UFC and Bellator Veteran Paul Daley Signs One-Year, Three-Fight Deal with BAMMA

August 6, 2013
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Paul Daley UFC 113British welterweight Paul “Semtex” Daley has signed a one-year, three-fight deal with BAMMA.

Daley (33-12-2) announced the news on Tuesday via his Facebook page.

“Yes, I have signed to BAMMA. Exclusive to the UK, still expect to see me fighting around the world with other organizations, such as in November in Russia with LEGEND,” Daley wrote.

Daley was recently released from Bellator MMA on July 25 due to legal troubles stemming from a bar fight in his native England and visa issues that prevented him from traveling to the U.S.

The new deal marks Daley’s return to BAMMA.  The 30-year-old has previously fought twice for the British-based organization, missing weight both times.

“Semtex” feels the conditions of the contract are perfect for his current situation.

“BAMMA’s 12 month/3 fight deal is suited to me perfectly right now, and I feel their international match ups appeal to hardcore fans, and the production and PR appeals to mainstream sporting viewers,” he wrote.

Daley is a former Cage Rage welterweight champion and has fought for the Strikeforce welterweight title and in a UFC top contender bout in the 170-pound division.

He is expected to be on the BAMMA 14 fight card in December.

“Right now my focus is on my next fight in November, but expect me to fight for BAMMA this year at a UK arena show in December…possibly.”

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  • TheCerealKiller

    Daley isn’t that good, otherwise Dana would have signed him to a cheap contract. All the names on his record that I recognize are all loses. OK, I do know who Luigi was.

  • This guy is a great striker. 4 fought win streak. If he wants to be back in the UFC he better keep up the momentum and have a real professional talk with Dana. Maybe in another year he can be back in the big leagues.

    • Marcus Miles

      Dana was asked in an interview if he would ever sign Daily since he has been released. Dana said “Daily doesnt wasnt to fight for us”. Dont know what that really means but cant imagine Daily refusing a deal with UFC. i agree, great striker and entertaining fighter

      • marcus miles


      • I don’t know if I’m taking this out of context when Dana says “He doesn’t want to fight for us” because I have heard him use that phrase before but what I get from that statement is that the fighter isn’t doing the right things outside of the cage and business wise.

  • David Huenecke

    I thought Daley was banned from UFC after he suckerpunched Koscheck way after the bell was rung.

  • Ksmma

    He is the Pete rose of mma and rightly so. He shouldn’t be allowed back into the UFC. If a fighter can get back in after what he did, then what would one have to do to get banned?

  • Dep2093

    Why would the ufc want him back??? Missing weight, getting into “legal troubles,” where’s the upside? So he beat some minor leaguers over the last year, I think he needs to sort himself out mentally before he talks to the ufc. Not to mention, for all his talent as a striker, the guy can’t wrestle to save his life. The ufc has sooo many weight classes and sooo many fighters now, do they really have room for one dimensional fighters who can’t stop the Koschecks of the world from laying and praying? Oh, I almost forgot, he’s got absolutely no professionalism or class either.

  • Ron Wheeler

    Trouble with Dana is he blows hot/cold on the whole bad-boy thing. He throws Daley out, but kissed Strikeforce in-cage riot starting, weed smoking, no-show for promo Diaz ass over and over.

  • Alex Anderson

    I kind of doubt that he started the bar fight, but when you’re very successful in a self defense, people often cry foul. Even the wild MMA fighters tend to mellow out as they gain experience. You tend to feel secure in yourself, and with a lot less to prove, when you’re a badass mma fighter and you know that some random thug, bully, or thrill-seeking “tough” guy probably wouldn’t last 10 seconds against you.