Pat Barry: The Rock of MMA

November 26, 2011
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Pat Barry and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

When you think of UFC heavyweight fighter Pat Barry, quite a few things can come to mind.

On the first day he stepped foot in the UFC Octagon, he was already a dangerous striker with deadly kicks that looked like they could chop down a tree.

Following his first win in the UFC, however, Barry let his emotions out about what it meant for him to even be able to fight and receive the opportunity in the world’s biggest MMA organization.

Through interviews and press conferences, Barry’s personality showed through more and more and he became one of the most well liked and popular athletes in the UFC.

From stripping down to his underwear during the UFC Fighter Summit earlier this year, to his always colorful and often hilarious comments, Barry’s star power seems to transcend fighting.

Of course his main goal is still to go out there and win fights and entertain fans with his lightning quick kicks and devastating punches, but that doesn’t mean his personality can’t show through as well.

It’s for that reason that Barry’s manager, Brian Butler of Suckerpunch Entertainment, believes that the former K-1 kickboxer has a very bright future ahead of him, inside and outside of fighting.

As a matter of fact, he looks at Barry similar to WWE superstar turned actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“Pat is one of those guys that has the character and charisma to have a career after fighting in movies and stuff. I kind of see him as The Rock of the UFC,” Butler stated.

“He’s just very comfortable with himself and with people and in front of the camera. He’s just a funny guy; he’s a great guy.”

Barry’s personality really is just how he is in everyday life. It’s hard to forget his recent karaoke car performance of the Mamas and the Papas classic “California Dreaming” alongside friend and former opponent Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic. Whether in interviews or just talking to fans, Barry’s talent is more than just being able to kick an opponent’s head off with his foot.

Much like The Rock, Barry’s path to stardom comes with many talents.

When Johnson came to the WWE several years ago, he was just a tremendous athlete, a former football player from the University of Miami, who was descended from professional wrestling greatness. As time went on, however, Johnson showcased his true skills in and out of the ring. One of the most popular stars to ever perform in the WWE, every time Johnson picked up the microphone, fans went crazy.

Now, MMA is obviously not professional wrestling, nor should there be any confusion about that, but Barry’s personality and persona are very similar to what Johnson started building during his time with the WWE.

An athletic big man with no fear in the cage, when Barry gets a microphone in front of his face, he’s not afraid to say exactly what’s on his mind and it’s usually something people are going to want to listen to.

Plus, if movie producers are looking at Barry for a role, he has an extra talent as well.

“Not only that, but Pat can do his own stunts,” Butler joked. “Have you ever seen anybody that big be that athletic? It’s crazy how athletic he is. He had his start in gymnastics, so I guess that’s why, but he’s a talented guy all around.”

During Johnson’s time with the WWE, he also took on the moniker “The People’s Champ” and if there’s one definitive similarity he shares with Barry, it’s that.

A fan favorite win, lose, or draw; Barry always has fans behind him, so he may truly be The People’s Champ of the UFC.

While it’s doubtful that you’ll see Barry grab the mic away from Bruce Buffer before his next fight and shout “if you smell what Pat Barry is cooking,” he will definitely have a career waiting for him whenever he decides to dip his big toe into the waters outside of fighting, and there will surely be interested parties ready to listen.

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  • I like Pat, he seems like a good person and is a great ambassador for the sport.

  • Pat Berry gets on my nerves. I like his fight style but his antics and stuff. He’s an attention whore. He’s definitely NO “ROCK”. He doesn’t even carry the same kind of demeanor.

    • wonggfan

      Why do you think he seeks attention?

      His random antics are just annoying. This is is clearly one of the worst HWs in the UFC, asides from the cans. I mean…he lost to Kongo and got choked out by Cro Cop. He will most likely lose to Nelson, Mitrione, and Frank Mir. He should fight Stefan Struve.

      So…how is HE the ROCK of MMA?? Rock was one of the best wrestlers in WWF.

      • KBEsq

        He did fight, and lost to, Struve. It was his last fight! Aren’t you the one who criticizes EVERY opinion EVERY human being has on this site? =)

        • wonggfan

          LOL! So he did fight someone that I saw to be equally ranked and lost via submission.

          Pat Barry should get canned.

      • kneedleskane

        Very true brother !!!!!!

  • Pat Barry was a K-1 fighter? I know he was a kickboxer in Chuck Norris’ league.

    • wonggfan

      His K-1 record is 3-5-1. His biggestest K-1 win is over Gary Goodridge.

      Pat Barry is a tomato can.

