Post UFC 133: Rashad Evans – ‘Jon Jones is Like Going to Sleep, Praising Himself Cocky’

August 7, 2011
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After a 14 month layoff, Rashad Evans returned in top form dispatching of Tito Ortiz at UFC 133.

Now that he’s officially back and earned his spot as the No. 1 contender in the light heavyweight division, Evans talks about what it was like to get back in the cage and face Ortiz.

Evans also talks about his rivalry with former friend and teammate Jon Jones and how he hopes to face him for the UFC light heavyweight title.

Check out this video of Rashad Evans from the UFC 133 post fight press conference

  • BigGuy

    Poor Retard Evans… He knows he isn’t in the same league with Jones, but he has to run his mouth to try to look like he isn’t scared.

    Retard will get knocked out or submitted by the middle of the second round (and I am being generous!).

  • Unador

    I only see one weakness in Jones’ fighting style, and Rashad has the hand speed to capitalize on it, if he can get close enough to a guy with a 7 foot wingspan.
    Rashad is lucky to have sparred with Jones. That guy’s style is so unorthodox it must take some getting used to. Advantage Rashad vs any other contender.
    I still think Jones will win with superior wrestling, submissions and aggression.
    His biggest problem will be not being intimidated by Rashad. The mental game is the only way I see Jones losing.