Peggy Morgan’s TUF 18 Fighter Blog Week 3: Yes. Ronda Rousey Really Hates Miesha Tate

September 19, 2013
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Peggy Morgan-TUF 18Maybe you haven’t noticed, but Ronda Rousey really hates Miesha Tate.

Aside from “How the f— do you make 135 pounds?” (which I will address at some point), the question I’m asked most frequently is “Does Ronda really hate Miesha that much?” And the answer to this question is: Yes. Ronda Rousey really, really, really, REALLY hates Miesha Tate.

To be honest, the precise origins of this hatred aren’t entirely clear to me. It has something to do with Miesha’s boyfriend, Brian Caraway, threatening to bash Ronda’s teeth out after the two women got into a scuffle at weigh-ins for their first fight. At least that’s how I think it started. Like I said, I’m not sure. What I do know, though, is that Ronda hates Miesha. And not just when the cameras are on, either. Ronda hates Miesha everywhere and all of the time.

For example: We’re chilling in the Team Rousey locker room before practice and Miesha walks past and calls out in a sing-song voice, “Good morning guys!” And without missing a beat, Ronda replies in the same tone, “Why don’t you go f— yourself?”

Then there’s this: The day after the “incident” at the Red Rock, I’m sitting in the sauna with Ronda, and Miesha passes by and waves to us through the glass door. Ronda jumps up and flings the door open to yell: “You won’t be waving with that arm after I f—ing rip it off, now will you?” Miesha looks over her shoulder and smirks, but keeps walking.

Some of you probably think Ronda is bat crap crazy. Okay, maybe Ronda is bat crap crazy. But I genuinely like her, and here’s why: she doesn’t bother trying to pretend like she isn’t completely insane. In fact, she doesn’t bother trying to pretend anything at all.

As we’ve already seen, if Ronda feels like kicking a hole in the door, she’s gonna kick a hole in the door. If she feels like crying, she’s gonna cry. If she feels like telling you you’re a miserable bitch faced —-, she’s gonna do that, too. On more than one occasion, I heard Ronda say, “I’d rather be real mean than fake nice.” And after being around her nearly every day for six weeks, I can say this is absolutely true. Ronda might be a crazy bitch, but she’s a real crazy bitch.

Julianna, though. Ohhhh Julianna. It seems that this week’s episode shows pretty clearly that Julianna annoyed everyone in the house except maybe Roxy, who is sweetness incarnate, and Holdsworth, who was hoping he might get laid.

At times, I actually started feeling bad for Julianna and thinking that we really were just being a bunch of middle school bullies, but then she’d do something wicked annoying and I’d remember why everyone thought she sucked. I recall being in my bedroom when Miesha came in with the coveted butterfat shake and that caused Julianna to hop around the kitchen squealing in that ultra-helium baby voice and being so freaking annoyed by the sound of it that I had to get up and shut the bedroom door before I snapped.

At the same time, though, I couldn’t help but grudgingly admire the way Julianna held it together while nearly everyone in the house, including the members of her own team, were dumping on her. I occasionally wondered whether she was too oblivious to notice that she was the most despised person in the house or if she was too strong willed to care.

Watching the show, it’s apparent to me that it was the latter. Don’t get me wrong: I still think Julianna’s annoying and I have zero desire to cohabitate with her ever again, but I do respect her, albeit unwillingly.

It should also be noted that Shayna was exceedingly drunk by the time she accepted the piece of chocolate cake from Miesha. I’m not suggesting that the interaction would have gone much differently had Shayna been sober – she and Miesha have known each other for years, and it was quite sweet of Miesha to bring her the cake – but it’s still worth mentioning that Shayna had previously been guzzling Johnnie Walker and pontificating about life, love, and her loss to Julianna.

“You,” she said, swaying slightly and pointing at Raquel. “Have you ever hit rock bottom? I mean, do you know what the lowest point in the universe looks like? Because I do.” She paused to take a drink before yelling, “F—ing spladle! I had it right there, and I let it go! You guys! I let it go!”

For the rest of the time there, Shayna would periodically yell out “f—ing spladle!” After awhile, everyone else on the team started doing it, too. It became a shorthand way of saying, “Wow, I really did something dumb and screwed myself over.” I still say it occasionally when an appropriate situation presents itself, but until now, no one knew what the squeak I was referring to.

