Should UFC Bring Paul Daley Back?

October 21, 2011
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Paul Daley UFC 113

Paul Daley at UFC 113

Paul “Semtex” Daley is not the same person or fighter that he was when let go by the Ultimate Fighting Championship following his UFC 113 loss to Josh Koscheck and the post-fight antics that led to his firing, and the British welterweight would like the opportunity to prove it.

Daley was handed his walking papers before leaving the arena that night for striking Koscheck after the fight had concluded. During the event’s post-fight press conference UFC president Dana White said, “He’ll never come back here again. He’ll never come back.”

We’ve heard White say that about fighters before and they eventually return.

Asked if he believes fences can be mended, Daley told MMAWeekly Radio, “I would like to think so. A lot of the guys have gone over to the UFC that have had a problem or have been dropped for whatever reason and have come back. They’ve come back and they’ve done well and have been accepted. It just depends. I’ll put it out there that I would go back, so it’s pretty much with the UFC.”

The 28-year-old regrets his actions and would like to put it behind him.

“After the incident with Koscheck, the apology was immediate. I made a public apology. Everybody knows I’m not proud of what happened,” he said. “I don’t take any pride in what I did after the Koscheck fight, but I feel like, purely based on fighting, I feel like I’ve proven myself as a fighter even though I’ve taken those two loses from (Nick) Diaz and (Tyron) Woodley.

“I figure in all of those fights that I entertained, and I’ve shown a constant development since leaving the UFC. I think that you can see that I’m improving, and I think it’s still going to happen and it would be good to see it back on the biggest stage. You know, see the Semtex that messed up with the Koscheck fight and the Semtex that I am now.”

As they say, the ball is in the UFC’s court, and Daley welcomes dialogue to pave the way for a return to the Octagon.

“I’m open to talking to anybody about the situation. For me, I’ve spoke about it and I’ve always voiced my opinions on the whole UFC situation. I’m maturing as a fighter, as a person, and I’m quite open to sitting down and discussing things with whoever it needs to be discussed with in order to compete within the UFC,” said Daley.

“I have a lot of fans that want to see, not only in the U.K., but all over the world. A lot of people say there’s some interesting match-ups for Semtex to take part in within the UFC. I’m really keen for those fights to happen as well, so we just need somebody in the head office over at the UFC to see what we’re seeing and sign me back up and make the fights happen.”

Daley’s next fight is on Oct. 21 against Liugi Fioravanti at Ringside MMA 12 in Canada.

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  • bajafox

    I say he actually beats “somebodies” before even thinking about asking the UFC for a second chance

  • BigGuy

    Yeah, how about trying to beat some top guys before trying to get back into the UFC?!?!?!

  • Let’s have a whole Ultimate Fighter season with people who messed up and got kicked out of the UFC! Paul Daley, Nate Marquardt, Renato Sobral…who can get back in?

    • vegaseric

      they did…it was called the comeback

  • judo johnson

    thats a great idea

  • sirreadsalot10

    Sure he should be let back in the UFC after the following conditions are met.

    1. He can never again refer to himself in the third person.

    2. He should write and publish a thousand word essay on sportsmanship.

    3. He should present a power point presentation on why british fighters are such douche bags and submit his 27 step plan to correct the british blight on MMA.

    4. He should have something better to brag about than losing to Nick Diaz.

    5. He should make such a heartfelt speech about rehabilitated douche bags that in a fit of sympathy the MLB commissioner admits Pete Rose into the hall of fame.

    6. Hell freezes over.

    • michaelbrown

      This is one of the greatest comments on an article I’ve ever read, you made some dude a thousand miles away laugh terribly hard, so there’s THAT feather in your cap.

  • I do not care to see Paul Daley fight in the UFC. If the UFC does agree to bring him back, I would like to see Babalu, Nate Marquardt, Robbie Lawler and Josh Barnett back in the UFC. But I do have to say that the UFC did bring back B.J. Penn, Chael Sonnen, Rampage and Tito Ortiz after they messed up badly.

  • zegrappler

    this is a joke of an article. the same Daley who has missed weight 7 times?

    are you kidding me? this is the guy who’s a professional now? f’ing spare me. the guy is a tool. unsportsmanlike. and rarely makes weight.

    • BigGuy

      I couldn’t agree more!!!

    • BigGuy

      (posting again) I agree 100% with you!!

  • rsnowbass

    Agreed with all posts above. The guy is a freaking BUM

  • shakejunt

    season 4?

    • shakejunt


      • Yeah but season 4 was just guys that werent very good trying to get back. This season will be better with a house full of alcohol and guys that hold submissions after the tap and punch people when the fight is over. It’s sure to erupt into a giant royal rumble by the end.

  • damiansarcuni

    These articles about whether someone should come back pop up from time to time. And normally, one fighter’s actions would not validate another’s case. But here’s the thing…Melvin Guillard did coke and he’s still fighting. Don’t tell me he “made a mistake” or “It was the heat of the moment”. No. He made an appointment, stuck a straw in his nose, and snorted a line of white powder up into his brain. And he is still fighting. So as far as I’m concerned, the UFC is a free for all. Let em all back in.

    • sirreadsalot10

      If Melvin had whipped out a mirror, bag of coke, straw, and snorted a line of coke right in the octagon after or during a fight I would agree with you, but he didn’t. His transgression took place outside the octagon and I’m sure that had some bearing. Babalu’s and Daily’s stupidity took place on a UFC broadcast. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying.

  • BigGuy

    I say let him back in. He isn’t going to be a real impact guy anyway, so who cares? Make sure the first stipulation in his contract is that he MUST make weight to even fight. That should end all of this drama!!