Pat Barry Doesn’t Think Stefan Struve’s Height Is As Big a Factor as Some are Making It

September 29, 2011
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It’s common knowledge heading into UFC on Versus 6 that 5’11” Pat Barry is taking on 6’11” Stefan Struve.

Yep, Struve is that much taller that Barry, but the former K-1 fighter isn’t sweating the height difference as much as some people are making it out to be.

Barry also talks about coming back from the fight with Cheick Kongo and the hype leading into his bout with Stefan Struve this weekend in Washington DC.

Check out this exclusive one on one video interview with UFC on Versus 6 fighter Pat Barry:

  • wonggfan

    Someone remind me again. Why is he still in the UFC? Also, why would anyone care about this fight other than the fact that it will be a standup fight?

    Get this guy out of the UFC and get one of the SF guys in the UFC. Sergei would make short works of Cheick Kongo…kinda like what he did to Semmy Schilts.

  • jared499

    Sergi would have the same issues as Barry and Kongo, no ground game. As proved by his last fight against Barnett (although Josh is an excellant wrestler and ground fighter)

    But I agree that he should be out of the UFC.

  • johnsmith

    He’s in the UFC because he’s fun to watch, if everybody was a great fighter like Jon Fitch and fight like Jon Fitch, UFC would be very boring. i dont think anyone would pay 60 buck for ppv or hundreds of dollar for a ticket to watch every fight like that. At least he tries to finish fight…unlike some of the top ten fighters…

  • jared499

    @ johnsmith

    I do agree that he is exciting, but exciting only goes so far. He needs to get better in a few different areas, mainly the groundwork. If he could learn a few takedown defenses and or how to get up when taken down that would help his game plan of fighting on the feet. I will point out Chuck Liddell, he did not want the fight to be on the ground, and to avoind it he had great takedown defense, probably better then any other fighter who is a stiker only (he did have a wrestling background). This skill ultimately allowed him to become one of the most dominant fighters of the era.

    Would also like to point out that the majority of his KO/TKO came before he entered the UFC. Since joining the UFC Barry is 3-3 with to KO/TKO (Antoni Hardonk by punches and Dan Evensen by leg kicks) and his other win was a decision over Joey Beltran. His losses on the other had come by Kongo KO punch, Mirko Cro-Cop by rear-naked choke, and Tim Hague by Guillotine Choke. All that to say that if you look at the 6 fights he has had in the UFC you can easily say that he wins the fights against low-level competition. And can not get the wins over the mid-level guys. Therefore he is stuck. It would be better for him and his confidence to go to a different promotion to gain some wins and better his ground skills. Maybe Strikeforce to fight people like Sergei.(who I personally think would crush Barry)