After Chris Holdsworth beat Chris Beal, I was hoping Miesha would choose me for the next fight, partly because I really wanted to fight, but mostly because I really wanted to hurry up and make weight so I could eat some food. At that point, I was trudging around the house like an animated corpse and dreaming of the day I could finally eat a whole meal.

I wasn’t surprised when Miesha chose Jessica, though. Jessica had injured her shoulder during her elimination fight, and even though she’d done a better job of concealing her injury that Chris Beal had, I’m pretty sure everyone in the house knew she was hurt. Looking at the match-up, it would be easy to underestimate either of these girls, but doing so would be a mistake. Roxy might come across as a Zen-loving geeky librarian and Jessica might seem like the nurturing motherly type, but both of them have switches and both are gamers. Looking at the two of them, I knew we were in for a good fight.

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  • Bobsyouruncle

    Great update. Your respect for Ronda is misplaced, though. There are very few instances in life where you can say and do whatever you want without consequences. By the end of the show, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ronda begins to realize there are consequences for her as well… her fans leave her and move to team Tate.

    The more I watch the show, the more I want to see Ronda get a beat down. She is a bully plain and simple. The examples you gave paint a pretty clear picture — Miesha cann’t even say hi without getting an “F…. you” . Miesha seems to have moved on. Ronda not at all.

    • John

      What happens if Ronda armbars Tate again? Are you fairweather fans going to hop on the next bandwagon in line? Suddenly become Zingano, McMann, etc fans? Sounds like a pretty dumb reason to support someone. You’re basically liking these other fighters by default. And there is a good chance all of these individuals will lose to her anyway. So what are you left with in the end? Nothing but bitterness about how some ” mean” person you never met kept beating other supposedly nicer strangers.

      • bajafox

        At one point or another every single MMA fan dislikes a fighter enough to automatically root for the opponent regardless of who it is. This is not new. It’s like saying water is wet

        • John

          True. But does it really accomplish anything? When Fedor lost, very little changed. He was still the stoic Russian and his fanbase was just as arrogant as before (and full of excuses). Same thing happened with Anderson and his cocky fans after Weidman knocked him out. I figure Ronda will retire in a few years and have no desire to look back once she’s gone. So hating her is even a bigger waste of time, as her critics won’t have to ever worry about hearing or seeing her again.

          • bajafox

            It happens in any sport when a team or athlete is too dominant. For example people wanted to see Jimmie Johnson lose in NASCAR just to see him lose for a change. Had nothing to do with him being a known cheater, fans just want to see someone else win for a change. Same applies to Ronda

          • John

            That’s true. Her fake tough girl act isn’t helping her here either. I’m not sure why Ronda felt the need to go so overboard with it on the show. My theory is Miesha used to fall for her mind games and would react to every little comment. But now Miesha is refusing to play this game, and Ronda doesn’t know what to do. So she is going massively over the top in the hopes that Miesha will be eventually pushed to her limit. Sad thing is that even if Tate breaks and loses again, it will have hurt the brand that Rousey has carefully crafted over the last few years. Dumb strategy on her part with even worse execution.

          • bajafox

            Rondas only fans when the show ends is going to be just her coach and herself

          • John

            I wouldn’t go that far. Despite her fake antics, Ronda seems to have been pretty well liked on the show. With even many Tate fighters coming out and saying nice things about her. Where Ronda will get the most negative feedback will be among casuals and new MMA fans.

          • bajafox

            Haha, I was obviously being sarcastic but she will definitely lose more fans than gain any

          • Amanda De

            Or people that respect her talent, and don’t need her to be Miss Nice Girl to her rivals in order to be a fan. Even the people in the house that witness these antics still like and respect her.

          • bajafox

            Who here is disrespecting her talent? She’s obviously at the top of her game. That doesn’t excuse her bratty bitchy whiny ass side though, by any means of the imagination.

          • Amanda De

            Are you dumb? Your comment was “Rondas only fans when the show ends is going to be just her coach and herself” MY response was that she’ll still have fans – people who respect her talent and don’t give a crap if she acts like a bitch sometimes (because let’s be honest – who doesn’t?)

