW title defenses, that would be great. These two are both less exciting than Floyd Mayweather Jr.

  • Watching Fitch get ktfo after talking **** about not getting another title shot was priceless… Im tired of lay and pray style its not exciting and he got what he deserved… I think it was a good stoppage he went limp and was grabbing on the ref so again dont want a guy to get pounded into brain damage by a ref letting it go too long…..Im ready for this Brazil card should be some really good fights hope to see the WEC version on Jose Aldo that guy was a savage…………..