Pat Barry Retires from MMA, Leaves Door Open for Kickboxing Return

January 28, 2014
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PAT-BARRY-UFC-TUF-16-POST-PRESS-478x270After a 12-fight UFC career, heavyweight Pat Barry announced on Tuesday that he’s retiring from mixed martial arts.

Barry (8-7) made his MMA debut in May 2008 after an 18-6-1 kickboxing career. Three fights and three knockouts later, he was in the UFC. He defeated Dan Evensen by technical knockout due to leg kicks at UFC 92 and quickly became a fan favorite. He wouldn’t put together back-to-back wins again.

In his time with the UFC, Barry amassed a 5-7 record and was defeated in his last two outings by knockout.

Barry’s manager, Brian Bulter, released a statement on Tuesday. While the 34-year-old fighter is walking away from MMA, he may not be leaving combat sports.

“After long discussions with our client Pat Barry over the recent weeks, he has come to the decision that he will be taking an indefinite leave from competing in MMA. The UFC and Zuffa have been very gracious in releasing him from his contract and Pat is very grateful for everything they have done for him and his career,” read the statement.

“Over the past few fights I’ve just had this sinking feeling in my stomach whenever I have stepped into the Octagon and I realize, I DONT WANT TO WRESTLE. Not saying I will never do MMA again, but right now I just want to hit people. MMA and the UFC have been great to me and I will always support the company and the sport. I want to thank all my fans, sponsors and haters for being with me on this journey and I look forward to what future holds,” said Barry in the release.

“Pat and I have talked about this for a while now and with recent changes in the landscape of combat sports, he wants to explore some options and try to get back to his roots,” stated Butler.

“He really wants to go back to kickboxing and get his fire back. His entire demeanor changes when we talk about him in a kickboxing match. He keeps saying, ‘Brian, you have never seen “kickboxing Pat!”‘ By that he means his motivation to train will be at a level that is hasn’t been at since I started managing his MMA career.

“He hasn’t kickboxed in over five years, so we are not being unrealistic about his return to the ring. Maybe we’ll fight locally, maybe we wont. I’m gonna let him decompress now and we’ll be making an announcement real soon.”

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  • TheCerealKiller

    I get it. I’ll miss seeing you fight though.

    • james j

      I liked Pat ‘ s fight game also. I get and respect it that he is leaving for his reasons. Good for him.

  • fsunoles10

    i wish white would throw on a few kickboxing fights every now and then, there is a bunch of bad ass kickboxers that none of us for the most part ever get to see because its not exactly the most televised sport in our country. part of that reason is i hate to see barry fight somewhere else whether it be kickboxing or what, dude always came to scrap and put on enjoyable fights, personally think a little bit of his grappling problems had to do with him being a bit of an undersized hw.

    • james j

      Makes no sense. Wrong sport guy.

  • Alex

    Dear Pat, in your last fight you haven’t “wrestled”, you got pounded out by a FIGHTER.
    If you don’t wish to FIGHT, just admit it – in a theoretical street fight, you won’t say it to some goon who will throw you to the ground and beat the hell out of you.

    So, keep it to K-1, where Mirko wins tournaments after getting OUTSTRUCK in the UFC.

    • studentofthegame

      Theoretical Street Fight? Who are you? You nerd, you probably don’t even train. I think he’s a savage for wanting to go back to kickboxing after a long UFC career. And even if you do train, I bet you get your ass handed to you by REAL FIGHTERS. You Zero.

      • Alex

        It doesn’t matter who I am, what matters is that what I say is true.
        And you couldn’t prove me wrong, that’s why instead of even trying to argue, you started attacking me, like a loser that you are.

        You’re butthurt that I exposed Barry as a person who doesn’t want to be a fighter, but it’s not my problem. Put some ice on it or something 🙂

        • earlsimmons

          …..who cares if Barry doesnt want to be a fighter. Not sure why your making it your life goal to point that out. Your either obsessed with Barry or a bad troll. Id say bad trolling bro.

          • Alex

            I was referring to his comment “I don’t want to wrestle” and corrected him – clarifying that he actually meant to say “I don’t want to fight”.