            She’s also on a television show. If you think that the drama isn’t part of what she is getting paid to do, then you’re in lala land.

          • bajafox

            Yes I’m dumb, that’s why I’m the only one between you and me that can keep a conversation civil.

            Obviously, you need to look up the word “sarcasm” in the dictionary before calling people dumb. Then go back to elementary and take 6th grade reading comprehension, seems you slept through that part of class. It’s not your fault the public education system failed you.

            Drama belongs on Keeping up with the Kardashians, not Ultimate Fighter.

            Go check out the article about week 3 ratings in the Yahoo MMA section and read the comments. People quit watching it because she’s a whiny bitch.

          • bajafox

            Apparently you asking if I’m dumb is ok, but me replying and letting you know that you need to search the word “sarcasm” and retake elementary reading comprehension isn’t, lol

            Anyway, no I’m not dumb. You are wrong in saying that just because she’s talented she deserves respect. That’s not true for anybody, man or woman. If she can’t carry herself like a professional then she deserves all the backlash she’s going to get.

          • Amanda De

            Your comment wasn’t sarcasm. You believe it and continually back it up. That would be the opposite of sarcasm. And I didn’t say anything about what she deserves, you just keep putting words in my mouth instead of paying attention to what is actually being said. I said people respect her talent, and those people are fans and will continue to be fans regardless of her attitude on TUF. You obviously don’t understand simple conversation, so this is incredibly pointless.

      • Advance*

        Everybody has their own reasons for rooting for or against a fighter. Whether you want to see someone win or just want to see someone lose, either way it makes a fight more fun to watch. It sounds like you’re saying why root for Ronda’s opponents if there’s a good chance they’ll end up losing. You’re the one that sounds jaded. I’ll be rooting for Meisha. If she wins I’ll be pumped, and if she loses I’ll say oh well it was a fun ride. Then I might share my opinion about how much I dislike Ronda, but you should know having an opinion doesn’t mean you’re losing sleep over it.

        • John

          I just see no point in rooting for an individual by default just because they are not a particular fighter. Reminds me of all the fake fans that Carwin had right before he faced Brock. Most of those people didn’t care one bit about Shane. He was simply a better option than the fake wrestler being champ.
          I see this same thing happening recently with Jon Jones. People can’t stand his arrogant personality, so they desperately latch onto any opponent in the hopes that they’ll beat him.

    • adam kleist

      If you ask me Miesha is the one escalating…….she KNOWS Ronda hates her and is doing all she can to get under her skin. It’s not just Ronda. You really think her snapping is JUST about her saying hi? I don’t think so.

      • John

        Ronda is clearly frustrated that Miesha won’t play her mind games. Miesha has admitted why she refuses to do so. It’s because she feels that’s why she lost last to Ronda last time. Miesha is obviously trying a different approach, hoping for a different outcome this time. If Ronda were smart, she would have dropped the stupid insults as soon as she saw it wasn’t working.

        I’m also confused that Ronda has been building Tate up before the fight. Especially with all the rivalry talk, and how they need each other. I don’t believe for a second that Ronda believes this. Can’t tell if that’s just her hyping up what is likely going to be a one-sided rematch, or a way to inflate Miesha’s ego.

        • Lyra Belaqua

          I think you mixed up the names “miesha” and “ronda” here. Miesha has a history of not taking responsibility for negatives in her career. She says others cost her fights, when she lost because of strategy or strength. She says Ronda is causing her to lose her love of MMA. Why doesn’t she take control of her own life? She’s plays the classic “mature” card then doesn’t back it up with action. I have no doubt some of both of their actions are for media hype and attention. But whining that all the negatives in ones life are other people’s faults, it’s completely immature.

        • Rosco

          There isn’t one week that passes without Tate going on whatever news network / website / sports magazine to say how Rousey is a crazy bitch. Also, Tate’s claim that she “got over it” is ridiculous, since she hasn’t stopped to take shots at Rousey since she lost to her.

          I agree that Rousey comes out as a bully (who would have known, some of these people who choose beating up other people for a living aren’t alsways the most skilled at communicating…), but Tate comes out as the real bitch IMO. And she gets away with it because of her looks, mostly. Neither that or her diffamation campaign have anythingto do with fighting or training, and if Rousey might ruin her own reputation, Tate displays the exact attitude the most machists fans are expecting of women fighting.

