Palms Casino Hands UFC President Dana White World Champion Belt

September 9, 2014
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If you don’t think that the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas doesn’t want the UFC back in its fold, well, you didn’t see their latest ploy to lure the MMA juggernaut back.

The Palms frequently hosted the finale of the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter reality series. The UFC, however, hasn’t held an event at The Palms since June of 2012, more than two years ago, due to a falling out between the casino and UFC president Dana White.

White frequented the casino on his now-famous gambling escapades, frequently winning a lot of money at The Palms’ blackjack tables, and often lavishing much of his winnings in tips on the dealers and other servers at the establishment. Having been too successful at the casino, they cut his limit, in essence, cutting down on his fun; so the brash UFC big whig pulled his promotion from the casino.

It seems the casino may be trying to lure him back, as White on Tuesday posted a photo on Instagram of an Undisputed Blackjack Championship belt The Palms awarded him.

Is this the first step in mending fences? Who knows, but now White can walk alongside the likes of Cain Velasquez, Jon Jones, and Ronda Rousey, sporting his own golden hardware.

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  • BobGyro

    phucking retarded

  • HooahJuice


  • Richard Truong

    The Palms knew the money they lost to DW was chump change compared to how many people going to their casino for an event. Just getting a UFC event whether it’s a UFC on Fox, Fox Sports 1, Fight Night or the best of them all, a pay per view event. They would get a contract, a cut on ticket sales and gamblers coming in to lose their money on the slot machines. They lost out and trying to beg them to come back. As long as they have an event center/arena that can hold up to 20,000 people or more, they can easily get one. MMA is growing and the Palms are losing out on the big money that the MGM, Mandalay Bay, Caesar’s Palace, etc. They can always try Bellator or WSOF.

  • Michael

    It’s crazy how when someone wins any money from the casino long term, and the casinos flip out because they’re so not used to people walking away with any kind of profit. It just goes to show how one sided their expectations have become. Nearly everyone loses. Once in a while people win, and they get kicked out or even sued.