            I commented Barry. You commented me.
            So, if I’m obsessed with Barry, that makes you obsessed with me.
            Well – sorry, Earl, I’m not into guys and I’m engaged.

          • earlsimmons

            learn to troll please

    • The Best Eva

      Just because he doesn’t want to play the ground game doesn’t mean he isn’t a FIGHTER.

      If you think K1 is soft and easy do yourself a favor and gtfo.

      • Alex

        Dustin Jacoby, the UFC loser, told in the interview in this very site, that he feels K-1 as a sparring session, and that’s why he prefers kickboxing over MMA.
        But apparently “the best eva” (LOL what a pretentious nick) knows better – right?

        In a real FIGHT, there is no difference between ground and standup. A fight is a fight, anything goes.
        And if a wrestler can beat you up on the ground, then boo hoo)))

        • The Best Eva

          You are really stupid kid (really stupid). My name comes from what Baroni said after he KO’d Dave Menne, It’s funny.

          Why would you bring up Dustin Jacoby? His kick boxing record is worse than his MMA record.

          you need to crawl back into the hole you came from because someone who knows so little about combat sports should never spout garbage like you little Alex.

          • Alex

            What does it matter what a steroid head Baroni said after some fight? Who cares and what makes it some deep knowledge of MMA? Royce said after winning UFC 1 “I’m going to Disneyland”, why don’t you call yourself “Disneyland” then? Degenerate.

            Dustin Jacoby, regardless of his MMA and kickboxing record, STILL knows a little more in both of the combat sports than you, little loser – isn’t it obvious?
            So if he says what he says about kickboxing, his opinion is 100x more important than yours.

          • The Best Eva

            I shouldn’t respond to this because now you are ranting like an idiot because you were proven wrong,

            I can name myself what I want, I thought I should explain it to the dumb teenager who was in a diaper when Baroni was in the UFC originally. (Not one of my favorite fighters but a pioneer none the less).

          • Alex

            How exactly you proven me wrong?
            By saying that Jacoby has a better record in MMA? And it somehow proves that he was wrong/lying about the FACT, that kickboxing is easier to him?

            I guess this hurt butt of yours killed your logical thinking at once )

          • The Best Eva

            It’s not easier to him he has lost 3 of the last 4, stfu fool.

          • Alex

            Well HE said HIMSELF that it IS easier.
            But you surely know better, right?

            Seems like you’re one of those “fans” who care only about statistics without watching actual fights, so who cares of your imbecile opinion?
            Mine is similar to the opinion of a martial artist, your is taken out of your wild imagination and wikipedia record.

    • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

      Condit is the best MMA WW striker and he got TKFO via leg kicks by Andy Souwer, not the most heavy-fisted kickboxer in the world and a fighter that probably would fight at FW in MMA … deal with it …

      are 2 different sports that requires different skills and mindsets, and the guard in MMA is different than the guard in KB …

      fighters that are only kboxers like Petrosyan or Buakaw are far more technical in striking than any MMA fighter, that’s not rocket science

      • Alex

        Condit was much younger than he is now, less experienced and not that successful even as an MMA fighter. And he was much less muscular.
        Today Condit would’ve knocked Souwer down with a head kick in anMMA fight.

        Petrosyan got KTFO by a guy with much less texhnique after leading by points. Same will happen in MMA against decent strikers of his size – they will swing with him without fear because Petrosyan has no KO power.

        • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

          MMa maybe cause is a different sport and u have to deal with takedown etc…, but in a shootboxing match Souwer humiliated condit and he would do the same in a kickboxing match, even because shootboxing is far more similar to MMA than KB … and Condit got TKO via leg kicks by a kboxer weight divisions lower than him, deal with it, it’s all reality and not suppositions

          • Alex

            No, it’s YOU who should deal with the FACT that even in a standup game of MMA Condit will be superior, as you said it yourself.
            it’s easy to kickbox, but not easy to FIGHT, where are much less rules and the best STRIKER wins, not the best kickboxer.

