Pulver Tops WEC 41 Disclosed Fighter Salaries

June 8, 2009
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Urijah Faber and Mike Brown take the Fight of the Night honors at WEC 41

Urijah Faber and Mike Brown take the Fight of the Night honors at WEC 41

MMAWeekly has obtained the fighter salary information from the California State Athletic Commission for WEC 41 featuring Mike Brown vs. Urijah Faber, which took place on Sunday, June 7, at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, Calif.

The following figures are based on the fighter salary information that promoters are required by law to submit to the state athletic commissions, including the winners’ bonuses.

Although mixed martial arts fighters do not have collective bargaining or a union, the fighters’ salaries are still public record, just as with every other major sport in the United States. Any undisclosed bonuses that a promoter also pays its fighters, but does not disclose to the athletic commissions (specifically, pay-per-view bonuses, fight of the night bonuses, etc.), are not included in the figures below.

Jens Pulver at WEC 41

Jens Pulver at the top of the WEC 41 salaries

In the listings below, “Main Event Fighters” are defined as fighters who compete in the main event of a show. “Main Card Fighters” are defined as fighters whose fights appear on the main card, but not in the main event. “Preliminary Card Fighters” are defined as fighters whose matches take place before the live broadcast goes on the air, regardless of whether or not those matches end up airing on the TV or Internet broadcast.


– Mike Brown $25,256 (includes win bonus of $13,000) def. Urijah Faber $25,790
*Brown and Faber also earned an additional $10,000 for “WEC 41 Fight of the Night”


– Jose Aldo $17,625 (includes win bonus of $11,000) def. Cub Swanson $8,940
*Aldo also earned an additional $10,000 for “WEC 41 Knockout of the Night”

– Donald Cerrone $17,682.54 (includes win bonus of $9,000) def. James Krause $1,692

– Josh Grispi $17,381 (includes win bonus of $9,000) def. Jens Pulver $31,253


– Manny Gamburyan $26,960 (includes win bonus of $14,000) def. John Franchi $3,108

– Rafael Rebello $3,650 (includes win bonus of $2,000) def. Kyle Dietz $1,840

– Anthony Pettis $3,302.10 (includes win bonus of $2,000) def. Mike Campbell $2,950

– Antonio Banuelos $9,840 (includes win bonus of $5,000) def. Scott Jorgensen $5,530

– Frank Gomez $3,962.41 (includes win bonus of $2,000) def. Noah Thomas $2,630

– Seth Dikun $3,940 (includes win bonus was $2,000) def. Rolando Perez $2,890
*Dikun also earned an additional $10,000 for “WEC 41 Submission of the Night”


(as disclosed by WEC General Manager Reed Harris)
Each fighter received a $10,000 bonus for the following awards.

Fight of the Night:
– Mike Brown and Urijah Faber

Knockout of the Night:
– Jose Aldo

Submission of the Night:
– Seth Dikun

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