  • BlackDog2009

    This article is reaching. Pat Barry compared to the Rock?! Please!!!

    Any uneducated wrestling or mma fan might buy the hype this article is blatantly intending to push, but no way in hell does PB have even an ounce of the charisma that Johnson has.

    Jesus, I could buy a Johnson/Rampage comparison but Barry?? Come on!

    • wonggfan

      This article shows you that MMAWEEKLY has a long way to go before becoming a professional journal.

      I bet you of the writers for MMAWEEKLY knows Pat Barry and decided to write this article on him.

      Truth is, people do not like Pat Barry, at least not as a fighter. This guy wouldn’t even have gotten attention had he not fought Cro Cop and lost.

      He is trying to catch attention just to survive in the UFC. Well..guess what? UFC is NOT a circus, although it might seem like a circus given that its president is a clown.

      I could careless about Pat Barry, Patrick Cote, Clay Guida, Ben Rothwell, and Tim Hague (dunno if he is still in the UFC or getting UDPWNED in some minor league).


    u guys r way off, this article was good and Pat Barry has just as much charisma as either one of those guys.

    • wonggfan

      This article is not good.

      Pat Barry does NOT have charisma. A guy who loses to Cro Cop (washed-up), Stefen Struve (a tomato can), Tim Hague (a real tomato can), and Cheick Kongo (gatekeeper) cannot, by definition, be charismatic.

      A guy who is 3-4 in his UFC career and 6-4 in his MMA career cannot have charisma.

      Tank Abbott and Giant Silva must be charismatic too.

  • BlackDog2009

    Actually being charismatic and being a bad mma fighter has nothing to do with each other. You could be a lousy, piece of crap fighter that does not belong in the octagon but you can be as charismatic as Marlon Brando and get starring roles and such.

    In Pat Barry’s case, he’s a gatekeeper in the UFC and his charisma is being overblown in this article. And The Rock would be insulted to be compared to the likes of PB.

    • wonggfan

      “he’s a gatekeeper in the UFC and his charisma is being overblown in this article.”

      Not a gate-keeper. He is a tomato can.

      The categories are as follows:

      Champion – JDS
      Contender – Cain, Brock, Reem, Carwin
      Gatekeeper – Nelson, Kongo
      Journeymen – Struve, Mark Hunt
      Tomato Can – Pat Barry, Mustapha Al-Turk

  • MikeMc1983

    The rock was a pretty decent in ring guy, but he is the absolute top of the food chain character. He created one of the most entertaining characters in modern time. When that guy is in in character, and has the mike, people shut up and listen. Non wwe/wwf might not get it, but no one commands more attention then the rock. Sonnen would be closer then pat. Nothing is wrong with pat, but the rock is a different league.

  • kneedleskane

    A dingle barry thats about it!!!

  • wonggfan

    Man…I bet you this is what happened:

    1) Pat “HD” Barry prepares for Struve fight. People tell him that it is a striker vs striker fight so he doesn’t have to worry about takedowns.

    2) Pat “HD” Barry gets submission pwned by Struve, who is perhaps one of the worst fighters in the HW division.

    3) Pat “HD” Barry attends someone’s after-party.

    4) He is smilling and making jokes as usual (despite the fact that he lost!). I dunno know if that Mr. Nice Guy act is fake or not. But people that know him seem to like him.

    5) The MMAWEEKLY (aka MMA Groupie as labeled by his Highness Dana White) writer approaches him, buys him a drink, and tell him how he thinks Barry and Rock look a like. Barry does the Rock eyebrow.

    6) The MMAWEEKLY writer tells Pat that he wants to write a good article on him so that it may help him win some fans. Having fans would help Barry not get kicked out of the UFC, thought the writer.

    7) So the writer wrote this SUPER RANDOM ARTICLE

    8) Vast majority of MMAWEEKLY posters started disagreeing with the article. In short, the posters do not agree that the Rock, a WWE superstar who is also a millionaire and a movie star, is comparable to Pat Barry, a UFC tomato can who is making $30k per fight and definitely has no movie gigs lined up.

    9) Pat Barry reads the scathing comments left by keyboard warriors lurking in this site, including me. 🙂

    10) Pat creates a new account and posts a comment which states (a) all you keyboard warriors are p*ssies, (b) in real lief all you keyboard warriors wouldn’t say (crap) to Pat “HD” Barry, (c) UFC is the best organization, (d) Pat Barry is an exciting fighter, win or lose, (e) Dana “God” White will decide to keep Barry.