Phil Davis Still Welcomes Fight with Rashad Evans

November 22, 2011
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Phil Davis UFC 123

Phil Davis

The UFC’s light heavyweight division never stops moving, but one contender that will soon be back in the mix is undefeated top ten fighter Phil Davis.

The former Penn State All-American has been out for several months after suffering a knee injury that forced him out of a scheduled bout at UFC 133 in August, but now that he’s almost 100-percent again, he’s eyeing a return to action.

Davis has been going through rehab and recovery for the knee, but he’s getting more active into training and now looks at 2012 for his return to action.

One fight that could still be on the horizon for Davis is a fight with former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans.

Davis and Evans were the scheduled main event for UFC 133, before Davis suffered the knee injury that put him on the sidelines.

“That may be a fight that makes sense,” Davis told MMAWeekly Radio about facing Rashad Evans. “He’s still a top five guy, definitely one of the best guys in the world, we’ll see what happens. If that fight gets made, that’s still pretty cool. I’d like that.”

Davis has never been a fighter to back down from any challenge. Whether the UFC comes calling with Rashad Evans or another name, his automatic response when Joe Silva asks is simply to say ‘yes’.

Prior to the injury, Davis had steadily been climbing the picture into the top ten of the division.

With wins over Alexander Gustafsson and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira already on his resume, the next step for Davis would seem to be a top level opponent like Evans, but the former NCAA champion will honestly face whoever the UFC sees fit.

He’s not worried about maintaing his spot in the top ten, or being the most talked about fighter in the division. Davis’ job is to go out, fight and win, against whoever the UFC puts in there with him.

“I personally don’t know or care, cause the great thing about me is you can give me somebody in the top five, or the top ten, or you can give me somebody not in the top ten, and I’m still confident that I’m going to win regardless,” Davis stated.

“If you want to pay me not to fight someone not in the top ten, cool. Let me know what’s next. I don’t make the decisions and I don’t pretend that I do.”

Currently, Davis is getting back into full training with his team at the Alliance Training Center while he waits to hear word on when and where he’ll be fighting next. Could he potentially be on the upcoming UFC on Fox 2 card?

Only time will tell if Chicago will be treated to a dose of ‘Mr. Wonderful’.

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  • bajafox

    They should give Davis the fight with Rashad and let Hendo take the winner of Jones/Machida.

    • Mario

      I agree

      It would seem that’s the likely scenario.

      Rashad has been number 1 contender for years it seems. LOL 🙂

      Let Dan get the next crack.

  • baller

    ha dan will get murdered like the rest, bones would like to rest 4 a while, dan should fight rampage again n suga should fight mr wonderful

    • Mario

      Why should Dan fight Rampage again?

      Yes, he lost to him in their battle a few years ago, but Dan Henderson is in a WAAAAAAY better place in his career than Quinton is.

      That fight would make NO sense.

      LOL nice match making 🙂

      • wonggfan

        baller just wants to see that fight.

        Only a handful of fights make sense for Hendo at this point. Outside the UFC, a rematch with Fedor, Mousasi, and King Mo. Inside the UFC, rematch with A. Silva, Shogun, Rashad, Lyoto, and of course Jones.

  • kidsysco

    Thats great Davis but Rashad will continue to dogdge your fights just like he did last time so he can get pounded by Bones. After Rashad loses to Bones, then he may be willing to fight you. Honestly, Davis seems like the best contender for Bones right now. Rashad is too scared to fight anyone. Thats just my opinion.

    • wonggfan

      Your opinion is good.

      Rashad has ducking two fighters for the last two years, Shogun and Lyoto. Instead, he has been sidelining himself over and over again “waiting for the belt because I think I deserve the title shot more than anyone.” But then…why fight Tito?

      Rashad does not want to be the best fighter. He just wants to prolong his career. If he loses to anyone but the champion in such a stacked weight class, his career is over. What happens if Rashad gets KOed by Lyoto again? Given that Lyoto is not the champion, Rashad has to fight guys like Bader and Forrest just to get a shot to fight Lyoto again.

      Instead, as you suggested, if he fights Jones first and loses to him, he is not completely out of the title picture. He can then go after Davis, Shogun, or Lyoto.

  • VanDamme

    Are you guys kidding me? Rashad will kill Davis!! I dont think he would even make it out of the first round, this would be a terrible match up for Davis. Rashad can out wrestle him no problem and his striking is years ahead.
    Did you guys not see how terrible his striking looked agains lil-Nog?
    Dont let your hate for Rashad blur your vision of reality…

  • mma24069

    Sorry VanDamme, but Rashad would lose ten out of ten times in a wrestling match with Davis. FAcT
    I’ll agree though that Rashad would defiantly out stike Davis. That being said its still a great match up, and odds are its a closely fought battle. Whoever gets the majority of the take downs wins.

  • MikeMc1983

    It’s kind of funny seeing a few different views. To me, Phil and rashad are pretty similar fighters. Evans might have more speed, Phil seems like he might have more strength. It’s a bit hard to tell since Phil’s been progressing pretty quich. I’m guessing Evans is the favorite, but with that he obviously has alot to lose. What Wong said seems a bit right. Hel,l I think in an interview I heard rashad agree to as much in not do many words.

    Evans said he’s not waiting anymore and will fight anyone, so let’s see if the UFC comes and calls his bluff.

  • VanDamme

    I just don’t believe in the Davis hype train. The single legs that he used with lil-nog fight will not work on Evans and we all seen how much stronger Evans has gotten in the past 1-2 years, especially with the performance against Ortiz. I truly believe Evans will have the gold around his waist by the end of 2012. Hes on another level now compared to the Rashad of 2010. I dont think he ducked fights, he just wanted the title fight and he has obviously learnt his lesson from that. Cant wait to see his next fight!!!

  • VanDamme

    p.s. Davis needs a top 10 guy, not the number 1 contender imho… hes not ready. Maybe Rampage, hes looking for a fight isnt he?