Patricio Pitbull Faces the Winner of Daniel Straus and Pat Curran for Bellator Featherweight Title

January 21, 2014
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patricio-pitbullPatricio “Pitbull” Freire earned a shot at the Bellator featherweight title by defeating Justin Wilcox by technical knockout in the Bellator Season 9 Featherweight Tournament Final on Nov. 15, but he’s not getting the next title shot.

Instead, Bellator recently announced that champion Daniel Straus would face Pat Curran for the third time on March 14, and Freire would face the winner.

“I had to weigh and balance the power of the trilogy,” explained Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney during a media conference call on Monday. “I had to look at in their first fight, Pat knocked out Daniel, and in the second fight Daniel ground out the W. As I look at those two guys and I look at Pitbull, I see, in my mind, and we can debate this stuff until we’re blue in the face, but I see, in Straus and Curran, two of the top five or six featherweights on the face of the Earth.

“So to have the opportunity to settle this once and for all, to have a legitimate trilogy fight between one guy who has won by knockout and guy who, in typical Daniel fashion, ground out a victory. It’s a good opportunity. And I’ve got to weigh and balance the Pitbull issue as well,” added the Bellator CEO.

Freire will get his title shot. He simply has to wait to see whom he’ll face.

“Pitbull fought for us five times on Spike in 2013. He’s a world-class fighter as well,” said Rebney. “To be clear, Pitbull hasn’t lost his world title fight. Pitbull will get his world title fight. He’s just going to get it this spring against the winner of Straus vs. Curran when we finalize that trilogy.”

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  • Alex

    Wow. Hell of an “explanation”.

    Bjorn is as convincing as a shoe.

  • Maddawgmar

    This is why Bellator is getting boring. Let’s say Curran wins, he then will fight Pitbull, whom he already beat, them Strauss will win the tournament and fight the winner of Pitbull and Curran. The same scenario will play out if Strauss wins. These three will be fighting each other over and over for the title, because there is no other talent. Every other weight class is a wash rinse repeat. No depth mean you have the same guy fighting each other again and again and again.

  • TNT

    Man this guy kills the credibility of Bellator. I’m no lawyer but this could be breach of contract! I’ve honestly never seen the wording of their contracts but I’m pretty sure fighters signed on with the impression of winning tournaments to get title shots. I’m not against putting together the right matchup but it’s not fair to the fighters. They already forced Emmanuel Newton to beat King Mo twice for his shot. Bellator is going to lose any potential free agent to WSOF Because of their shady practices.

  • shakejunt

    wonder where this leaves frodo khasbulaev. heard he had visa issues, but does anyone else have any more info?

    • Alex

      He has via issues, just like Attila Vegh had injury.

  • Seth

    Good job, Viacom 🙂 Show to the world that winners of yours so-called “toughest tournaments” gets A CHANCE to have A CHANCE for title shot. You have 2 145 winners that didnt receive title shot yet – but still put on shitty rematch. Move on, idiots and be true to your OWN words at least. Or…show to the world that you are bunch of lying fuckers. Which you clearly are, looking at what you does.