Paul Daley: “If the UFC is Ready to Have Me, I’m Ready to Go Back”

June 21, 2014
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Paul DaleyBritish striking standout Paul Daley wants to return to the UFC and believes now is the right time.

Daley made his UFC debut at UFC 103 in September 2009 with an impressive first-round knockout of Martin Kampmann. He made short work of Dustin Hazelett in his next outing at UFC 108, winning again by first-round knockout. He was on the rise in popularity and ranking, but his actions following his UFC 113 co-main event fight against Josh Koscheck got him banned from the organization.

The two brash welterweights lobbed verbal jabs at one another in the lead-up to the fight. There was a title fight with then-champion Georges St-Pierre potentially waiting for the winner.

Stylistically, it was a match-up of conflicting styles, and Koscheck utilized his wrestling to continually take Daley down. As the fight wore on, Daley’s frustration mounted. The two rivals taunted each other during the bout, but after fifteen minutes of fighting it was clear Koscheck had won a unanimous decision. The final bell sounded signifying the end of the fight, and Kocheck said something to Daley as he stood up and celebrated his clear-cut win. What Daley did next was a disgusting display of unsportsmanlike conduct. Daley got up from his back and sucker-punched Koscheck.

“He’s done. I don’t give a (expletive) if he’s the best 170-pounder in the world, he’ll never come back here again. He’ll never come back,” said UFC president Dana White during the event’s post-fight press conference (watch the video here). “I don’t care if he fights in every show all over the world and becomes the best and everybody thinks he’s the pound-for-pound best in the world. He will never fight in the UFC ever again.”

Four years removed from the incident, Daley is lobbying for a UFC return and a change of mind from White.

“I’ve got things in place where if the UFC is ready to have me, I’m ready to go back,” Daley recently told The Great MMA Debate Podcast. “My BAMMA contract is up in December. I have a few people working on my behalf, very influential people. Glenn Robinson from Blackzilians, Rashad Evans’ manager, Michael Johnson’s manager; he’s been working on my behalf and speaking to Lorenzo (Fertitta).”

Daley also has a British-based management firm lobbying helping in his efforts to return to the Octagon. But the biggest obstacle in the way of Daley returning to the UFC is his visa issue preventing him from entering the U.S.

“The main sticking point is the visa issue. I’m pretty sure – I’m not like some kind of super villain, super criminal, nothing like that. I’m sure if the UFC would put their attorneys on my visa application I would be able to get back in the U.S.,” said Daley.

The 31-year-old Brit was allegedly involved in a bar fight in his native England in December 2012. His visa application was denied while the authorities investigated the incident. He was under contract with Bellator MMA at the time and later released from the fight promotion after pleading guilty to assault charges and two counts of obstructing an officer stemming from the bar fight.

In Daley’s mind, if he can resolve his visa issues, he’d be back in the UFC.

“That’s the first stage. As soon as I get my visa I’m confident that we can arrange a meeting, face-to-face, with Dana White, or the UFC will sign me. We’ll see what happens,” he said.

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  • envel707

    no one wants you back,i think the day of strikers without any ground game ended years ago

  • Me

    Sounds delusional to me. There is no way that UFC will give him a contract, let alone work on his behalf to get past the visa issues. All that said, I genuinely enjoy watching him fight.


    nobody wants you … nobody wants you …

  • james j

    The UFC needs this guy

    • TheCerealKiller

      No, they really don’t.

      • blob

        yes they do and now STFU

  • TheCerealKiller

    “I’ve changed”… guilty to assault charges and two counts of obstructing an officer.. No, you haven’t! You’re still a piece of garbage.

  • jim

    bad guy or good guy what does it matter? lots of scumbags in the world and the UFC. Its president is a scumbag himself. These guys gotta work too though. If hes done enough to earn a UFC shot why not give it to him. Hes a good fighter at the least and tries to be exciting. It was 4 years ago and ive seen a lot of worse things that get a pass.

    • Mike mckinney

      Okay, I’m curious. What are the things worse that you have seen get a pass?

      • Keko

        Mmmm Let Me see… Sonnens Past And Present With Roids… Anderson Silvas Way Of Being Boring In Fights.Eventually Breaking His Leg In Half Right Wen He Wanted To Be Serious.. Belfort And His Way Of Stepping Out Of The Weidman Fight Wonder Why.. Ectectect Over A Sucker Punch To A Scumbag Josh Was.. Where Is Josh Now??? Come On Josh Was Known For His Trash Talking From His Days In TUF… Look At Every Other Sport In The Us and all the second chances These Pot Head Athletes Get.Assults.Dog Fighting.Rape.Roids.DUI…. And Compare It To A Sucker Punch

  • DaleySucks

    This guys is a joke! All the unprofessional things he’s done in and outside of the cage and he still has the nerve to say he’s changed…LOL…What’s wrong with BAMMA?, they probably don’t want you either! Notice what he’s saying, “I’m sure if the UFC would put their attorneys on my visa application I would be able to get back in the U.S.,” He just wants to use the UFC to be able to travel abroad and then get other offers in Bellator (now that Coker is the new president) or WSOF! Stay where you belong, you sorry ass, punk!



  • Pat Garret

    It’s pretty sad to watch a grown man, plead and beg for his job. In front of the whole world, c’mon Dana throw this dude a bone.

    • TheCerealKiller

      He already did, it was called Strikeforce. He lost three in a row.

  • brad king

    THIS dude will knock Hendricks cold easily

    • TheCerealKiller

      THIS dude will never get the chance…

    • drkdisciple

      For this dude to knock out Hendricks he would have to first be signed by the ufc and then beat at least a couple of fighters ranked in the top 10. Doubt very much either is likely to happen.

    • Lucas Freire

      Just as he knocked Koscheck.

  • Lt. Dangle

    I like Daley but since he left the UFC he’s 11-4, which isn’t bad but its not spectacular. If he went 15-0 or 14-1 after he left then he would have an argument, but he’s on a one fight win streak and lost to a couple no-names. Not to mention how many strong wrestlers are at welterweight now. I dont think he’d be able hang with the top 10. But he was always fun to watch, we’ll see what happens.