Pat Healy Denied $130,000 in Bonus Money Following Positive UFC 159 Drug Test

May 15, 2013
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Pat HealyPat Healy manned-up after testing positive for marijuana following his UFC 159 bout with Jim Miller, fully admitting to his knowing use of the drug despite it being a banned substance.

The New Jersey Athletic Control Board handed Healy a 90-day suspension and changed the result of his third-round submission victory to a no contest, but the hits didn’t stop there.

Healy was also denied the Submission of the Night and Fight of the Night bonus checks that total $130,000. The UFC has since awarded the Submission of the Night bonus to Bryan Caraway, who submitted Johnny Bedford.

“It’s known up front that checks are held until everyone passes the drug test,” UFC president Dana White tweeted, confirming the redistribution of the post-fight honor.  “Brian Caraway get the SON now. Healy did himself dirty.”

The Fight of the Night bonus is not expected to be shifted to another bout. Healy lost his $65,000 check for participating in the Fight of the Night, but his opponent, Jim Miller, will not.

Healy is not expected to be fined by the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board.

The standard penalty for a first-time offense when a fighter tests positive for marijuana in New Jersey is a 90-day suspension, and if the fighter was victorious, his bout is ruled a no contest, according to NJSACB officials. That was the penalty handed down to Healy, as this was his first offense.

UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen took place on April 27 at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

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  • trues

    130 rack for pot? LoL! Shouldn’t even be a band substance!

    • Lucas Freire

      But it IS banned.

    • earlsimmons

      ya and i shouldnt have to support all the scummy fat welfare minority pigs but guess what….. my taxes go to them. Things aint fair bro.

      • Milosc

        That cliche about welfare Moms on crack is a ruse, earl. Chump change

        Google: “Sanders, Fed Audit”

        16 T-T-Trillion dollars, to financial entities all over the planet, in less than 3 years, takes all the manipulative knee-jerk propaganda in the world for you to forget about (These people think you’re stupid, chief)

  • Darin

    This is getting ridiculous. Weed didn’t help this dude whip Miller.

    • urdooomb

      Then why did he smoke weed?

  • Scotty_O

    OUCH, lol that’s brutal!! Lets hear it Bajafox, what do you have to say about this?

    • bajafox

      Got what he deserved. They all know the rules. Same goes for any fighter. There’s a reason why I don’t apply for government work, drug tests.

      Just because I think it’s stupid doesn’t mean I don’t agree with it.

      • JoffreyMarco

        Good job standing up for your human rights.

        • bajafox

          Care to explain what rights you’re talking about? I’m the resident pot head, that’s why I got called out on the issue.

          • urdooomb

            at least you are being consistent.

  • Sir_Roy

    That was damn expensive weed.

    Yes, you need to follow the f’n rules. Fighter’s need to get that and quick. But I think that’s going too far. Damn, does it suck to be Pat Healy right now.

    • urdooomb

      No, he is high and happy right now.

  • JoffreyMarco

    I will never buy a ufc ppv as long as I live. This is a f****** joke.

  • Timothy Malone

    Exactly as I suggested! Thanks for reading my earlier comment Dana 😉

    Maybe fighters will actually start to get the message now. It’s like riding their motorcycle; if you want to do it, fine, but not when you have a fight scheduled. Don’t be stupid and jeopardize your career over something so small.

  • Yannick Messaoud

    OMG lost 130k for pot, after one of the best fight this year so far, this is just silly.

    • urdooomb

      Pat sounds doomb. That is all I have to say. He took the risk and now have to live with it.

  • I’m getting so sick of these fans who make a big deal out of a fighter getting fined and suspended for marijuana. “it’s just a plant”, “It’s not a performance enhancing drug”. It doesn’t matter. If the commission says it’s illegal then deal with it. Are we seriously going to be protesting drug usage in the sport? Do you need it that bad in your life. Everyone else who comes up clean obviously doesn’t need it.

    • Jay Nokay

      All fighters are on some kind of performance enhancer that just isn’t on the IOC’s/local governing bodies list yet.

      Every few years they update the list, and the fighters all have to change to new supplements because the ones they were using before are now illegal or banned.

    • Milosc


      Gay sex used to be “illegal”, but would that really keep you from licking the nuts of the nearest authority figure?

      (Be honest)

  • yojoe!

    i feel bad for the guy. what a joke. its just pot for athiests sake! i understand the suspension but come on ufc pay the guy whats he EARNED!

    • urdooomb

      Why not. His requirement was to fight without THC in his system. He won and bonuses were given on the assumption that he did not have THC in his system as was agreed upon prior to the bout.

      Well, he did have THC in his system and pursuant to his prior agreement, bonuses are not granted.

