Paige VanZant Video: ‘I Don’t Think I Was a Fighter Until My Last Fight’

April 13, 2015
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Paige VanZant talks to Inside MMA about how she didn’t feel like she was really a fighter until her last bout, and comparisons to Ronda Rousey.

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(Video courtesy of AXS TV)

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  • Guest

    what a hottie.

  • Rubber Jesus

    I’d like to give her a “rear naked choke” and maybe a donkey punch or two.

    • Gary M.

      Tru dat.

      • TheCerealKiller

        That’s not English.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Neither is this:
          Fick deine Mutter
          But its still great advice for you

  • Designer Dragon

    Cancel that

  • Roid Rogers

    The Tiny Tornado already beat Page, where’s the Reebok deal for her? She’s hotter too !!!

    • Emrys Ambrose

      Tecia Torres is a much better fighter but she is not “hotter” than Paige. Personal sense of aesthetics vary but if can’t see why Paige would be considered more physically attractive from a marketing POV than I don’t know what to tell you.

  • Bullet Train

    She’s cute.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Nice to see that nobody has anything to say about WMMA outside of sexist jokes.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Great reading comprehension skills! Hooked on P H O N I C S chica, it will help you out heaps

    • earlsimmons

      what is there to say. Women fights are boring and slow. Only thing to do is make sexist jokes ot make it more entertaining.

  • Sick Of The Disrespect

    Ok so why are these females in TINY bikinis?!?! The male mma fighters dont come out in speedos!!! So why are these females in such small pieces of clothing?! It’s disgusting that females are treated this way in 2015!! This needs to be FIXED!!! ASAP!! Stop treating women as SEX OBJECTS & START TREATING US LIKE WOMEN!!!

    • Kenneth Yu

      If you watch some of the weigh-ins, they do come out in speedos.

      • Sick Of The Disrespect

        oooh HOW MANY!? Let’s deal in REALITY HERE NOW!! 1 in 100?! LMFAO

    • Get used to the disrespect

      Women fighters are sex objects. That’s the only reason they are on television. Do you think they are being watched because of their skill?

    • mick_lowe

      this sport may not be for you. there are others. after reading your ditty, dog fighting came to mind.

      • Sick Of The Disrespect

        You would know about dog fighting with all your barking going on!! DOWN BOY!! BAD DOG!!

        • mick_lowe

          That hurts my feelings. I’m starting to cry on my collar and chain.

    • squartus

      Well you have sex with women, kinda hard not to treat them in some way as some type of sexual object. But hey they use that as power, and a way to get ahead of others that perhaps have more skill/talent etc. In the end women like this come out ahead.

      • Sick Of The Disrespect

        But YOU don’t have sex with these women… so are you saying thats all you see them as?! SEXUAL OBJECTS!! POINT PROVEN!! TY

    • George Erdner

      They are athletes. The athletic human body is a thing of beauty. It takes a dirty mind to see the body of a beautiful female athlete as being a sex object.

      • Sick Of The Disrespect

        Okay then why arent they in their UNIFORMS then?! Why are they in TINY BIKINIS!! They wont FIGHT IN THESE!! So why are they in them here?! IJS!! REALITY IS, WOMEN ARENT SEEN UNTIL THEY ARE NAKED MOST TIMES!! And they shouldn’t have to sell SEX to be aseen as FIGHTERS!!! That should be seen from their records just like the MALES!!!

    • Randy Marsh

      Lol, found the fat chick.

      • Sick Of The Disrespect

        That’s all you got?! LOL @ the ATTEMPT to call someone fat! I notice thats all you douche bag males can say online!! And that hurts me ZERO when i’m not a fat chick!! So take several seats you insecure little boy!! THANKS

    • Reno Raines

      people would rather pay to watch mice races than two fat ugly chicks fight wake up to reality!

      • Sick Of The Disrespect

        Because of people like you voicing their opinions!! That’s all!! Most people aren’t supermodels!! So why does that matter about UGLY?! After a owman is beat up wheres that PRETTY anyhow!! You need some reality child!!

    • pagostoy .

