Pat Barry on His New Hair, Reality Shows, Grappling Skills and Alistair Overeem

January 18, 2012
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Pat Barry is fighting Christian Morecraft this weekend at UFC on FX 1, but on Wednesday he talked about everything from his new haircut to reality show ideas.

Barry did squeeze in talking about his fight on Friday and how his ground game is improving working with Team Death Clutch in Minnesota.

Check out this one on one interview with Pat Barry prior to UFC on FX 1:

  • BlackDog2009

    Talking about ‘judging a book by it’s cover’ … from looking at the guy just in the octagon, I didn’t like Barry much… not sure why… but this interview, he comes across humble, well spoken and smart. I hope he becomes a more complete fighter and does better from now on. True that.

  • johnt

    ive been lucky enough to meet Pat in person and let me tell you that guy is as genuine and friendly as a human being can be. He was extremely open, personable, talkative, and funny. We were at a trade show and he was in a booth for another company.
    Pat’s got funny stories and he isnt the type to turn the shoulder in the middle of you talking to give you the ‘hint’ to go away. I came away from talking to him with a much larger respect for the guy.
    He may not be at Alistair’s level kickboxing-wise, but I would bet you that a few kicks from Pat and Alistair’s juiced up body would crumble. Hell, Alistair has fallen from smaller guys.

    • Cptmats

      I would say he a better kickboxer than Oveream.

      • clizzark

        Um, yeah, no. Overeem would murder him.

        • Lesnardo

          The stupidest thing I’ve heard in a while.

          Pat is a better kickboxer than Oveream??

          First, it’s Overeem and not Oveream.

          Second, Barry is no where near the skills of Overeem. Overeem fought the cream of the crop K-1 had to offer and KOed Badr Hari, Peter Aerts and other who’s who in K-1.

          Barry was a B level kickboxer who has never even competed in K-1 finals. He was a semi-finalist at Las Vegas K-1 tourney.

          Let me predict what Cptmats will say, “First, styles make fights so Barry would beat Overeem. Second, Pat Barry is a better MMA striker. Third, Pat Barry has improved since his K-1 days in kickboxing.”

      • Mario

        @ Cptmats



        Dude, you can’t even spell the man’s name correctly. Please, be quiet.

  • Obarmarama

    Ah man, I was willing Kongo to beat this guy, but now I want to take that back. He’s a very funny, nice guy! Also, he’s one of those fighters that was within inches of being considered some sort of prodigy. He lost to Tim Hague, where his non existent ground game was exposed, but he hit hague with hay makers, and lost confidence when Hague lived through it. He could have won that one. He beat the crap out of Cro Cop, and really just didn’t go in there to finish him, almost out of respect, then tapped to the worst submission attempt I’ve seen in the octagon, a rear naked choke with no hooks in. Then he has Kongo out on his feet, many a ref would have stepped in, but Kongo miraculously ko’s Barry instead. When he lifted Struve into the air my jaw dropped, thinking I was about to witness a devastating ko via powerbomb, but Struve survived it and sunk the Triangle deeper. I’m not saying he should have won this or that, but simply that in a parallel universe Barry is 10-0 with KO wins over Struve, Kongo and Crocop!

    • Lesnardo

      “He beat the crap out of Cro Cop, and really just didn’t go in there to finish him, almost out of respect, then tapped to the worst submission attempt I’ve seen in the octagon, a rear naked choke with no hooks in.”

      I agree that Pat is a humble guy. But I am sure he would not come off this humble if he were a top HW in the UFC. There is a huge incentive for him to stay fan friendly.

      Out of respect Pat Barry put CC on his ass twice…umm..yeah..

      Anyone that taps out to past-prime CC needs to retire from MMA.

      • phrankthetank

        Out of respect he let him up.

        • Lesnardo

          No…out of his **** ground game, he let him up.

  • MikeMc1983

    I’m not sure what Cptmats meant, but I don’t think anyone argues that pat is a better kick boxers technically. That’s not to say that he’d win in a k1 match vs. overeem, but that he has a larger skill set.

    Not really on topic, but overeem did have one of the easiest routes to a k1 title ever. He got quite a few “lucky bounces” on his way to the title. Not anything against overeem. He went out and beat the next guy in front of him. He can’t control what others do. It just worked out well for him. He ended up in the right place at the right time.

    • Lesnardo

      “I’m not sure what Cptmats meant, but I don’t think anyone argues that pat is a better kick boxers technically.”

      Umm…no. Overeem at 205lbs was a flying dagger. At 230lbs, he would technically dominate Pat Barry. At 260lbs, he is more of a juggernaut.

      In any case, Pat Barry would get killed in K-1 by Overeem or any of the guys Overeem destroyed on his way to the title. Technically and overall strength wise.

      • MikeMc1983

        Alright, I guess I was wrong. Lol
        There is someone who would argue overeem is a better technical kickboxer than pat.

        I don’t understand why people don’t understand the concept of better technique. Well, I’m guessing they don’t since they want talk about “who would win in a fight.” one doesn’t have much to do with the other.
        There are tons of guys out there who are more technically sound than the people we see fight. In every aspect of fighting, (striking, wrestling, grappling, etc.) there are guys who don’t compete that have much better technique than those who do. There’s so much more to fighting than the techniques used.

        Example, you could take the best technical boxer of all time, but if he has no chin, then he could lose every fight. it wouldn’t change the fact that he has better technique.

        Mark Munoz seems like the guy everyone wants to bring in to help teach wrestling. I assume if he doesn’t have great technique, then he knows what it is. It doesn’t matter whether there’s a 1000 guys that can beat him in a match. Guys who train know that he has more to offer than the other 1000. Being able to beat someone that posses great technique doesn’t mean yours is better. It just means you beat a guy that is superior to you in one of the facets.

        • Lesnardo

          Contrary to your belief, everyone on this board (including little kids that post here) knows the difference between technique and overall strength. For example Remy is technically better than Semmy Schilts although Semmy may or may not be a better overall fighter because of his height and strength.

          I get that.

          I just disagree that Pat Barry is a better technical striker than Overeem.

      • phrankthetank

        Mike is right, last 2 rounds of K1 overeem fought injured opponents. Granted, he still won, but luck was most definitely on his side

        • Lesnardo

          I am NOT disputing that luck was on Overeem’s side during K-1 tourney. In any case, the level of talent in K-1 has diminished since the golden days.

          I am disputing the statement that Barry, although a weaker kickboxer, is more technical than Overeem. So, MikeMC is saying that a Dutch K-1 champion has less techniques than American kickboxer who did not learn kickboxing in Holland.

          I mean…how can you prove this???

          No one will agree that Pat is a better technical kickboxer than Overeem.

  • T Spoon

    With the great wrestling talent at DeathClutch, his grappling should be improving. If Barry can develop a strong sprawl, he should be a force. After seeing him fight Kongo, I hope luck is on his side for this fight!

    • Lesnardo

      His grappling should be improving but it should also be plateauing.

      You can’t level up forever, this is not an RPG.