  • Jack Burton

    UFC doesn’t set the rules for what’s legal in this country, you can’t really blame them. If Dana really cared, he probably wouldn’t have hired that pothead Joe Rogan.

    That really sucks for Healy, man that is a huge fine in a sense. He just lost a house, LOL.

    • urdooomb

      He lost a house that he could have bought with that money.

  • Darren

    He should have taken steroids like everyone else

  • GW

    That’s a f****** joke. Dana White should do the right thing and pay this guy extra for his next fight. Give me a break.

  • rampage

    F THE COMMISION! BULLS***! BULLL! Whoever says weed should be punished is a sheep.

  • Milosc

    One day, we will look at situations like these- as when people used to burn outspoken members of their community for goddamn sorcery

    Society is a joke, and I’m not even blaming the cheezy special interests that keep it “illegal”. (I blame the idiots blindly suckling it’s collective nutsack.) Go chase some cars already

    • urdooomb

      you sound like an uneducated working class bro.

      • Milosc

        You sound like you were raised by a TV

  • Mike mckinney

    It’s going to be a bit funny whenever marihuana becomes legal in the US, but still on banned substance list.
    On another note, why is it that a ton of people have come to think that the banned substance lists in sports are just steroid, or “performance enhancing?” They’ve had banned substances before it was known to take performance enhancers.
    Maybe it’s just because of how much media steroids gets.
    All the substances are a safety issue. I’ve heard people saw “weed doesn’t even enhance performance, if anything it makes a guy perform worse.”
    Well guess what? Your not allowed to take anything that puts you at a disadvantage either. All banned substances are for the protection of both fighters.
    Roids doesn’t give you superhuman strength. In fact, do it wrong and you could hurt your performance. It’s not all black and white.

    • JDM

      Then lets get cigarettes and cheeseburgers on the banned substance list. Those will put you at a disadvantage. Bacon, and liquer too of course. The real point here is that they are finding THC metabolites in the fighters which means they have smoked in the last 30 days. The fighters dont fight high. There is no advantage or disadvantage from the prior marijuana consumption. This is just another case of an oldschool rule that makes no real sense but is still enforced because its hard to change. Look how long its taken to get weed legalized in just a few states. When people start to realize that weed doesnt hurt anyone then it will be legal everywhere.

      • Mike mckinney

        I’m not sure why people ask why alcohol isn’t banned? It is banned in just about pro sport. I only say just about because there’s a few pro sports I’m not familiar with. (Hockey, soccer, etc.)
        Burgers and other things are not banned I’m assuming because drugs are by definition not food.
        I get the arguement that guys don’t walk in the cage high. That’s argueing the test though.
        I have a question. If Pat was high when he walked in would there be a test for that? Would it show up different?

        • semibluff

          Well, I’m not too familiar with American sports, but I find it very unlikely that alcohol is banned in ANY sport. Again, maybe playing under the influence of alcohol would be banned, but not recreational drinking. What I can you from a European perspective is that soccer players still tend to be pretty big drinkers (not nearly as much as 20 years ago, and some clubs may impose limits on how much they allow their players to drink), and it certainly isn’t banned… As for your question, I can’t be sure, but I think it would show up differently if they had a sophisticated enough test (honestly not sure though)

  • Alex Anderson

    Pot shouldn’t be a banned substance for sports, true.

    Considering that it is, then pro fighters should be really careful about not getting it in their system, even if it isn’t “fair” to take their earnings away for testing positive for it.

    These are both good points, not contradictory points.

  • celica421

    Very lame. Can pot be a PED? Yes, for certain people. It can help people sleep better, it can help you eat more, for some it can help them focus. Should it be grouped in the same category as roids? Absolutely not. I think the benefits of weed are passive compared to other PEDs, and it doesn’t even work the same for everybody. I’ve tried it a few times and I just ate junkfood till I fell asleep. 130k for this is too bad. I somehow dislike Brian Tate even more now, too bad they are not in the same weight class, that would make for a great headliner.

    • Jay Nokay

      were the metabolites active? Or was it just 5-6 carboxilyc acid, which is like the inactive metabolite that just stays in your fat, it doesn’t effect you at all really.

      If he smoked right before the fight, I would say give him a second bonus for beating jim miller whilst being stoned. LOL

  • Giovanni

    LOL GOOD! I’m so happy this poor bastard got what he deserved. He must be beating his balls with a sledge hammer right now for making such a stupid, idiotic mistake! LMFAO!!!! Punk ass decepticon…LOL

  • Giovanni

    He must be part of the Diaz-Melendez-Shieds circle of pot heads…LOL

  • drkdisciple

    one expensive joint!…. When you know you will get tested and you still decide to smoke up you deserve everything you get!

  • rampage

    bunch a bull!! whoever think pot should be illegal is a bitch move