            The fact, that you continue to close your eyes to the FACT, that Condit back then was much worse of a striker and a fighter overall than he was before, just show your ignorance. Deal with it yourself.

          • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

            lol OK you’re overreacting and offending so this will be my last reply …

            I said that sure in MMA Condit would win and in KB/SB Souwer would win (again) because are apples and oranges …

            “FIGHT” is what Maiquel Falcao did and he felt unconscious on the ground, cauz in a “real fight” (the one you’re continuosly sticking around) grappling is an handicap if you have to face more than one guy and some of them are armed (and that’s happens frequently in street fights).

          • Alex

            Well, it should be obvious even to you, that when I mention a fight, I talk about a fight between two people, no weapon, and no rules (or only the “gentlemen pack” of rules, which is pretty much what MMA is about).

            When you talk about THAT kind of fight, Condit wins it easily. In a STANDUP ONLY fight – guess what! – Condit wins as well, because the judge won’t separate the clinch and there won’t be circus gloves that can protect the fact from a straight strike.

            In a kickboxing MATCH – under kickboxing rules – this time Souwer will probably win by points, because Condit is MUCH better than he was back then.

            What other rules you suggest? Boxing rules? Condit rips Souwer a new one. BJJ rules? Whatever rules?
            The truth is – Souwer is only good at a certain sport with a certain set of rules. Condit is better EVERYWHERE ELSE, because he’s a true mixed martial artist.
            Unlike Souwer. Or Petrosyan.
            Or Barry.

    • MuayThaiFood

      You think Pat Barry is going to get thrown to the ground in a street fight by “some goon”? You’ve gone full retard now. Never go full retard!

  • Collideoverme

    Should ho train with his buddy Crocop!

  • The Best Eva

    I’ll miss the action, it was a treat watching this guy go out looking to knock heads off every time he fought.

  • George Sperry

    Yes the right decision IMO. He is an amazing Kickboxer but not very good ay MMA.

  • Jon Doe

    Well… thats why there are different sports. Some prefer to tackle while others prefer to swing a bat. MMA is just like any other sport, some people just mentally prefer one against the other. NIck Diaz, Diego Sanchez, Wanderlei etc. these guys just want to knock peoples heads off, while Maia, Palhares, Werdum, want to rip peoples heads off. Now introduce MMA, and these guys start to neutralize each other and forces fighters to evolve. (Fedor, KZ, Barao, Machida, Aldo, Silva, Cain, DC, Rashad, Jones etc) These guys are good at everything, unfortunately Pat couldnt keep up but it doesnt make him any less of a fighter.

    • Alex

      The difference is, MMA includes everything kickboxing has and brings more to the table.
      Even in a standup game, the gloves are smaller (so the defense is less effective) and there are no idiotic rules of separations from the clinch.

      In other words, MMA is a tougher sport, and it demands more skills and dedication than Barry could offer.
      Plus, MMA is much closer to the real life fight and deserves a real fighter’s heart to participate in it.

      As a result of all that, Barry backs down.

      • Jon Doe

        So by your logic, Michael Jordan isnt a “real athlete” because he couldnt make it in baseball? He didnt have the heart? Dedication? He didnt have the skills? Thats what you are saying, right?

        • Alex

          Baseball and basketball are apples and oranges.
          On the other hand, kickboxing are apples and MMA is the whole fruit basket.

          • Jon Doe

            wtf? i see what i am working with now…

          • Alex

            You see that you try to argue with the person who shoves the truth to your face, and you have nothing to answer, because you know damn well that I’m right.

          • Jon Doe

            lol… you right, “you da man!”

          • MuayThaiFood

            You said it…. Fruit Basket.

  • dirtysue

    john wayne parr does holds muay thai in a cage with mma gloves + pat barry = epic

  • MikeMcK

    I was just waiting to hear that Faber could beat mayweather in a boxing match…lol

  • Truthcore

    too late.. the problem now is that Barry’s chin is gone.

  • Dragon Kid

    The fight with Antoni Hardonk Was the closest to a kickboxing match due to their backgrounds & it was a damn good fight too.