Phil Davis On UFC 163 Bout with Lyoto Machida: “I’m Going to Win This Fight”

August 3, 2013
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UFC-on-Fox-2-workouts-Phil-Davis-045-460x270UFC light heavyweight Phil Davis hopes to finish former titleholder Lyoto Machida at UFC 163 and move next in line to fight for the 205-pound championship.

Davis (11-1, 1 no contest) is ranked seventh in the official UFC Fighter Rankings.  Machida (19-3) is considered the top contender in the division.  A win over the former champion would shoot Davis up the rankings, but he doesn’t put much stock in fighter rankings.

“I don’t really know where I fit in the whole title contention picture. I don’t really go by the rankings. I looked at the rankings once. I was disappointed, so I never looked at them again, and I just kind of go fight by fight,” said Davis during a recent media conference call.

“I won my last fight. I really want to get a finish. I’m going to win this fight and if I get a finish, it’ll put me a lot further along than a loss or a win will,” he added.

Machida has a unique style.  He uses a mixture of natural athleticism with a karate and jiu-jitsu background.  He is elusive, quick, crafty and deadly accurate with his strikes.  He is not easily mimicked in training camp.

“Yes, I brought in a couple of people to help me get a feel for what he does. But really nobody can really do what he does. He does it better than anybody. He has a very unique style,” said Davis.   “He’s a guy that’s really good with a certain set of skills. And I don’t necessarily have to try to fight like him in order to win. I just have to be on my A-game, and be extremely good at what I do.”

Davis has been in a top contender’s bout before when he faced former champion Rashad Evans at UFC on Fox 2 in January 2012.  He lost to Evans by unanimous decision that night, but believes that experience could benefit him against Machida.

“There’s a lot of that that I can take in. Number one, I know what not to do. Most importantly, I should say, I know what not to do. I did lose to the number one contender at that time. But I didn’t get beat up. And that’s always good. Not getting beat up is part of the game, at least that’s my favorite part of the game,” he said.

“So, how I’m going to apply this to Lyoto Machida, I really don’t know. They’re two completely different guys. They don’t fight alike. They don’t look alike. They don’t talk alike. I’m just going to go out there, and do what I need to do, wrap this guy up,” said the former four-time NCAA Division I wrestling All-American.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    He does not sound confident. That’s always been my knock on him, confidence. If he comes out gunshy tonight, he’s going to get picked apart.

  • peedubya

    The way Lyoto stands an extra step away makes it so much easier for him to fight wrestlers. And Davis has absolutely nothing for him in stand up. Unless he manages somehow to L’n’P, which I doubt, I can’t see anything but a win for Machida.

  • Manuel Lopez

    I used to always look forward to Machida fights. His last fights have changed that a great deal. I think Machida like many other brazilians, cherry pick their fights and that he’s been hiding from Jones for a while now. He wants no rematch with Jones and that’s cowardly IMO.

    • El Gvapo

      Eh? For someone who wants no part of a rematch with Jones, he sure does talk a lot about wanting to fight Jones again. Definite sign of a coward, you’re right.

      • Manuel Lopez

        He’s had plenty of chances…plenty. Talk is cheap as the saying goes.

        • El Gvapo

          Plenty? As in one? I assume you’re talking about when Hendo pulled out and Machida declined the bout on short notice? Well firstly, nobody who thinks they have a chance of getting the strap would fight Bones on short notice, you’ve got to have had a full camp if you want any chance of winning? And it’s even more important if its your second shot at the champ, because nobody gets a third shot. I think you’re just anti-Machida and this is your feeble attempt to disparage him.

        • Nash

          He’s had one chance at a rematch. That was with only a few weeks notice. It’s understandable that he turned it down with such little prep time. That doesn’t translate into plenty of chances. Jones is the one that has stated he doesn’t want a rematch.

    • shakejunt

      machida is like mayweather, jab counter run, and has been for a while. think back to the tito fight.

      but picking opponents? get out of here with that nonsese

  • uncle

    Phil has a chance anything could happen if he use his wrestling. Machida fought wrestlers like
    Hendo and Rashad and they decided to strike
    with him which was crazy .. Jones was able to take Machida down with no problem and Phil is a better wrestler then Jones

    • Truth

      no, they would’ve loved a takedown but couldn’t get it. Machida is quick, has good footwork, and has great takedown defense.

      • uncle

        Machida is not quick he just really
        knows how to haul ass

  • Dub Dizzle

    Another boring Machida fight. Hit& run for a UD win…

  • Ghost face

    Ben Askren is a f$g!!!!

  • Ghost face

    I don’t really see Davis having a chance in this one. Bad match up for him…

  • Thug life

    Phil Davis by anaconda choke!!!!