      Its called a weigh in moron. They wear as little as possible to make weight the day before the match. The guys get up there and weigh in with nothing more then underwear. Learn a little about MMA before commenting and trolling, looking for something, anything to bitch about.

      • Emrys Ambrose

        ^ This. Also they are allowed to strip naked to make weight if they are barely over the weight limit. They bring out a modesty curtain that surrounds the athlete so you can’t see anything below the shoulders or above the knees and they weigh in and usually make weight if they are half a pound over or less.

      • Sick Of The Disrespect

        AS I SAID… They could have on shorts also!! So kill that speech!! You hold no weight!! You had to go to calling me a moron?! I laugh at petty people like you who only use simpleton tactics to try to get to ADULTS!! Carry on child!! throw your temper tamtrum now!! LLS

    • dont be sad….

      Watch the Amish make furniture….they wear more clothing….
      usually less exciting, less blood, and not as nice to look at though…

    • burgerman7

      no dammit u

  • ~Rai~

    She’s basic looking at best.

    • sev

      jealous much

      • ~Rai~

        Nothing to be jealous of tbh. Ronda is cute though.

        • Daniel Brock

          Definitely jealous. Your attempt to put her down is a classic sign of jealousy. Deep down inside you know that she’s leagues above you, probably in every way.

          • Daniel Brock sucks C**k

            Hey you douchetastic idiot, its called an opinion get over it and clean the sand out of your clam.

    • BRANDY

      Nothing basic about her she’s a talent in more ways than one.


        I’m beginning to think that you are for real legitimately retarded

        • Guest

          I think that’s homophobic, see you in court.

        • Guest

          Expect a knock we are going to court for your homophobic remarks. Are you racist aswell?

    • Joe Dog

      “Basic” ??

    • kimo-sauve

      are U kidding she is fine , but not for long , when the fighting takes a Toll on her Pretty MUg ! she pthe wrong Profession for that !!!

    • John


      If ‘basic’ is 9/10 or better, then she is basic. You are jealous.

    • George Rue

      well, you’re a basic Asian. what about that?

    • Jerry

      Paige Vanzant > Rai anytime and 2X Sunday


    I will happily share the cage with her and I won’t even fight back, knock me out, choke me out, do whatever you want, it will be my pleasure and I’ll even take her to dinner afterwards.

    • Guest

      What a bitch.

      • BRANDY

        What’s she ever done to you? No need to call her a bitch? Do you call your wife a bitch? Big hard man calling people a bitch, NOT. You little man.


          HE’s calling YOU a bitch genius. Now shut up and go have your little wet dreams since thats the closest youll ever get to a woman

          • BRANDY

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          • BRANDY IS A DANDY

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          • BRANDY

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            God I can’t wait till you mom dies….. Then she will finally stop calling me to give her the D


            PS I really hope your sister gets sick next, and it’s an illness that makes her lose her hair so that mustache finally falls out. It tickles on my way in 🙂

          • Guest

            Nar you take it up the ass my sister is no use to you.

          • BRANDY THA DANDY

            oooohhh another zinger! OUCHIES 😛 God lets hope ur mom dropped dead of a cancer….. and it becomes hereditary 😛

          • Guest

            As I said see you in court homophobe.


            Oh no somebody deleted their account! RIP BRANDY 🙂 love and kisses to ur mom and sister

      • BRANDY

        I’d get in the cage with you Cramer but I wouldn’t be so forgiving and you’d be eating dinner through a straw.

  • Sideways

    Isn’t that funny….didn’t even know they had a competition for pole dancers!

    • Floyd Wilson

      Didn’t your mom tell you she was competing?

  • Brent goldman

    Um how many um times can you say um?

    • Pistol_Pablo

      I thought she was articulate and bright. I liked that she is humble and confident enough to admit she’s not on the same level as Ronda Rousey. Most people think they have to put on a show of confidence when asked a question like that but she didn’t do that. She was honest. It takes more courage to be humble and honest. I like her.

    • Louis Privitera

      She is 21 chill out why do you care if she says Um?

    • George Rue

      that’s all you got?? “Um”. You’re an idiot.

  • Tysonb12

    In heaven all hot chics are mute!!!

    • fuca!

      In heaven “hot chicks” don’t have to tolerate you.

