ONE Valor of Champions Weigh-in Results: Ben Askren and Luis Santos On Point

April 23, 2015
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Ben Askren (14-0) and Luis Santos (61-9-1) each tipped the scale at 170 pounds ahead of their welterweight title fight, which will headline ONE: Valor of Champions at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on Friday.

Askren will be looking to defend his title and cement his status as one of the best welterweights in the world.

The undefeated former U.S. Olympian and NCAA Division One champion stated, “Luis Santos is not going to take the ONE welterweight world championship from me. I’m going to walk across the cage, take him down and beat him up, and there’s nothing he can do to stop me.”

One late change to the card sees Bashir Ahmad (3-1) replace Shannon Wiratchai, who pulled out at the last minute citing an eye infection. He will be facing Amir Khan (2-1) in a fight that is set for 150 pounds, with the Singaporean coming in one pound lighter than the Pakistani replacement.

The only fighter to miss weight was Geje Eustaquio (6-3). The Filipino flyweight was slightly over the flyweight limit, coming in at 125.9 pounds. His opponent, Anatpong Bunrad (4-1), came in slightly under, tipping the scale at 124.8 pounds.

In the co–main event, Mark Striegl (13-1) was comfortably under the bantamweight limit at 134.4 pounds, while opponent Casey Suire (5-1) was slightly heavier, weighing 134.7 pounds.

ONE Valor of Champions Weigh-in Results


ONE Welterweight World Championship bout: Ben Askren (77 kg/ 170 lbs) vs. Luis Santos (77 kg/ 170 lbs)


Bantamweight bout: Mark Striegl (61 kg/ 134 lbs) vs. Casey Suire (61.1 kg/ 135 lbs)

Catchweight bout: Geje Eustaquio (57.1 kg/ 126 lbs) vs. Anatpong Bunrad (56.6 kg/ 125 lbs)

Flyweight bout: Eugene Toquero (56.7 kg/ 125 lbs) vs. Brianata Rosadhi (55.4 kg/ 122 lbs)

Featherweight bout: Edward Kelly (65.8 kg/ 145 lbs) vs. Jimmy Yabo (65.7 kg/ 145 lbs)

Catchweight bout: Amir Khan (67.8 kg/ 149 lbs) vs. Bashir Ahmad (68 kg/ 150 lbs)

Flyweight bout: Nicholas Lee (56.7 kg/ 125 lbs) vs. Liu Xiao Yang (56.7 kg/ 125 lbs)

Featherweight bout: Wang Ya Wei (65.8 kg/ 145 lbs) vs. Sunoto (65 kg/ 143 lbs)

Fans from around the world can witness the action online via live streaming at The event will be available for purchase at just US$9.99.

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  • sheep2012

    Why isn’t there a 1 lb allowance for non-title fights? That’s a bit harsh.

    • shakejunt

      valid question, i’d like the answer to that as well.

      • Zack

        I think it’s for foreign fighters and overseas competitions where they use kilograms. If they allow the extra pound, the kilograms come out even.

        • shakejunt

          care to elaborate? i just don’t see how the 1/2.2 kg/lb ratio would be relevant here.

    • TheCerealKiller

      I always wondered why they were allowed 1 pound over. It seems like a lot of guys aim for the 1 pound over mark and then stop cutting.

      • shakejunt

        yeah i’m not entirely sure when the allowances became a normal thing, but it could have to do with the likelihood that your team’s scale isn’t calibrated exactly the same as the commission’s official scale.

    • Darin

      Why should there be any allowance under any circumstances? If you’re fighting in the 155lb. class, you should weigh 155, not 156. What’s so harsh about that? Fight at 170 if you absolutely can’t get below 156.

  • Darin

    I can’t believe Askren just gave away his whole gameplan!!! He admitted he will be going for a takedown. Now everyone knows what to expect from Ben Askren! BTW…How old is this Santos guy? 71 fights?

  • mmamatterdotcom

    It’ll be Ben’s toughest test to date, but no-one has an answer to his wrestling coupled with the extra tools available to him. For fight preview, weigh-in photos and post fight photos and videos, go to mmamatterdotcom.