One Year After UFC on Fox 1 Snub, Benson Henderson “Redeemed” with Main Event Status

October 30, 2012

Benson Henderson at the UFC 150 weigh-insWhen Benson Henderson steps into the Octagon for his bout at UFC on Fox 5, it will be almost exactly one year since he didn’t get to fight on the UFC on Fox 1 card.

Well, technically, Henderson and opponent Clay Guida were on the undercard for the UFC on Fox 1 show, but despite an outpouring from fans and media alike, the lightweight bout was shifted to Facebook so the focus could remain solely on the heavyweight title fight between Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez.

What resulted that night was a knockout in the main event with the fight only going about a minute, while Henderson and Guida put on a 15-minute classic, back-and-forth battle that had people screaming “Fight of the Year” up to that point in 2011.

At the time, Henderson didn’t express too much displeasure in the decision the UFC made to put his co-main event fight with Guida on Facebook as opposed to Fox, but now, a year later, on the precipice of headlining a Fox show with the UFC lightweight title on the line, he can look back, reflect, and admit there was a part of him that was sad about the whole situation.

“Absolutely. It’s nice cause there was so much hype about the first UFC card on Fox, first UFC card on main TV, on free TV. There was so much hype around that, there was so much talk about it, and then when it came around I wasn’t on Fox,” Henderson told MMAWeekly Radio recently.

“Clay and I weren’t aired on Fox, so I was sad. I won’t lie, I was very sad about that.”

There is no way to predict how good or bad a fight will be before it happens, but most looked at the match-up between Henderson and Guida and the odds were that it was likely to be a closely contested and highly explosive fight. It certainly lived up to the billing, but Henderson doesn’t live in regret.

He didn’t voice his displeasure at that time, but now he does feel a little vindicated getting the main event slot for UFC on Fox 5.

“It’s definitely cool. I like that we are the main event and that especially from the first Fox card, I was very sad about that. I didn’t complain; I didn’t say anything. I was like cool, I’m not going to be shown on Fox; alright, sounds good. I’m not going to throw a hissy fit; it is what it is. I’m a company guy and if that’s what it is, that’s what it is,” said Henderson.

“Now it’s nice to be redeemed and be the main event.”

It will be only the second time a UFC title has been defended on Fox, and Henderson is honored to be a part of it. Nothing has been handed to him since he started fighting, and now this is just one more thing he can sit back, enjoy, and know he earned.

There’s only one thing that would make UFC on Fox 5 a little sweeter.

“It was nice kind of being redeemed. Now, Nate and I are headlining the Fox card. The only thing that could make it better would be having heavyweights be the co-main event,” Henderson said.

“That would be a freaking feather in my cap. I would love that.”

Check out Benson Henderson’s entire interview with MMAWeekly Radio here.


  1. I hope I’m wrong, but even with this stacked card I still don’t think they break the Dos Santos v Velasquez tv viewership record

  2. Now that Frankie Edgar has been screwed to the point of leaving the division I think BJ Penn needs to come back to 155. Ben Henderson lost both fights to a much smaller Frankie IMO and has been unable to finish any UFC fights eventhough Guida and Miller and Frankie are all much smaller than him. He is as boring as Gray Maynard and its fighters like Maynard and Henderson that are left at the top of the 155 division now that a lot of the fighters are dropping to 145 because of bad judging. COMEBACK BJ!

    • I agree BJ Frankie got screwed both times especially the second fight. It suck he had to leave a division he probably would not have lost at. I think frankie will get redemption against aldo and Benson will not be champ for long. He may get past diaz but thats it .BJ has yo be in shape and and more versatile when he cones back. Needs to fight like he did the first half of fitch fight.

    • are you kidding me?! Frankie lost the first fight for sure! He took a beating in the first fight, just like he took a beating in the first Maynard fight. however I do agree with you that he should have won the second Henderson fight, but the rematch wasn’t warranted as benson legitimately won that fight

      • Henderson definitely won the first fight and the second fight should have gone to Frankie, but was so boring there should not have been a 3rd one. I don’t think the division is boring, I just think the exciting fighters can’t put a streak together which means no title shot. I do believe that if Henderson leaves himself in bad positions like he did against Cowboy, Frankie, and Guida, Diaz will force him to tap or put him to sleep.

  3. Ben hendo is a great fighter, But i want to see a Diaz brother rise to the top! The Stockton brothers go out their and fight every single time. War DIAZ!