  • Reno Raines

    UM is not a answer (judge judy) haha

  • NorthAmericanCitizen

    Cauliflower ears, bent noses, brain hemorrhages, and pugilistic dementia are what MMA folk have waiting for them if they don’t get killed in the ring first.

  • sam_spade

    Would love to go more than a few rounds with her.

    • kimo-sauve

      you and 50millon others !!

  • Bruce Wayne

    women’s mma fighters: be skinny as all hell…foxy box/grapple for a round or two and’s pay day…this isn’t fighting

  • Margaret Fuller

    What did she say? I hope she can fight better than her speaking ability.

    • Jeff

      You are judging her grammar after coming up with a sentence like “I hope she can fight better than her speaking ability”? Pot meet kettle.

    • George Rue

      she spoke perfectly clear English. how about cleaning the wax out of your ears and listen for a change or better yet, learn English.

  • walterbrob

    I hope she gets beat to bloody pulp on national tv and it ends this hype train.

    • Roid Rogers

      WEELLLLL, I wouldnt go that far. But the hype surrounding Page is obviously due to her looks. As I stated earlier, The tiny tornado Tecia Torres already beat her. A rematch would net the same results. But the UFC isnt concerned about anything other than CASH POTENTIAL (IE CONNOR McGregor).

  • Scoobykater

    I don’t think this b1tch went to college.

  • Seth

    Wow…I love how haters come here to bash her, while at the same time they do what promotors wants them to do – generate interest (bad or good) about her. Like Kos used to say “Love me or hate”, right? As long as she generates buzz and ANY interested from fans, she’s doing her job.

  • Ronald McReynolds

    Is that ‘come-on’ photo which isn’t in the article depicting two fighters or two nudes?

  • harlem
    • bdmnr

      exactly, Thank You

  • Bo Guss

    Diana Falzone…that was one of the worst interviews I’ve ever heard. It’s like a junior high school girl talking about boys to a senior high school girl. Page was fine, answered the questions very well. Was professional and no ego. However, the questions being asked, wasn’t typical for a fighter. It was felt more like “omg…where did you get those shoes!”.

    And no, I doubt most men would be intimidated by Page. Only the insecure would feel that way. As for being stronger than men. Unless the guy is 115lbs soaking wet, and has never fought a day in his life, most guys are are going to be bigger AND stronger than Page’s 5’4″, 115lb frame. There is no way she is going to beat up any of the her Team Alpha Male training partners, on her best day. A 200lb, 6′ male, even if he is not a trained fighter, but can fight, would probably still over power her.

    • burgerman7

      of course moron how long it take u to figure that out

  • PaulGerard

    Neanderthal Moronic behavior….Get Life and a real Job!

  • Livingston Hampton

    I can’t help but notice how so many of you are commenting on her immaturity and lack of intelligence, yet you forget that Jessica “Evil” Eye did an interview not long after her mauling of Leslie Smith where she actually admitted that she thought it was cool to see Smith’s ear almost torn from her head. And she’s older than Paige VanZant. What does that tell you about immaturity and lack of intelligence?

  • planetcrap

    You sure weren’t and guess what honey you still aren’t.

    • Scott74

      But I bet she could kick your ass

  • Ken Warren

    I’d hit it.

  • kimo-sauve

    she hasn’t even been in long enough to get her Pretty cauliflower Ears yet ? she is a joke , when some chick whips her Azzz good and uglys her pretty face , she will wish she stayed a model ! much more more Money too . Really Dumb career Move there ????

    • john

      I think it’s too early to say shes a joke. Lets revisit on Saturday.

  • haroon


  • gonzo05

    Oh my God really so what///??

  • Rob

    I could see why the ufc signed her and it wasn’t for the fighting.

    • Guest

      yeah thats why she go the fight of the night bonus in her ufc debut.

  • clem wilson

    Paige looks like a girl and most UFC woman do not look female. If Paige was ugly no career.

  • clem wilson

    Pretty girls are so nice to look at and fans cheer them on. If all the fighters looked like Sara Kauffman or Liz it’s over.

  • clem wilson

    Van Zant is more Playboy than UFC.