      • Joe

        Yeah! But that’s part of being a professional she sounds and looks I little crazy! I mean if you let that get to you it’s not good! Calm down an breath

      • BarrysHypocrisy

        If Rousey had any brains, she would see what Tate’s doing and just stop playing along. The very fact that Tate is so easily able to manipulate Rousey says a lot about Rosey’s personality.

        Who is coming off worse: Tate for being nice and saying “Hi” or Rousey who froths at the mouth and screams “f*ck you” every time Tate walks by.

  • NickG

    hey bob, butthurt much?

  • KingLettuce

    Can’t reconcile that Ronda a is such a jerk but claims to want to be the female Fedor. She understands his skills, but clearly doesn’t understand the man.

  • Milosc

    What’s so bad about Julianna?

    Why must there always be so much ‘Lord of the Flies’ crap every season, like some hive?

    (I still have to watch the episode… but I sense some collective jealousy/manipulative social play)

    • John

      Maybe she’s just a very hard person to live/get along with. May explain why even some of her own teammates (Cody Bollinger, Josh Hill, etc) have expressed less than positive comments about her.

  • bajafox

    But she had the spladle!

  • Alexa

    “… I had to get up and shut the bedroom door before I snapped”

    Well, that’s childish.

    I guess Peggy admires Juliana not only because she is a strong woman but she is “real” just like real crazy bitch Ronda.

  • bajafox

    The ironic thing about Juliana’s team getting upset over her supposedly leaking the fight strategy was that they wouldn’t even have control if it wasn’t for her upset over Shayna. Everyone in the house counted her out in that fight, including her ishtty teammates. Talk about ADD coupled with short term memory… They should be thanking her they even have a fight strategy, otherwise they would all be biting their finger nails waiting to see who would fight next

  • Glassofwater

    What would Bruce Lee think of Rhonda?

  • Biff Jenkins

    cool insight. Juliana was seriously on that dudes jock pretty quick but I think it was kinda immature of him to show all the dudes in his room the letter. and f*** whichever guy found out there was no leak of information and just wanted to use it to cause problems.

  • Rob

    Rousey is going to end up regretting doing this show. Her behavior and inability to control herself when she is around Meisha is making her look like a pathetic, spoiled, arrogant bully. She is going to sway a lot of her fans over to Tate’s corner before this is over.

    Those of you that scoff at that and think Ronda doesn’t care about her fans or what people think of her obviously don’t know her very well and/or are not watching the show very closely. 😉

    • bajafox

      She already regrets doing the show. That’s why she said she wouldn’t do it again for $10M

  • Seamus

    Uh, oh. Someone has TeH pOOOpy pants.

  • seamus

    Fun show. Throw a bunch of fighters into a stress box for 6 weeks and watch what happens. Tough on the fighters, but the career rewards are possibly worth it.

    I do wish they’d stop hyping and repeating the hardship stories and the sad: ‘I love my brutha and my mothers and fathers, my whole family what grew up in a shoe box, a size 5 shoe box even.’

    I used to like watching the troubled weight cutters, like on the BJ Penn and Rich Franklyn episodes. They don’t do that anymore. I also like watching the training.

    Great show. I hope Ronda doesn’t have a breakdown. According to White she’s cringing every week when a new episode goes on.

    Oh, you’re (author of blog) fun to watch too. Go team and all that.

  • Rimrod

    I lost all respect for Ronda. She wasted a lot of time making things all about her and not the fighters. So I say F U RONDA .. you lost another fan, LOSER!!

  • N

    Ronda is just someone who can’t control her emotions. Nothing impressive about that.

  • MMAFan

    Ronda has a s*** attitude….i was a fan before seeing her interactions with others on The Ultimate Fighter. She is not a good ambassador for the sport

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    It’s obvious that Tate figured out being nice to Rousey just drives her crazy and that’s why she keeps doing it. What’s funny is that Rousey hasn’t figured that out yet and just keeps acting crazier and stupider all the time. In addition to being a crazy bitch, Rousey must not be that smart.