Photos: Mark Hunt Broke His Hand in Two Different Places at UFC Fight Night 33

December 8, 2013
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01-mark-hunt-vs-bigfoot-silva-ufcfn33-img_0239Being Mark Hunt comes with its fair share of advantages. For starters, one perk is having the ability to throw looping punches that almost guarantee Knockout of the Night bonuses. Also, being Hunt means you have undying loyalty from whatever remains of the Pride FC fan base, among other things. All very cool.

But with the advantages, of course, comes disadvantages, and a very distinct drawback to being Mark showed up following UFC Fight Night 33.

In a bout with Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva that many say is best heavyweight UFC fight of all time, Hunt broke his left hand in two places. And lucky for us, Mark was gracious enough to show us all the x-rays from his doctors visit on his Facebook page.

Looks like Bigfoot Silva has a granite chin after all. Observe …






All x-ray photos via Mark Hunt’s Facebook page

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  • Dano

    Confused…x-rays say 1974? Did I miss something?

    • R

      Probably his date of birth

    • danny

      that is Mark Hunt’s Birthday

    • Guest

      He is born in 1974. There is a thing called wikipedia…

      • Big Tuna

        Extreme fool! You use Wikipedia to boast about your knowledge ? That’s too funny your a probably one of those guys that calls a web search “research”.

        • Jose R. Perez

          Because going to a library filled with old books and outdated findings is a better option…

    • Matt Jozwiak

      this fight actually happened in in 1974 and we just replayed for the first time since, duh

    • CWG

      And LHAND means “left hand”. Rocket scientists in here. Not quite as good as the guy that kept posting about the triangle on Matt Hughes’ face indicating a video on a post about him a few months back.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    I think he’s the 4th guy to break his hand punching Silva’s giant head. Great fight btw.

    • deepgrim

      some skull on big foot

  • TheCerealKiller

    “best heavyweight UFC fight of all time” Slow down! It was a great fight, but this is a stretch.

    • deepgrim

      well thats what i was thinking, but i actually cant think of a better one at the mo.

      • Ramon S

        Jon Jones vrs Gustaffson

        • Jay Mcgarrity

          wrong weight class

      • solo

        cause there isnt a better one.

  • FrankE

    That kind of break sucks I broke my left hand sorta how his is

  • Ian Price

    That’s prolly why he was hitting him with elbows in the 5 th round

    • Corey Hutton

      No, you think?

  • Big Tuna

    Big Foots double thick skull strikes againg…Cormier did the same thing

  • Hernan Hernandez

    Who wants see Mark hunt vs pat Barry!! too bad Barry got whooped and Mark hunt is higher in the ranks than him!

  • Tom Mc

    I seriously think that if Mark Hunt dropped to light heavyweight, he would have all receivers of his punches, eating their food through straws…….Big Silva was in phenomenal shape, Mark has always carried a few extra, like Fedor……..But anyone that can go 5 rounds like that, obviously needs no cardio help……..Enjoy good home cooking, I say!


    Ouch !!!