One More Time: Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira Scheduled for UFC 172 in Baltimore

January 10, 2014

Jon Jones UFC World TourLet’s try this one more time.

After several false starts announcing the event and date for UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones to defend his belt against Glover Teixeira, UFC officials hope to have finally struck gold.

The UFC on Friday announced that it had finally settled on April 26 at the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore for UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira.

After setting and moving Jones’ next defense several times in previous months, this one is likely to stick, as Jones’ older brother, Arthur Jones, plays for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. So the UFC will be playing on the crossover appeal of Ravens fans and it’s close to home for Jones, a native of Rochester, N.Y.

Jones (19-1) won the 205-pound title in 2011 and has successfully defended the belt six consecutive times; a UFC record. His last defense came against Alexander Gustafsson in what was arguably his toughest test to date, leaving the Octagon bloodier and bruised more than ever before.

Teixeira (22-2) is undefeated in the UFC, picking up wins over former light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson, James Te Huna, and most recently Ryan Bader with a first-round technical knockout at UFC Fight Night 28 in September. Nineteen of Teixeira’s 22 wins have been finishes.

The two will finally, hopefully, meet in the Octagon on April 26.

Should Jones defeat Teixeira, and Gustafsson get past Jimi Manuwa at UFC Fight Night 37 in March, Jones and Gustafsson would then rematch, according to UFC president Dana White.

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  1. Texeira is going to find out right away he doesn’t belong in there with Jones. Jones is too young, athletic and skilled, Texeira is another Rampage, a slow boxer.

    • I don’t know man, we shall see.

    • Dude he completely owned Page and Bader how is he a slow boxer, do you even watch?

  2. I agree tex. is not on jones level but dc in Gus are the only test left for him @LHW Gus cause he done it. In D.C cause think he may be able to out wrestle him hold him down 5 round. Tex got a punchers chance specialy since that last fight was so grueling think neither will be the same…

  3. jones has dana by the nuts. what a pampered b][tch

  4. Glover will have to ko jones to win. We all know the politics involved because gus won the first fight. Oh how i long to console gustafsson

    • cmon now, we’re still bitter about this?

      • Dude…Combat was the one cooling hot heads like me down about the fight…

    • It’s pretty much for any championship either you finish like Pettis & Weidman did or you put an obvious beating like Cain did even then Judges could grant a win in Champs favor, i.e GSP

  5. grrrr i’m an angry fan. i hate when dominant champions have close fights and make the division interesting suddenly. i also cannot accept that my distaste for particular fighters clouds my scoring and recollection of the fight.


  6. I agree that Gus should have been given a rematch, immediately, but Glover isn’t a chump. This fight decision isn’t terrible.

  7. What’s the plan here, to age Glover another year or two before this fight actually happens?

  8. Easy fight, can only go 3 ways

    A. Glover wins KO
    B. Jones wins UD via distance, kicks to kneecaps, standing elbows and maybe 1 spinning back elbow
    C. Exhaustion (either fighter)

    1. Glover has never been taken down and held down
    2. Glover is JJ Black Belt
    3. Jones primary attack is wrestling, size and reach
    4. Jones secondary attacks is kicks and standing elbows.
    5. Glover hits hard
    6. Jones took a beating and kept ticking
    7. Both fighters are forward fighters neither are really counter strikers.

    Conclusion: I think this fight is a lot closer than people want to believe. I think the Gus fight has to give Glover all types of confidence, I also think there might be some lingering side effects from Jones as well. He really did take a beating.
    First true 50/50 fight imo Glover KO rd 2

    • i think glover has has enough power to finish jones and has the ability to submit him, but i dont think he will be quick enough to catch jones. should be an interesting bout, he showed when he was on the ropes against bader that he can still pull off a ko, but the fact that bader had him on the ropes doesnt augur well

  9. You are in the top 5 running for biggest clown.

  10. I say Jones takes it but Glover has a good chance.

  11. I’d would have like to see Glover beat Evans,Chael, or Shogun before stepping in the cage with Bones. Bader and Rampage aren’t big wins to knock on Jones’s door.

  12. Anyone posting in this thread saying Glover does not deserve a chance at Jones, and does not stand a chance at beating Jones, is a fool with zero knowledge of this sport. Either that, or you’re Jones’ girlfriend/parent/relative/have a secret gay crush on him, etc…