Photo: Former UFC Lightweight Champ Frankie Edgar Earns a New Belt

December 9, 2013
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Frankie Edgar Gets Black Belt from Ricardo Almeida

Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar may no longer have UFC gold around his waist, but he does have some newly minted black gold.

Edgar was recently awarded his Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt from Ricardo Almeida, who is a UFC veteran and third-degree black belt under Renzo Gracie.

Congratulations to Frankie Edgar on his promotion.

(Photo courtesy of Frankie Edgar)

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  • Big Tuna

    The belts are are cute and all but they don’t do squat in the ring

    • insane187288

      your right they dont do anything in the ring they fight in an eight sided cage… ohh who was the last champ without one of these belts? ohhh

      • Gary Fredericks

        …and how many posters minimizing the accomplishment of EARNING one of these “cute” belts actually have one or really know JACK $HIT about what it takes to earn one?

        • Big Tuna

          I wrestled so I understand the commitment level much more. I also know how bjj practices mostly consist of sitting around and listening to someone talk. It’s a bs ritual. In wrestling there is no reward other than being allowed to return the next day. Earn your cute little belts by becoming butt buddy’s with a group of like minds

          • Gary Fredericks

            THANK YOU for illustrating my point Big Tuna. You did it better than I could have ever written.

            I have NEVER been to a BJJ school that just sat around listening to somebody talk. If I had, I would have demanded my money back and moved on immediately! I too wrested in my youth and the BJJ academy’s I have been to were 40% drills, 40% free rolling (with even more AFTER classes), and about 20% conditioning (again, gym was open for more conditioning after classes as well). The only sitting around and talking was when we were being shown new moves or AFTER class….not unlike my wrestling days at all, nor my son’s. Wrestling was more conditioning overall but the drilling methods (NOT the techniques) were incredibly similar.

            I say again, you minimized Edgar’s achievement and know JACK $HIT of what you are talking about pertaining to BJJ….or you went to a “fly by night McDojo” and based your opinion on BJJ on that.

      • Anonymous Guy

        Jon Jones

        • Gary Fredericks

          Jon Jones is a white belt and currently training BJJ at a Gracie Bara gym near Albuquerque. He started there shortly after the Belfort fight after nearly being submitted by him and is a white belt.

      • Big Tuna

        Do you want a list

        • Gary Fredericks


      • Big Tuna

        Ben Henderson… The man who whooped Edgar and his ensemble of belts

    • shakejunt

      royce said the same thing, but that doesn’t mean the work put into getting it won’t help.

    • JDMMA

      Exactly !!! especially when 3rd degree BJJ black belt got choked out by Matt Hughes

  • Toddy

    The belt is about honor and respect for Brazilian Jiiu jitsu, and all the the other martial art forms who have belts also do it for technique, love of their art, and knowledge. Those who train and respect martial arts understand its not all about fist fighting. So CONGRATS to Frankie, he put in the time.