April 27, 2006
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MMAWeekly TV
MMAWeekly TV caught up with Pat Miletich, who will be coaching one of the teams this weekend in the IFL show in Atlantic City.

On the topic of the team format in MMA, Miletich said, “I love the format. Everybody’s excited about it… anybody that grew up in a wrestling atmosphere, as I’ve said many times, understands the team concept. I grew up wrestling for a team my entire life.” Pat also answers the question of whether we will see him fight in the IFL, and when his next fight will be.

As the leader of the Miletich camp where Matt Hughes trains, Miletich had a few words to say about the upcoming fight between Hughes and Royce Gracie. Miletich said, “Matt’s been training as hard as I’ve ever seen him train… he wants to give Gracie a horrible, horrible beating.”

To see the entire Video Interview, go to MMAWeekly TV.

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