Original “It’s Hot as Hell” and “Jesus Be a Raindrop” Viral Video

December 20, 2013
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  • ShutTheHellUpNigga

    Is not our fault you’re black and absorb heat like crazy! And why do you post such an idiotic video of your idiotic self whining about heat when you will do the same damn thing when it’s too cold. You people need to shut the hell up! The Lord will sent you straight to hell for your audacity of saying such things about Him you moron!

  • ShutItMonkeyFace

    Shut the hell up you focking monkey face!!!!

  • David

    This was fantastic hahaha.

  • unknown

    so apparently all it takes now to become an internet sensation is to be a stereotypical angry black woman that pretends to give a crap about “the LAWD” but then who immediately throws all commandments on their asses by threatening to stab and shoot and kill people. so glad we have mmaweekly to bring us this stupidity.