Paige VanZant Video: ‘A Lot of People Wanna See Me Prove Myself’

April 15, 2015
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Paige VanZant kicks Kailin Curran

Most people are familiar with the hype surrounding UFC strawweight Paige VanZant, but how many really know much about the person behind the hype?

Heading into her fight with Felice Herrig this weekend at UFC on FOX 15, our friends at SHOOTMedia took time to sit down with VanZant to find out a little bit more about her life, how she found her way to mixed martial arts, her thoughts on her skyrocketing UFC fame, and much more.

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Check it out…

(Video courtesy of SHOOTMedia)

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  • Darin

    I wonder what the mmaweekly stories about Vanzant / number of UFC fights she’s had ratio is……100-1?

  • clem wilson

    If Beauty won fights then Van Zant would be a world champion. Looking good guarantees nothing. Paige is very below average talent wise. Let’s see that nice smile with a few teeth missing?

    • JJDNB

      Everyone keeps saying that. I just don’t find her hot at all.

      Now Curran the Hawaiian chick is smokin hot (minus that nasty tattoo BARFFFF!!!!!)))

      • sheep2012

        I feel both of them are attractive. 😉

  • Guest

    lol what? I want to see you get destroyed. Her mouth is almost as big as Dana’s ego, thats why he’s hyping her so much.

  • clem wilson

    Paige good looking but Sara Kauffman??

  • CMS

    I knew Felice would be eating every word that came out of her big mouth! Boy she sure shut Herrig up in a hurry and it was an un-even match up just like she predicted it would be.