Patrick Cote Wants Back in the UFC, So He Can Punch Bisping in the Face

December 12, 2011
UFC Fighter Patrick Cote

Patrick Cote

Patrick Cote wants back in the UFC and he’s willing to punch Michael Bisping in the face to prove it.

The one-time middleweight title contender was released from the UFC after three straight losses, with the final one coming in October 2010 against Tom Lawlor. Since that time, however, Cote has reeled off three straight victories over three UFC veterans outside the promotion.

Now he’s banging on the door to get back in.

“I actually only did one bad fight in my career and that was against Tom Lawlor. If you take all of my fights in the UFC, all of the fights are pretty entertaining, or I had bad luck like I broke my knee or I got stomped on my head. I feel great, and I think I did what I had to do, three wins in a row so let’s do this,” Cote told MMAWeekly Radio.

Complacency was Cote’s true enemy in his last run for the UFC. The Canadian middleweight has never lost outside of the Octagon, but admits that sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

“My mistake was maybe I felt too comfortable in the UFC, but that’s my mistake. I forgot that maybe that’s the biggest thing in the world. Right now, I regret that, but it wasn’t that I didn’t train. I trained very hard, it was just in my mindset,” Cote explained.

“You can fall, but the most important thing is how you get back on your feet. That’s what I did, three wins in a row after that.”

The three wins came over UFC veterans much like Cote in Kalib Starnes, Todd Brown, and most recently Crafton Wallace. Now Cote is gunning for another shot in the UFC, and eventually he hopes for a fight that he’s been asking about for years.

Cote wants to fight Ultimate Fighter season 14 coach Michael Bisping in the worst way, and has desired that fight for quite some time.

“I want to get back there. In my head I know I can beat more than half of the fighters at 185 pounds, especially a guy like Mike Bisping. He has too much hype around him. It’s just my opinion,” Cote said.

“As much as I like Jason Miller, I thought he looked terrible. It was pretty bad. In the second round he got tired like that, in the main event, especially in a fight like that. It was pretty bad, but in the other way we saw that Bisping has no power at all in his punch. I think he punched him 100 times and he didn’t rock him once.”

On the other hand, Cote knows his punching power is a proven asset and he’d love to test his hands against Bisping. Obviously, Cote understands the first goal is just to get back to the UFC, but he’s happy to earn his way back up the ladder and then go after the brash Brit in the cage.

“Before I got kicked out of the UFC, I had wanted this fight for five years,” said Cote. “The timing wasn’t good, and I didn’t get the chance to punch him in the face. After that we had some words on Twitter and on the internet, and I just said I’m not a big fan of him. He took it personally and started calling me names. Just because I’m not in the UFC anymore doesn’t mean I can’t kick his ass.”

So the push is on for Cote to get back in the UFC, and with a proposed card for his hometown of Montreal in late March, “The Predator” thinks it’s a perfect time for his return.

“There’s a big movement on Twitter and Facebook with everybody calling my name to come back in (Montreal). The decision is not in my hands. I think I did my part of the job, I won three fights in a row. If they think it’s not enough, I’m still going to continue to win fights until they’re going to call me back,” Cote stated.

“I want to be back in the UFC, and especially in Montreal at the end of March.”

Cote is still technically a part of the UFC right now because he still does the French language broadcasts for all of the promotion’s shows. He’s just ready to get back on the other side of the camera, and knock a few people out along the way.

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  1. <3 I would LOVE to see Cote put the hurt on Bisbing. <3 Bisbing seems to get his wittle feelings hurt awfully easy for a "badass" meathead. Just sayin'.

  2. As much as I’d like to see Mike get punched in the face….Cote doesn’t deserve a fight with him. Bisping is getting near a title shot, so why would he fight someone that had to fight his way back into the UFC?

  3. ******* sad to think about bisbing getting a shot,whats his record for his last 7 fights.There is no ******* ranking system in the ufc.Just give the undertaker a shot,he deserves one just as much! **** dana and the ufc!!!

  4. Those three former UFC fighters who have been beaten by Cote have a total of 2 wins inside the octogon. I’m sure Dana White would want Cote to beat better opponents before Dana lets him back in.

  5. Dana will bring him back to sell to tickets to the UFC in Montreal. He sure as hell won’t give him bisping tho. At least not right away.

  6. Listen am no fan of Bisping, but Bisping is a decent fighter regardless of whether you think he is a douche or not and would, to put it politely beat the piss out of Cote.

    He said he has wanted to fight Bisping for 5 years, Bisping has never turned down a fight, so if he couldnt get UFC to match him with Bisping then he hasnt got a hope and hell of getting that fight now……………Luckily for him

    • Cote got a title shot, something tells me the UFC not giving him a fight with bisping wasn’t the problem. Bisping doesn’t have the power I his hands that cote does, obviously bisping should win that one, but I feel like it could go either way depending on the game plan.

  7. I Like Pat Cote however lets get things straight. He was kicked out of the UFC because he couldnt beat anyone since returning from an injury. Who is he to think that he deserves a fight againt a top ten ranked fighter? Beating a few nobodies doesnt mean much! The predator should worry about getting a win streak on the go against worthwhile opponents before he talks smack about a contender!

  8. lol ******* cote nobody cares about you and your **** three wins since being booted, you won two boring decisions and scored a tko thanks to a knee injury…. plus you aint knocked out anybody since 08 even bisping has tko’d since then!