Promoter Says Kimbo Slice Has a Mean Streak That America Hasn’t Seen Since Mike Tyson

June 30, 2011
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Kimbo Slice’s long awaited boxing debut will finally happen on Aug. 13 in Miami, Oklahoma, as the one-time street fighter turns to the sweet science.

Under Gary Shaw Productions and Tony Holden Promotions, Slice will make his professional debut in a four-round main event fight at the Buffalo Run Casino.

After making his name in street fight videos that gained millions of views on YouTube, Slice took a shot at mixed martial arts with varied results. Following his exit from the UFC last year, Slice took some time off to spend with family, film a movie, and let his body recover from years of athletic competition, but now he’s ready to get back in the ring.

“As I was last speaking to you guys when I was positioning Ray Edwards, I had known that Kimbo’s interest level had gone up back into boxing. What we didn’t tell anyone is that he had always continued training, not full-time training for a fight, but over the year he was training the intricacies and the nuances of the fight game and of the boxing game,” Jared Shaw, promotional advisor to Team Kimbo Slice, told on Wednesday.

Slice will make his boxing debut, and Shaw, who also worked with the fighter during his time as a mixed martial artist when he was under the EliteXC banner, believes he has a big future in the sport as a heavyweight.

“I think Kimbo Slice has a load of potential. Obviously, he’s no spring chicken, but he is a hungry, hungry fighter with a mean streak that America hasn’t seen since Mike Tyson,” Shaw stated.

“The reality is this man wants his bread, and everybody who stands across from him in the ring, is in the way of the Kimbo Slice express.”

While no opponent has been named as of yet, the event will go down on Aug. 13 and ticket sales for the event begin July 5.

  • foulitup


  • nogeorge101

    Does this mean streak have anything to do with getting ktfo? Go homoe Kimbo…liked you more on your grainy ghetto ass fight vids. Thugh life does not hang in the UFC..just ask the Douch Diaz twins.

    • BigGuy


  • grimsgrind

    thug life doesn’t hang in the UFC? That may have been the dumbest comment I’ve seen on MMA Weekly….However, This Promoter is equally as stupid…What mean streak has Kimbo aquired??? Surely not in MMA. Maybe in unregulated street fights, I heard he was like 100-2 or some crazy shit haha. But he’s fighting bums for sure. tougher than the average bear, but not professional level. I’m sure he’ll do good in boxing though, he doesn’t have to worry about those inside low leg kicks. He’ll do good. At least there is 1 entertaining boxer now.

    • wonggfan

      “Thug life does not hang in the UFC”

      How is this a dumb comment, let alone the dumbest made on this site???

      The top MMA guys are all either martial artists or amateur wrestlers. And yes they are aggressive guys but none of them are street fighting thugs. Tank Abbott was probably a street brawler but even he had a college degree.

      Street fighters do horribly in the UFC because it takes serious commitment to master one martial art and even more commitment to be a successful mixed martial artist.

  • BigGuy

    I say he will be just as ineffective as he was in MMA. Get serious!

    • armendo420

      ok bigguy lol the only thing that held kimbo back in mma was leg kicks and the ground!!! now he is in boxin all his weakness is gone!!! it is him and some other guy standin infront of oneanother punchin the shit out of each other i think kimbo will do good and i wish him the best sucess in boxing

      • nogeorge101

        Hey mendo 420, take your lips off the bong and go ask Seth Petruzelli how good of a boxer Kimbo is. Kimbo would have better success selling hair club 4 men or beanies that make old guys look tough. No skill, no intelligence, just another thug from the street who lacks the intelligence to realize that fighting requires intelligence.

        Hey grimsgrind…STFU. Thug life is exactly what the UFC brand MUST avoid in order to keep the sport legitimate. Why don’t you and the Douche Diaz twins go beat up some drug dealers.

        • wonggfan

          Ignore those two clowns. Armendo is a weed smoking retard. He thinks weed + UFC makes him cool.

          (1) Yes, Kimbo’s stand up sucks when compared with world-class fighters. Any of the SF tourney participants would beat Kimbo standing up. Kimbo might have a chance against Brett Rogers.

          (2) MMA guys are not thugs. And those street fighting guys have been long eliminated from the sport. It takes serious committment to excel in one form of fighting. And it takes even more serious committment to compete professionally as a mixed martial artists.

    • nogeorge101

      Could not agree more!

  • ajmadic

    nogeorge101 is annoying as hell. Kill yourself, son.

    • nogeorge101

      I’ll continue to annoy you ajmadic, especially as long as you keep telling people to kill themselves…son. As far as entertainment goes, we’ve seen Kimbo’s entertainment, there isn’t any, so STFU as well! You are just mad that what I said is true and you can’t handle the “hate”! What a joke to think that Kimbo is going to spark the HW division….that really is the most ignorant comment I’ve read. Seriously? Go ahead and pay that PPV price for your entertainment…douche

      • wonggfan

        Again, save your energy son. There are some dumb bloggers on these site.

        I would have watched Kimbo’s boxing match 4 years ago at the peak of his fame. Unfortunately, Elite XC and the UFC have suck the living juice out of Kimbo. I do not want to see Kimbo in pro boxing. I want Kimbo to go fight top HWs like JDS. Heck I would want to see Kimbo vs Sergei. I want him to fight another stand up guy. And get hurt.

  • rob da rippah

    Shut up with all the hating. Its just entertainment, he’s too old to be considered a contender in boxing. And for all of u who don’t watch boxing, the heavyweight division needs a spark of sorts. The only thing to talk about in the heavyweight division in boxing is wladimir vs haye. So shut up and just b entertained

  • rob da rippah

    it wont be on ppv, it will probably be an under card fight. And i’m not saying he’s gonna go anywhere in the HW division, I just think he’ll add more entertainment to it. Even Chris Arreola would work Kimbo. I hope the match Kimbo up with some other old/shit fighters like Briggs or Lacy